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1. Look at the picture! What is this? …

a. that is a table b. that is a window c. that is a door d. that is a wall

2. Look at the picture! what is this? …

a. that is a book b. that is a pencil c. that is a ruler d. that is a blackboard

3. Using "an" … for the following word! a. window

b. table c. apple d. bag

4. Is this a pencil? a. No, this is a pencil b. No, that is not a pencil c. yes, that is not a pencil d. No, that are a pencils 5. 21-5 = …

a. Nineteen b. Eighteen c. Seventeen d. Teen

Nama : _______________________________


6. (26 ) It is number … a. Twenty four b. Twenty six c. Twenty seven d. Twenty nine

7. White in Indonesian is … a. Merah

b. Putih c. Hitam d. Hijau

8. This is a spinach. Please translate into Indonesian … a. Ini adalah bayam

b. Ini adalah wortel c. Ini adalah kubis d. Ini adalah kacang 9. Is that a bag ? …

a. Yes, that is a bag b. Yes, this a bag c. Yes, that is not a bag d. No, that is a bag 10. Bird in Indonesian is …

a. burung b. kelinci c. monyet d. kerja

11. Wednesday, ... , Friday a. Thursday

b. Wednesday c. Tuesday d. Saturday

12. There are … days in a week a. seven

b. six c. ten d. twelve

13. The day before Wednesday is … a. Thursday


c. Tuesday d. Saturday

14. The month before May is … a. March

b. August c. April d. December

15. The month after August is … a. October

b. September c. November d. July

16. Mother goes to …, she buys vegetable and fruit a. post office

b. mosque c. library d. market

17. My mother is a doctor. She works in … a. hospital

b. library c. mosque d. school

18. Mrs. Henny is a teacher, she teachs many student, she works in … a. hospital

b. library c. mosque d. school

19. I am Akbar. I am a student, I need ... a. car, uniform, handphone, money b. book, pen, pencil, bag


a. Teacher b. Doctor c. Nurse d. Dancer 21. He is ... a white cap.

a. wearing b. wears c. wore d. wear

22. I ... wearing a red dress. a. am

b. are c. is d. be

23. she . . . eleven years . . . a. is, nine

b. are, old c. is, old d. is, young 24. what time . . . it ?

a. is b. am c. are d. now

25. It's ( jam 08.00) . . . a. nine p.m

b. six a.m c. eight a.m d. eight p.m

26. It's ( jam 21.00 ) … a. nine p.m


27. It's after January … a. March

b. February c. December d. November 28. I breath with my …

a. Nose b. mouth c. hand d. teeth

29. I have … hands a. Two

b. one c. three d. four

30. I wash my … twice a week. a. Ears

b. tongo c. hair d. feet

31. I see the moon in the sky with my … a. Hand

b. forehead c. eyes d. ears

32. My Aunt carries a bag with her … a. Head

b. hand c. forehead d. face

33. In a week, there are … days a. Five

b. six c. seven d. eight

34. The second day is … a. Sunday


c. Tuesday d. Wednesday

35. Wednesday is the … day a. Third

b. second c. fifth d. fourth

36. Saturday is the … day a. Sevent

b sixth c. fifth d. first

37. Bag – my – blue – is (the correct sentence is …) a. My bag is

b. My blue is c. bag is my blue d. do homework

38. The students … on Monday a. Borrow books

b. Play football c. go to school d. do homework 39. I study in the …

a. Class room b. Canter c. field d. garden

40. 39. There is a … in the class room (papan tulis) a. Table

b. cupboard c. chair d. blackboard

41. 40. This is my… (buku) a. Pencil


42. 41. This is my … (tas) a. Ruler

b. book c. bag

d. pencil case

43. This animals lives in the forest. It is a … (harimau) a. Giraffe

b. monkey c. camel d. tiger

44. My favorite pat animal is…..(ikan) a. Fish

b. bird c. duck d. cat

45. This animal is dangerous. It is a … (buaya) a. Tiger

b. ant c. chicken d. duck

46. My father has … (ayam jantan) a. Peacock

b. bird c. duck d. Roaster 47. What is is ?

It is a … (jambu) a. Guava

b. watermelon c. strawberry d. avocado

48. He is … He wants fried rice. a. Hungry

b. Thirsty c. Happy d. Sad 49. I … banana


b. is c. like d. has

50. This animal lives in Africa. It has a long neck a. camel




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