The Triangel Love In Saranne Dawson''s Novel Starlight, Starbright







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First of all, I would like to thank to Allah SWT, who has given me strength and patience to finish this assignment. Without blessing and his aid, I will not be able to finish it.

I would like also to express my thankfull to both of my Father and Mother, ayahanda H. Radjudin Ruslan and ibunda Almh. Hj. Farida Chaniago who have given many aid and supports to me in finishing this thesis.

I would like also to thank to my sisters, Heni has help me so much in make my thesis, Yayun, and Leli. And my brothers, Ijal, Irfan, Agus and Nefra.

I would further acknowledge my deep gratitude to Drs. Syaifuddin, M.A, Ph.D, the dean of Faculty of Letters. And to Dra. Swesana Mardia Lubis, M.Hum, the head of English Department and Drs. Yulianus Harefa, MEd TESOL, the secretary of Department. And also the readers of this thesis who have spent their time to read my thesis, and have assisted me in most of methodological part of this thesis.

I would like also to acknowledge my whole-hearted gratitude to Drs. Syahri Saja, M.A my supervisor, and Drs. Siamir Marulafau, M.Hum co-supervisor for their time to correct the mistake in this thesis.


Finally, I would like to thank to all of my friends ’06 Extention in English Department that is always close to me, Adi, Dona, Santi, Wulan, Husna, Muel, Hendrik. And also my humor friends Yani, Rika, Riki, and Fika, who always kind-hearted to me and my accompanies me when I am Happy and grief.

I present this thesis as a form of my dedication to them. I hope Allah SWT will bless all us with his love and grace, amin.

Medan, Desember 2008 The Writer,

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Di dalam skripsi ini saya akan menelaah masalah dan konflik yang terjadi yang timbul sebagai akibat adanya cinta segi tiga antara dua orang laki-laki dengan seorang wanita. Kisah ini terjadi di dua planet (hayalan). Wanita tersebut, yang digambarkan sebagai wanita yang cantik, cerdas, dan penuh petualangan, berusaha mengatasi masalah yang timbul. Dia keras membuat keputusan yang bijaksana dalam menentukan pilihannya terhadap salah seorang dari mereka. Di penghujung skripsi ini saya akan membuat kesimpulan-kesimpulan terhadap telaah saya terhadap kisah cinta segi tiga ini. Penganalisisan saya berdasarkan pendekatan teks cerita (textual approach). Namun demikian saya juga memperoleh masukan atau data dari berbagai sumber referensi.





ABSTRAK ... ii


CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION1 1.1 The Background of the Analysis ... 1

1.2 The Problem of the Analysis ... 2

1.3 The Scope of the Analysis ... 3

1.4 The Objective of the Analysis ... 3

1.5 The Significance of the Analysis ... 4

1.6 The Method of the Analysis ... 4

1.7 Review of The Related Literature ... 4


2.1 The Psychology of Romantic Love ... 8

2.2 Conflict in Novel ... 12

2.2.1 Definition of Conflict in Literature ... 12

2.2.2 The Kinds of Conflict ... 15

2.2.3 The Definition of Triangle Love ... 20



3.1 The Love Story in Planet Sisterhood of Trezhellas 24 3.2 The Love Story in Planet Ulata ... 29


4.1 Conclusions ... 39

4.2 Suggestions ... 40





Di dalam skripsi ini saya akan menelaah masalah dan konflik yang terjadi yang timbul sebagai akibat adanya cinta segi tiga antara dua orang laki-laki dengan seorang wanita. Kisah ini terjadi di dua planet (hayalan). Wanita tersebut, yang digambarkan sebagai wanita yang cantik, cerdas, dan penuh petualangan, berusaha mengatasi masalah yang timbul. Dia keras membuat keputusan yang bijaksana dalam menentukan pilihannya terhadap salah seorang dari mereka. Di penghujung skripsi ini saya akan membuat kesimpulan-kesimpulan terhadap telaah saya terhadap kisah cinta segi tiga ini. Penganalisisan saya berdasarkan pendekatan teks cerita (textual approach). Namun demikian saya juga memperoleh masukan atau data dari berbagai sumber referensi.




1.1 The Background of the Analysis

Literature has some definitions.

Roberts (1995:1) in his book. Literature : An Introduction to Reading

and Writing. State that literature refers to compositions that tell stories, dramatize

situation, express, emotions, and analyze and advocate ideas. This quotation emphasizes that literature pictures the life of society and its elements, such as emotions, ideas, situation, etc.

According to Roberts (1995:2), literature can be classified into three categories; Prose fiction, Poetry, and Drama. These three genres have much in common, but they also have distinguishing characteristics, the essence of fiction is narration, the relation or recounting of a sequence of events or actions. Works of fiction usually focus on one or a few major characters as they interact with other characters and deal with problems.


. The two men love Serena. Trenek is twenty-nine years old. He lives in the planet Sisterhood of Trezhellas. He and Serena have grown up in the same neighborhood. He is a good man and loves Serena so much. But, unfortunately, she does not love him. She loves Darian who also loves her.

Referring to literary analysis, “Starlight, Starbright “is classified into a Romantic tragedy because there are many conflicts love affair in two different planets illustrated by the writer so that the readers will acknowledge how triangle love is run in life.

I am interested in analyzing the novel, especially about the triangle love in two different planets, which exist in the novel.

1.2 The Problems of the Analysis

There are some problems of the analysis. One of them is whether the triangle love will cause a serious problem or not. Another problem is that the woman, loved by two men, will cause any trouble. The most interesting one that I have to know is about the ending of Serena’s love story.


1.3 The Scope of the Analysis

Since literature has a wife field of studying, I focus my attention to discuss then triangle love found in the novel in order not to run away from the real topic being discussed.

1.4 The Objectives of the Analysis

The objective analyses that I explain an this thesis are :

1. To describe the triangle love among three persons from different planets. 2. To find out whether a woman, loved by two men, will be successful in solving

her problem or not.

1.5 The Significance of the Analysis


1.6 The Method of the Analysis

In this thesis, I use methods of library research. I collected the data gained from the books related to the topic. In analyzing the novel, I was also supported by opinions, ideas, or statements of some literary critics, in order this thesis will be perfectly completed.

1.7 Review of Related Literature

In writing this thesis, I concern with have some books, which have close relation to the topic:

1. The Magic of Two, by Saranne Dawson (1997)

the book “ The Magic Of Two “ is the original textbook . This book helps me draw of the story, which will be analyzed.

2. Literature : An Introduction to Fiction, Poetry and Drama, by X.J.Kennedy (1983).

How to analyze and explained in this book completely. So of course this book leads me to analyze a novel as her formal objects to be analyzed.

3. Theory of Literature, by Rene Wellek and Austin Warren (977) This book is in conformity with its title, provide the theory of literature.

According to this book there are two kinds of approaches, literary works, they are intrinsic and extrinsic approaches.


Intrinsic approach emphasizes its analysis on texts of literary work , while on the other hand, extrinsic approach relates the literary work to the other subject such as biography, philosophy, sociology, etc.

4. An Hour in Paradise, by Joan Leegant (2000)

This book concentrates on love stories that reveal the emotional trapdoors :

humor, cruelty, and resiliency of mature love.

This book also support my analysis which talks about Triangle love three persons living in two different planets.




2.1 Probabilitas

Probabilitas mempunyai banyak persamaan seperti kemungkinan, kesempatan dan kecenderungan. Probabilitas menunjukkan kemungkinan terjadinya suatu peristiwa yang bersifat acak. Suatu peristiwa disebut acak jika terjadinya peristiwa tersebut tidak diketahui sebelumnya. Oleh karena itu, probabilitas dapat digunakan sebagai alat ukur terjadinya peristiwa di masa yang akan datang.

Nilai probabilitas yang paling kecil adalah 0 yang berarti bahwa peristiwa tersebut pasti tidak akan terjadi. Sedangkan nilai probabilitas yang terbesar adalah 1 yang berarti bahwa peristiwa tersebut pasti akan terjadi. Secara lengkap, nilai probabilitas suatu peristiwa A adalah :

1 ) ( 0≤ P A

2.1.1 Definisi probabilitas

Definisi mengenai probabilitas dapat dilihat dari tiga macam pendekatan. Yaitu pendekatan klasik, pendekatan frekuensi relatif dan pendekatan subjektif.

A. Pendekatan klasik


Dirumuskan :

P = Probabilitas terjadinya peristiwa A )


n = Jumlah peristiwa A )


n = Jumlah peristiwa yang mungkin.

B. Pendekatan frekuensi relatif

Menurut pendekatan frekuensi relatif, probabilitas dapat didefinisikan sebagai berikut:

1. Proporsi waktu terjadinya suatu peristiwa dalam jangka panjang, jika kondisi stabil.

2. Frekuensi relatif dari seluruh peristiwa dalam sejumlah besar percobaan.

Probabilitas berdasarkan pendekatan ini sering disebut sebagai probabilitas Empiris. Nilai probabilitas ditentukan melalui percobaan, sehingga nilai probabilitas itu merupakan limit dari frekuensi relatif peristiwa tersebut.

Dirumuskan :

P = = Probabilitas terjadinya terjadinya peristiwa x f = Frekuensi peristiwa X


C. Pendekatan subjektif

Menurut pendekatan subjektif, probabilitas didefinisikan sebagai tingkat kepercayaan individu atau kelompok yang didasarkan pada fakta- fakta atau peristiwa masa lalu yang ada atau berupa terkaan saja. Seorang direktur akan memilih seorang karyawan dari 3 orang calon yang telah lulus ujian saringan. Ketiga calon tersebut sama pintar, sama lincah dan semuanya penuh kepercayaan. Probabilitas tertinggi ( kemungkinan diterima ) menjadi karyawan ditentukan secara subjektif oleh sang direktur.

2.1.2 Probabilitas beberapa peristiwa

A. Peristiwa saling lepas ( Mutually Exclusive )

Dua peristiwa atau lebih disebut peristiwa saling lepas apabila kedua atau lebih peristiwa tersebut tidak dapat terjadi pada saat yang bersamaan. Untuk dua peristiwa A dan peristiwa B yang saling lepas, maka probabilitas terjadinya peristiwa tersebut adalah sebagai berikut :


Sedangkan untuk tiga peristiwa A, B dan C yang saling lepas, maka probabilitas terjadinya peristiwa tersebut adalah :


Sehingga dapat disimpulkan, untuk k buah peristiwa yang saling lepas, maka probabilitas terjadinya peristiwa tersebut adalah :


B. Peristiwa tidak saling lepas ( Non Mutually Exclusive )

Dua atau lebih peristiwa dikatakan peristiwa tidak saling lepas apabila kedua atau lebih peristiwa tersebut dapat terjadi pada saat yang bersamaan. Untuk dua peristiwa A dan B yang tidak saling lepas, probabilitas terjadinya peristiwa tersebut adalah :


Untuk tiga peristiwa A ,B dan C yang tidak saling lepas, maka probabilitas terjadinya peristiwa tersebut adalah :


C. Peristiwa saling bebas

Dua peristiwa atau lebih dikatakan saling bebas apabila terjadinya peristiwa yang satu tidak mempengaruhi atau dipengaruhi terjadinya peristiwa yang lainnya. Untuk dua peristiwa A dan peristiwa B yang saling bebas, probabilitas terjadinya peristiwa tersebut adalah :


Sedangkan untuk tiga peristiwa A, B dan C yang saling bebas probabilitas terjadinya peristiwa tersebut adalah :


D. Peristiwa tidak saling bebas( Peristiwa bergantung)


lainnya.Untuk dua peristiwa A dan B yang tidak saling bebas, probabilitas terjadinya peristiwa tersebut adalah :


Sedangkan untuk tiga peristiwa yang saling bebas, probabilitas terjadinya peristiwa tersebut adalah :


E. Peristiwa bersyarat

Peristiwa bersyarat merupakan suatu peristiwa yang akan terjadi dengan syarat peristiwa lain telah terjadi. Jika peristiwa B bersyarat terhadap peristiwa A, maka probabilitas terjadinya peristiwa tersebut adalah :


F. Peristiwa komplementer

Peristiwa Komplementer adalah peristiwa yang saling melengkapi. Jika peristiwa A komplementer terhadap peristiwa B, maka probabilitas peristiwa tersebut adalah :

P(A)+P(B)=1 yang juga berarti :


2.2 Matriks

2.2.1 Definisi matriks

Matriks ialah suatu susunan berbentuk empat persegi dari elemen – elemen yang terdiri satu atau beberapa baris dan kolom dibatasi dengan tanda kurung. Suatu matriks M yang berukuran mxn dapat ditulis :


Dapat disingkat dengan :

( )


M = ; i = 1,2,3,...m j = 1,2,3,...n

Setiap mij disebut elemen dari matriks sedang indeks i dan j berturut – turut menyatakan baris dan kolom. Jadi elemen mijmenyatakan elemen pada baris ke i dan kolom ke j.

2.2.2 Teorema Matriks

Berikut beberapa teorema dari matriks :


d. Jika A=

( )

aij dan B=

( )

bij keduanya merupakan matriks berukuran mxn maka : A=B, jika aij =bij untuk semua nilai i dan j

AB; jika aijbij untuk semua nilai i dan j A>B; jika aij >bij untuk semua nilai i dan j. Demikian juga halnya untuk AB dan A< B.

e. Matriks bujur sangkar adalah matriks dimana banyaknya baris sama dengan banyaknya kolom.

f. Matriks Identitas In adalah matriks bujur sangkar dimana elemen di sepanjang diagonal utama ( diagonal kiri atas menuju kanan bawah ) mempunyai nilai entry 1. Sedangkan elemen yang lainnya bernilai nol. Untuk n = 3, matriks identitasnya adalah :

g. Matriks Transpos adalah matriks jika baris dan kolom dari suatu matriks mxn dipertukarkan ( baris pertama dengan kolom pertama dan seterusnya), maka diperoleh suatu matriks nxm yang disebut transpos. Jika matris M adalah :

Maka Transpose dari matriks dinotasikan dengan AT yaitu :


2.2.3Operasi matriks

a. Kesamaan matriks

Duat matriks A dan B dikatakan sama jika kedua matriks identik. Artinya kedua matriks tersebut mempunyai tingkat yang sama dan elemen – elemen yang berkesesuaian sama. Jadi Matriks A dan B dikatakan sama jika dan hanya jika


ij b

a = untuk setiap i dan j.

b. Jumlah dan selisih matriks

Matriks – matriks yang mempunyai ukuran sama dapat diambil jumlah atau selisihnya. Jumlah atau selisih dari dua matriks berukuran mxn yakni matriks A dan B adalah matriks C dengan ukuran yang sama. Jadi :

C B A± =

Dimana setiap elemen dari matriks C adalah :

ij ij

ij a b

c = ±

Hal ini dapat diperluas untuk beberapa matriks yang mempunyai ukuran sama. Jadi untuk matriks A, B dan C berlaku :

A±B±C =D dimana dij =aij ±bij ±cij

c. Pergandaan matriks dengan skalar


d. Sifat – sifat pokok matriks terhadap penjumlahan dan perkalian dengan skalar.

Jika A, B dan C merupakan matriks yang mempunyai dimensi sama serta k1,k2 ≠0, maka :

a. A+B= B+ A; dinamakan sifat Komutatif

b. A+(B+C)=(A+B)+C; dinamakan sifat Asosiatif c. k1(A+B)=k1A+k2B; dinamakan sifat Distributif d. (k1+k2)A=k1A+k2A

e. (k1k2)A=k1(k2A) f. A+0= A

g. A+(−A)= AA=0 h. 1A= Adan 0A=0

i. Terdapat matriks D sedemikian rupa sehingga A+D=B. Dan dari sifat 4 dan sifat 8 dapat diturunkan bahwa :


A+ =2 , A+ A+A=3A, dan seterusnya.

e. Pergandaan dua matriks atau lebih.

Pergandaan dari dua matriks atau lebih dapat dilakukan jika banyak kolom dari matriks pengali sama dengan banyak baris matriks yang dikali.Degan kata lain hasil perkalian dari matriks A yang berukuran mxq dan matriks B yang berukuran qxn adalah matriks C yang berukuran mxn dimana elemen – elemen dari matriks C merupakan jumlah hasil ganda elemen – elemen yang bersesuaian dari matriks A baris ke i dengan kolom j dari matriks B.Jadi elemen matriks C dapat ditulis :

( )



= q


kj ik

ij a b

c C



f. Sifat – sifat pokok pergandaaan matriks.

Andaikan matriks A, B dan C dapat digandakan dan k (k ≠0)adalah skalar, maka dapat diturunkan sifat – sifat sebagai berikut :

1. Pada Umumnya ABBA

2.2.4 Determinan suatu matriks

a. Definisi determinan

Andaikan suatu matriks kuadrat M =

( )

mij tingkat n yang ditulis lengkap sebagai berikut :

Dan hasil ganda elemen – elemen :


Dari n elemen yang dipilih demikian sehingga terdapat hanya satu elemen dari setiap baris dan sati dari setiap kolom. Untuk mudahnya faktor – faktor mijdari persamaan di atas, disusun demikian sehingga indeks pertama i mulai dari 1,2,...,n sedang indeks kedua j1, j2...jn merupakan salah satu permutasi dari n!permutasi. Selanjutnya setiap permutasi dari indeks kedua didefinisikan dengan :


Akhirnya dibentuk hasil ganda :

n jumlah semua hasil ganda dari yang dibentuk dari matriks M. Jadi :


b. Mencari Nilai Determinan Suatu Matriks.

Ada beberapa cara yang diperkenalkan dalam mencari nilai suatu matriks. Untuk matriks yang bertingkat 2 atau tiga, cara cramer merupakan cara yang sering digunakan. Dalam cara Cramer untuk matriks M yang berderajat dua :


Nilai determinannya adalah :


Dan untuk matriks M yang berderajat tiga:

Nilai determinannya adalah :

) (


(m11m22m33 m12m23m31 m13m21m32 m13m22m31 m11m23m32 m12m21m33

M = + + − + +

2.2.5 Invers suatu matriks

a. Definisi invers suatu matriks

Misalkan A matriks berukuran nxn yang nonsingular, jika terdapat matriks B dan berlaku :


I BA AB= =

Maka matriks B disebut invers dari matriks A. Jika tidak terdapat matriks B, maka matriks A disebut matriks singu lar.

b. Mencari invers suatu matriks.

Ada beberapa cara mencari invers suatu matriks, salah satunya adalah dengan cara Adjoin Matriks. Pandang suatu matriks kuadrat tingkat n yakni M =

( )

mij dan misalkan Kijadalah kofaktor elemen – elemen mijmaka Adjoin suatu matriks M disingkat adj M adalah :


Sedangkan untuk matriks M yang berderajad 2 :

Adjoin matriks M adalah :

Adj M

Sehingga didapatkan :


2.3 Nilai dan Vektor Eigen

2.3.1 Definisi dan notasi


Jika diberikan matriks M berukuran nxn , dapat dicari nilai λ dan vektor tak nol xdi Rnsehingga berlaku :

x x M

Sehingga vektor tak nol yang dinotasikan dengan x disebut vektor eigen.

2.3.2 Persamaan karakteristik

Permasalahan mencari nilai eigen dapat dipecahkan melalui persamaan karakteristik. Berdasarkan definisi, vektor tak nol xmerupakan vektor eigen jika :

x x M

Dengan I merupakan suatu matriks identitas, persamaan di atas dapat kita tulis : MxIx


Determinan dari suatu matriks merupakan perkalian n suku dari matriksnya, sehingga pangkat tertinggi yang mungkin dari λ adalah n yakni yang diperoleh dari perkalian suku dari diagonal matriks. Oleh karna itu, persamaan karakteristik dari suatu matriks yang berukuran nxn adalah :


Nilai eigen merupakan akar – akar dari polynomial karakteristik dari matriks M.Jika kita berikan λ=0pada M −λIn yang juga berlaku untuk persamaan di atas, maka akan didapatkan M =mn dan memberikan bentuk umum :

M mn =(−1)

2.3.3 Proses diagonalisasi matriks

a. Syarat suatu matriks dapat didiagonalkan

Suatu matriks berukuran nxn dapat didiagonalkan jika dan hanya jika matriks tersebut mempunyai n buah vektor eigen yang bebas linear. Himpunan vektor – vektor

n tidak semuanya nol sehingga berlaku:



b. Pendiagonalan matriks

Misalkan M matriks berukuran nxn dan mempunyai n buah vektor eigen yang bebas linier. Kita tulis vektor eigen tersebut sebagai kolom dari matriks V yang juga berukuran nxn tersebut sebagai berikut :


x x xn


V = 1 2

Matriks V di atas tak singular karena mempunyai n vektor kolom di Rnyang bebas linier. eigen xi.Dengan catatan bahwa mungkin terjadi beberapa vektor eigen yang berbeda mempunyai nilai eigen yang sama. Maka :


x x nxn


MV = λ1 1 λ2 2  λ

Misalkan D merupakan matriks diagonal yang berisi nilai eigenλiyang berkaitan dengan xi, diasumsikan bahwa V dan D merupakan matriks yang memiliki ukuran yang sama, maka :



Sehingga dapat disimpulkan bahwa : VD


Kemudian karena matriks V mempunyai invers, persamaan di atas dapat dikalikan dengan −1

V dari kanan sehingga diperoleh :


1 −







Selanjutnya, dapat dicari :



Mn n ( 2.2 )

2.4 Rantai Markov

Rantai Markov sebenarnya merupakan bentuk khusus dari model probabilitas yang lebih umum dan dikenal sebagai proses Stokastik.

2.4.1 Definisi rantai Markov

Rantai Markov merupakan proses Stokastik dari variabel-variabel acak




yang membentuk suatu deret yang memenuhi sifat Markov.

2.4.2 Sifat Markov

Dalam sifat Markov, jika diberikan kejadian - kejadian yang telah berlalu ( past states)

1 2


0,X ,X ,...,Xn


kejadian yang akan datang ( future state ) Xn+1 hanya bergantung pada kejadian yang sedang berlangsung ( present state) Xn.

Untuk suatu pengamatan yang prosesnya sampai untuk waktu ke n, maka distribusi nilai proses dari waktu ke n+1 hanya bergantung pada nilai dari proses pada waktu n.

Secara umum dapat dituliskan:

) Pr(

) ,

,..., ,

Pr(Xn+1 =iX0 = j0 X1 = j1 Xn1 = jn1 Xn = jn = Xn+1 =iXn = j .

2.4.3 Asumsi – asumsi dasar rantai Markov

Penggunaan rantai Markov terhadap suatu masalah memerlukan pemahaman tentang tiga keadaan yaitu keadaan awal, keadaan transisi dan keadaan setimbangnya. Dari tiga keadaan di atas, keadaan transisi merupakan yang terpenting. Oleh karena itulah asumsi – asumsi dalam rantai Markov hanya berhubungan dengan keadaan transisi.

Asumsi – asumsi dalam rantai Markov adalah sebagai berikut : a. Jumlah probabilitas transisi keadaan adalah 1

b. Probabilitas transisi tidak berubah selamanya.

c. Probabilitas transisi hanya tergantung pada status sekarang, bukan pada periode sebelumnya.

2.4.4 Keadan awal rantai Markov


probabilitas bahwa sistemnya berada dalam keadaan ke i pada waktu itu. Dapat

Untuk keadaan awal, vektor pada rantai Markov adalah keadaan ataupun probabilitas yang terjadi pada waktu yang sedang berlangsung. Vektor keadaan awal dinotasikan dengan X0 ..

2.4.5 Keadaan transisi dan probabilitasnya

Keadaan transisi adalah perubahan dari suatu keadaan ( status ) ke keadaan ( status ) lainnya pada periode berikutnya. Keadaan transisi ini merupakan suatu proses acak dan dinyatakan dalam bentuk probabilitas dan dinotasikan dengan Xn . Probabilitas ini dikenal sebagai probabilitas transisi. Probabilitas ini dapat digunakan untuk menentukan probabilitas keadaan atau periode berikutnya.

Keadaan transisi didapatkan setelah keadaan awal X0 diberikan perubahan melalui suatu matriks yang disebut Matriks Probabilitas Transisi sebagai berikut:


= n

n MX



Untuk Rantai Markov dengan tiga keadaan, matriks peralihannya mempunyai

2.4.6 Keadaan setimbang dan probabilitasnya.




3.1The Love Story in Planet Sisterhood of Trezhellas

The novel Starligth, Starbright by Serenne Dawson not only tells about

human love in two different planets but also about the conflict among the

characters in the novel. One the other hand, this novel is very interesting to read

because the writer describes the fantastic adventure, technology and imangination.

I would like to focus on the conflict among Serena, Trenek, and Darian.

The major character in this novel is Serena; she is a beautiful young girl,

smart and nice person. In this novel Serena is loved by Trenek, but she does not

love him. Actually, in her adventure she meets Darian and then falls in love with

him. The love story between them is so interesting that it can make the reader

interested in reading this story until the end of the story.

Furthermore, a relationship between Serena and Darian is very difficult

in order to make them happy. There are many conflicts about their love story

compared with the other characters such as; Lania, Shenzi and their family.

Trenek is man who loves Serena, he is Serena’s friend. They have grown up


The man who is loved by Serena is Darian. He comes from Ulata’s

planet. He is a handsome and smart man. Both of them love to each other, and

they have changed fantastic adventures in another planet. This story begins when

Serena asks herself why she cannot love Trenek.

As we know that from the story, she will marry him in early time.

Trenek loves Serena and cares for her. They grow up together in the same place.

She knows that he is a good man but she realizes that she never loves him.

“Why couldn’t she love him with all her heart, as he did he? as other loved. She did love him, but it seemed that her love was a surface sort of thing, like the bright, gleaming top of deep pond. But down inside, below that surface, knew was nothing. She had dived deep into ponds and she knew there was much there, wondrous things. But beneath the surface of her love for Trenek, there was nothing”.

(Dawson, 1999:11).

Actually in her mind Serena realizes that love is very important in her

life. But it is not easy for her to love Trenek. Besides that, she thinks that love is

not only for someone, but also for all people. Love is very important for people to


“She hated her thought and sometimes. As now, hasted her for thinking them. Love was all-important to her people: love for their blessed world and love for each other. And she did love it all. All about Trenek, her betrothed, who should be the most beloved

of all to her and he wasn’t.”


On the other hand, Serena is a woman is interested in going to another

planet. She wants to know more about it and she also likes to challenge and

adventure. She tells Trenek about the moving Star.

She is very interested in knowing more about it but Trenek does not

believe it, therefore, she forces him to go with her to that place where they often

hear stranger voice. The place is in a narrow valley surrounded by tall mountains.

She was glad that Trenek was going with her, although she’d

been guide prepared to go alone. He waved an arm around them was a narrow valley with a swift running stream in its center, and beyond that said the tall mountains”. (Dawson,1999: 55).

Serena’s interests to that voice has caused her to meet Darian Vondrak,

the leader of the Ulatas. At the first time he sees her, Darian knows that she is

beautiful woman. He asks her to go with him to the Ulata. After she has been at


“Then a male voice spoke. She had no idea what he was saying. But she knew it wasn’t the leader‘s Darian’s voices. A moment later, she could hear other voices, low and indistinct, coming from behind her. That was accompanied by a series of whirring sounds, and then she could see the high back of the seat in front of her, rising now to an upright position. Her own seat remained where it was. (Dawson,1999:55).

Serena’s meeting with Darian has caused her a serious problem. Darian

plans to take her to his planet because Trenek tries to save Serena from Darian,

because he loves her and does not want to lose her. But Darian is much stronger

and more powerful than Trenek so that Trenek fails. Darian even wants to kill

him. Fortunately Serena tells Darian not to kill Trenek. It seems that Darian agrees

with her, and he cancels killing Trenek.

Run Serena They’re going to make us fly with them.

They’ll kill us!” even as he spoke, he took off, climbing the steep bank at the side of the trail. The leader spoke sharply, and Serena saw the other man remove the small cylinder from his belt and aim it at Trenek. “No!” she screamed. “Please don’t kill him! But her word died abruptly as Trenek’s whole body convulsed, then become inert as he tumbled back down the bank to the trail. Tears of rage sprang to her eyes as she faced the leader.


Trenek says to her not to be frightened because Darian merely wants to

make her calm. He protects her from Darian but his words are not clear enough to

her because his whole body is convulsed. Tears of rage springs to her eyes as she

faces the leader of Ulatas’s planet, Darian. Fright with him, Trenek tries to make

her calm. He tries to protect her from Darian.

“How could you do that? He couldn’t hurt you! He was just frightened.” The leader, who of course couldn’t understand a word she’d said, merely stared at her impassively as the other man went over to Trenek and picked him up easily, then carried him to the spot where they’d left their magic backpacks. He lowered him to the ground and began to strap on his pack. Serena stared at Trenek’s lifeless body, unable to believe what had happened or how it had happened. (Dawson,1999:47).

Actually, Darian does not understand every word that Serena says to him.

But he is not kill Trenek and lets him alive because of Serena. He takes her to

Ulatan, but Trenek does not like it. Darian takes her because he likes her and has

fallen in love with her. Her going to the Ulata is the end of her love story in

Sisterhood of Tezhellas, for she has to be separated from Trenek, the person who

loves her.


Trenek still lives in his planet, it is impossible for him to follow Serena to

the Ulata. In consequence, he is left by Serena although she herself does not want

to leave him. But Darian is too strong to be defeated. The forces her to go with

him to his planet and live there with him.

3.2 The Love Story in Planet Ulata

The love story in planet Ulata is about love among Serena, Darian and

Lania. Serena is coming from another planet, that she cannot speak Ulatan

language. Darian asks Lania to teach Ulatan language to Serena. Lania is special

tutor who will be Serena’s friend. Serena is smart woman so that she does not find

any difficulty to learn Ulatan language.

“Lania, the specialist tutor who’d been brought in to teach her the Ulatan language, had been as founded at how quickly Serena had picked it up, a fact that Serena didn’t dispute and which she ascribed to her determination to be in control of her

fate in this world.”

(Dawson,1999: 60).

Moreover, Serena wants to go to the Ulata with Darian she want to know

the information of the truth about Ulata and Darian. But, she forgets about it. She


Serena is consistent in her decision that she and Darian will give mutual

attraction and sleep together during the trip back to Ulata. During her first week in

Ulata, Serena has thought about Darian constantly. Every night, as she lies in her

in her luxurious place, uses to remember their lovemaking. She begins to love

him. She thinks everything about him and compares him with Trenek. She says

that Darian and Trenek are different.

Darian is the leader of Ulata, and he has to lead of the mission. He is

very handsome and smart, and he has a big power and special ability. On the

other hand, Trenak is also good man but he is not special to be unusual man.

Everything about him was so very different from Trenek

that it was all wholly new and wondrous. Instead of touching her brushed her ear and then moved on so slowly down the sensitive column of her neck. A soft, strangled sound poured from her, a plea for him claims the lips that parted in


(Dawson,1999: 65).

Day after day Serena gradually loves Darian very much, and she has

managed to learn everything about him. She knows that he is to be a risk taker and

a brilliant leader. He is also the son of the most powerful and respectful families

of Ulata. She also knows that he is still single. She also suspects that Lania falls

in love with Darian and Lania will marry Darian. Darian’s families agree if he


Or perhaps not. Serena had managed to learn a few things about Darian Vondrak without even asking. He was known to be a risk taker and a brilliant leader. He was also a son of the most powerful of the old noble families of Ulata.“And he was not married. Lania, her friend and tutor, had asked Serena about him as soon as they were able to communicate well enough. Serena suspected that Lania was in love with him. She herself was a member of the old nobility and had known Darian all her life. According to Lania, Darian’s family was pressuring him to marry, now that he was “grounded” for the

mandatory six months.”

(Dawson,1999: 67).

Serena knows that Darian has the stars in his blood that she wants to

make his family happy. He only wants to marry with a woman that can give his

child. In other word, it is not only Serena knows it from Shenzi that Darian cares

to her. Darian asks Shenzi to protect Serena, and he requires it in order that Serena

not to join their mission to go to another planet. Sarena wants to go to the planet

Ulata because she wants to know everything about another place in the world.

Darian tries to make Serena as comfortable as possible in his planet. Shenzi tells

her that she is very valuable and needed by Darian’s family. It seems that they

begin to like her because she is able to adapt to her surrounding.

“Even his many kindnesses to her were brushed off by Shenzi, to whom she had once confided that. “Of course he was kind to you, “Shenzi said.” He was under order to treat you well and to see that you were made as comfortable as possible. He knew how valuable you are, to the Sisterhood and to the Space



Darian tells his family about Serena’s background, He also tells them that

he loves her very much, and she also loves him. Therefore, his family begins to

like her. They want her to be one of their members in the planet Ulata. From the

quotation below, we can see that Darian’s father approves of his son’s

relationship with Serena, and Serena herself praises Darian as a good man. She

implicitly says that she loves him.

“And you are every bit as beautiful as he said you were, “Darian’s father added.” “Darian was very kind “Serena said. “he was very patient too, because I had so many question and

no way to ask them.”


Furthermore, Serena realizes that it is difficult for her to keep up special

relationship with Darian because they are different and they come from different

planets. She decides to come back to the planet Sisterhood of Trezhellas, but

Darian does not agree. He makes her sure that Trenek is not the right man for he,

he is of course jealous of Trenek. He does not want her to love Trenek, He thinks

that he is the right man for her.

Darian sais that he loves Serena very much and he does not want Serena

to go to the planet Sisterhood of Trezhellas. On the other hand, it is difficult for

Serena to live with Darian in many different places. She also remembers that she


She not only has to choose Darian or Trenek but also to decide whether

she lives in the planet Ulata or goes back to the planet Sisterhood of Trezhellas to

meet her family and Trenek.

“You couldn’t have loved him, Serena. Was it an arranged marriage?” No! She replied with more force than she intended. “Such a terrible thing could never happen among my people. Men and women are equal and always have been.” “But you didn’t love him,” Darian persisted.” “Instead of answering, Serena took a few steps away from him, as though by doing so, she could remove herself from those memories of his lovemaking. She understood his reasoning. If she’d loved Trenek, then she couldn’t have made love with him.” “I was very fond of Trenek,” she said.” We had known each other all our lives. He loved me, and so he waited patiently until I finally agreed to marry him.” “Darian’s expression became one of disgust. “He loved you and yet he tried to run away, rather than protecting you from us.


The reason why she wants to leave Darian is that man in the planet Ulata

are much more superior than women. It is contradictory with the condition in the

planet Sisterhood. Here, women are equal to men. She also says that in her planet

there is no violence and human live in peace so they don’t need protection from

other person, not like in Ulata. The power and high position is very important.

Lania tells Serena that her family urges her to marry Darian, but he

refuses it. At that time, Serena begins to love Ulata and its people. She changes


Serena says to Darian that all people in Sisterhood hate her. Darian seems

to feel happy to hear that good news from Serena. Darian is a man of his world,

and he thinks that he is the only her first lover and the one whom she loves very

much. As another fact, she belongs to him until he listens to her soft voice

charming and smoothly.

Darian does not want to let Serena go to the planet Sisterhood because he

needs her. He thinks it is not easy for him to admit that, even he himself finds it

difficult if Serena wants Trenek. Gradually, Serena seems to know everything

about Ulata and Darian. In addition, she joins a dangerous mission with Darian

and his friend, Shenzi though, Shenzi prohibits her to go with them..

But she still wants to go with them. Shenzi advises that Serena go back to

her world, but she does not want it. Moreover, the special relationship between

Serena and Darian make them fall in love with each other and they do not care

their future if they cannot live together again.


“And I love you Darian.” The words came so easily, despite all the fear that lurked behind them. Then she too stared up at the heavens, thinking about that girl who had once done the same thing, thinking too about the woman who’d said that she belonging to space: to space and to Darian.”

(Dawson,1999: 181).

Once again in next time Darian and Serena say love you each other.“All right. Rest, Darian if you can. I may need to reach you later.”“… love you, sorry…” “Yes, I love you and I’m sorry, too. Rest for an hour, and then try to contact me again.” “Serena broke the trance, warmed by his words but fearful because he might not be able to make contact again. Five pairs of eyes met hers. She repeated Darian’s words except, of course, for his final ones.


After Darian and Serena have long journey and adventure in Ulata, they

come back to Sisterhood. Serena’s family shocked when they see Serena with

Darian. They think that Darian is a bad man because he has kidnapped Serena and

hurt Trenek. Serena’s mother gets angry and also fells frighted to Darian. Serena

tries to explain to her family that Darian is a good man and she loves him.

It seems there is a conflict among Darian, Serena and her family and the

conflict caused when Darian takes Serena away from Ulata. In order to prevent a

big conflict among them, Serena begins to tell that she loves Darian. And it makes


“Serena is this man who stole you away and hurt Trenek?” her mother asked nervously. Serena answered in her own language. “Yes but he is also the man I love. I know he must seem frightening to you and must hate him for taking me away. But he’s a good man and I think you will understand why he did what he did when I have a chance to explain.” “Have you explained yet why I took you away?” Darian asked, and Serena saw some people recoil from the harsh sounds of his language as well as much deeper voice.” “Not yet but I told them I love


(Dawson,1999: 343).

Then, Trenek comes and pushes Serena through the crowd. There

conflict between Darian and Trenek, happens when Trenek sees Serena is very

close to Darian. She asks Trenek to be calm down and tells him that she loves

Darian. Who also asks her to tell Trenek that he should apologize because he has

ever hurt Trenek. He seems to express an apology since he takes away from him.

“This is the man who took away!” he said accusingly.” “Yes, Trenek, he is. But I love him.“ “Tell him that I’m very sorry I had to hurt him.” Darian said, drawing Trenek’s attention

away from her.”

(Dawson,1999: 344).

Serena explains to Trenek that Darian is not a man of violence, but he

still gets angry because she loves Darian. Consequently, he knows that Darian is a

bad man. Trenek cannot accept that she loves Darian, because he loves her and


“But he took you away” Trenek persisted. “How can you love



Serena ensures them that it is going to be a very long day, and finally,

neither Trenek nor anyone else is likely to understand. She feels happy when she

meets her mother, her family and her friend.

Her mother really misses her and people in the planet Sisterhood of the

Trezhlass are very close to her. Finally Darian leaves Serena with them and he

goes alone in order to make her more comfortable with them. She can give more

explanation about everything that has happened to her with Darian and Ulata’s


“Serena,” Darian said, reaching out to take her hand and drawing her out of her self pity, “ I think it would be best is I go and leave you here for a while.” “Yes,” she said,” I think that would be best.” He certainly couldn’t be enjoying the unabashed stares of hundreds of people, and beside, she knew that he was concerned about the damage to the ship.” “Will I shock them if I kiss you before I leave?” he asked with a smile. “Probably,” she replied, then stretched up on tiptoe and kissed him instead, ignoring the startled, gasp of those around them.” “She watched as darian returned to the hovercraft, then rose slowly into the air. The others watched, too, their mouths open in wonder, as her own had once been in a different lifetime.” “Serena’s mother hugged her again. “You’ve come back to us. He must be a good man, to have brought you home.” “Serena returned her hug and decided then and there that she would make a few adjustments to her story, using some of the “kind

lies” of the Ulatans.”


Serena’s mother feels happy because Serena comes back and believes

that Darian is a good man. Serena hugs his mother and then she begins to tell

them all about Darian and Ulata. Serena and Darian plan to get married in

Sisterhood and conduct the wedding ceremony there. They are happy forever

since they are in love.

“Since your people don’t have a religion, do they still have wedding ceremonies? ”Darian asked.” “The question startled her at first, but he’d been asking questions about her people earlier.” “Of course,” she said.” “They gather together all their relatives and friends for a big celebration. The ceremony itself is quite brief. The couple simply announces their external love for each other and declares their wish to become one and that’s it.” “Would your family agree to that?”

“She twisted around to stare at him.“Agree to what?” “To our having ceremony before we leave.You could teach me the proper words.” (Dawson,1999:353).

Although Serena and Darian have many conflicts and obstacles in their

love before they get married, finally they can defend their love and they have a





Having analyzed the novel, Starlight, Starbright from the beginning to

end, I come to some conclusions as follows:

- This novel really talks about triangle love among the characters,

Serena, Trenek and Darian.

- I portray that love is blind. It is said that love is growing up in some

body so as to make life becomes lively.

- Besides that, this novel also talks that love is a kind of mystery in

man’s life since man never knows who his partner or couple will be.

- I tend to say that man should be in positive thinking and never gives

up in every problem that comes up in his life.

- True love will come to every one in the right time that is never

suspected before.

- A man must be able to choice and decide the right person for him in

order to get happiness.

- A woman should have the power and the ability to decide the right

man for her. Not only about love but also everything.



In order to know more about the content of the novel, I think it is

necessary to put forward the following suggestions:

- Reading a novel for several time is very important for student of the English

literature department since it will make them understand what the novel is

about. Therefore, in terms of this analysis, the students can improve their

literary knowledge specifically.

- I also suggest the readers that they read this novel because by reading this

novel, they will broaden their knowledge in literature, especially in case of

the triangle love and the attitude of the characters and conflict found in the


- I also suggest that reading a novel is very interesting you will get a lot of

information you need to analyze. You can use Internet to make you easy and

quick to gain a lot of information.

- Finally, I hope that this thesis will be useful for those who are interested in



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Saranne Dawson lives deep in the woods of central Pennsylvania. She has a

Mater’s Degree in Public Administration and has worked for many years in

human services.

Saranne’s hobbies included sewing, walking in the woods, occasional

antiquing, reading (a lot, mostly mysteries) and most of all, her two and a half

year old grandson, Zachary, who had made grand motherhood a very fine


Saranne is the author of 29 romances. She had won several award, including a

Romantic Times Award for Career Achievement in Futuristic Romance.

Saranne Dawson’s Romance Novels

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As an author for Harlequin American Romance, Saranne Dawson

published six novels. She wrote five novels for the Harlequin Intrigue imprint.

She had received a Romantic Times Magazine Career Achievement Award for

Futuristic Romance.

She is also known as Saranne Hoover and Pamela Lind. Her books often

contain a paranormal aspect.


- Bewitched - Harlequin American Romance #448 – July 1992

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Serena has always been curious, insatiable in her quest for knowledge

and voracious in her appetite for adventure. No one understand her fascination

with the heavens and the wondrous moving star that traced the vast sky.

Serena sits down on the soft grass in a place which is called Meiea,

enjoys fresh breeze and that beautiful place.

Not far away, the children play their games and not long ago she sees

Trenek coming around the side of the school, pause, and then starts toward her. In

her heart, she thought why she can not love him with all her heart, as he does her.

As other loved. She loves him, but it seems that her love is a surface sort of thing,

like the bright, gleaming for or a deep pond.

She hates her thoughts and sometimes, as now, hated herself for thinking

them. Loves is all-important to her people love for their blessed world and love

for each other. And she loves it all. All but Trenek, her betroths, who will be the

most beloved of all to her and he is not. It is not as though there is some one else

to lay claim to that love. If there has been, then she will not have agreed to marry


No, the problem is clearly with her. That night a love, soft spring night,

Serena sit in the small garden behind he cottage. Then she notices something

moving between the stars with a faint light of its own, she frowns as she follows


Trenek loves very much Serena because Serena is a beautiful young

woman that always curious: insatiable in her quest for knowledge and voracious

in her appetite for adventure.

Serena does not like Trenek, because Serena has to love the other man

from planet Ulata. Serena is a beautiful young woman. She has always been

curious: insatiable in her quest for knowledge and voracious in her appetite for


No body appears to have seen the bright, moving star. Serena is not really

surprised give the lateness of the hour and people’s lack of interest in the heavens.

But her father has reminded her of a similar occurrence many years ago

that has been witnessed by several people. She has been only a child at the end has

paid it scant attention. No one has found any evidence that the star has fallen to

the ground, but then, no one has really looked, either.

Serena tells to Trenek about the moving star. But Trenek does not believe

it. It’s usual, she complains because anyone is not interested. It will also mean that

we’ve been wrong about the stars being nothing moves than holes in he fabric of


He has never thought about it, but he guesses if they have been wrong.

He wants to know that she is doubtful it, but does not say so she knows he is only

trying to please her. Then let’s try to find it.

She is glad that Trenek is going with her, although she has been a guide

prepare to go alone. He waves an arm around them as they sit astride their horses

on a hilltop. Beneath them is a narrow valley with a swift running stream in its

center, and beyond that laid the tall the mountains.

They have been following a trail carved out by the migratory herds of

elk and deer, and she can see it winding its way from the little stream up into the

mountains by day’s end.

They are deep into the mountains, where darkness fell early. The trail

more or less followed a small stream and Trenek says they will soon find a

campsite for the night. Serena and Trenek are coming a strange gray flying boat

hovered over the spot where it has previously landed, then settled gently to the

ground. The humming sounds stopped. In their hiding place.

Serena can now see details of the craft that has been invisible before a

now of windows along the said, strange lettering toward the back, and the thin

outline of what must be a door near the front.

She watches it, waiting for one of the strange creatures to emerge. Serena

hears the fear in his voice and felt rather annoyed. It is obvious to her that she will

have to be the strength for both of them. She wants very badly to see one of these


Serena feels a sense of awe that she has not felt even when she first sees

the flying boat. They are men and they can fly. All they apparently needed are

those backpacks. She is astounded. She studies them. They are all big and bulky,

but she sees that there is some differences between them. One of them has thick

hair of a ruddy hue, while another’s hair is brown, not black.

Finally Darian leaves Serena with them and he goes alone in order to

make Serena more comfortable with them. She can gives more explanation about

everything that is happened to her with Darian and Ulata’s people.

Serena’s mother fells happy because she comes back and believes that

Darian is a good man. Serena hugs his mother and then Serena begins to tell them

all about Darian and Ulata. Next story, Serena and Darian plan to marry in

Sisterhood and to hold the wedding ceremony in there. They are happy forever