The Difficulties of A New Teacher Teaching English To Children Aged 6-8 Through Film At The British Institute Pasir Kaliki.

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Tugas akhir ini berisi tentang kesulitan seorang guru yang belum

mempunyai pengalaman dalam mengajar melalui menonton film. Menonton adalah kegiatan yang paling disukai oleh banyak orang terutama anak-anak. Mengajar anak-anak dengan cara menonton film bukanlah hal yang sulit, karena anak-anak menyukainya. Hanya saja bagaimana cara menyampaikan sesuatu yang sesuai lewat film merupakan hal yang tidak mudah.

Kesulitan ini disebabkan oleh guru tersebut tidak mengenal isi film yang digunakan, kemudian guru tersebut tidak menjelaskan terlebih dulu tentang film tersebut, dan juga fakta bahwa guru yang bersangkutan tidak

mempersiapkan materi pelajaran. Hal ini mengakibatkan murid-murid hanya dapat sedikit mempelajari kata-kata baru bahasa Inggris dari film tersebut dan juga murid-murid menjadi tidak tertarik dengan film yang sedang diajarkan.

Kesulitan tersebut diatas menjadi tantangan bagi saya untuk mencari solusi agar masalah tersebut tidak terulang lagi. Solusi-solusi yang dapat diambil antara lain adalah memilih film yang sesuai dan mempersiapkan seluruh materi pelajaran sebelum memulai pelajaran yang menggunakan film sebagai media pembelajaran. Hal tersebut merupakan salah satu solusi yang dapat diambil dan dapat juga menjadi solusi bagi pengajar lain guna

kelancaran proses belajar-mengajar.


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A. Background of the Study B. Identification of the Problem

C. Objectives and Benefits of the Study D. Description of the Study

E. Method of the Study F. Limitation of the Study

G. Organization of the Term Paper





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The difficulties of a new teacher teaching English to children

aged 6-8 through film Causes

1. teacher is not familiar with the film 2. teacher does not Choose the suitable film appropriate with the objective

of the study a lesson by using the film 2. teacher can control the

class in good arrangement 3. students can focus while

watching the film Preparing the teaching material

POTENTIAL SOLUTION 3 Give students exercise only after they watch the film Positive effects:

1. teacher can know whether they understand the movie or not 2. teacher can check particular students’ skills, e.g. listening, speaking, etc

3. the exercise can help students do self-study Choose a suitable film &


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A. Background of the Study

In her article, Standards Teaching Film, Eileen Mattingly states that “Teaching through film can revolutionize the way children see the world. Films allow students to understand cultures and countries far beyond what the textbooks can convey. Film can record movements in a number of special ways, and it can enhance the range of human vision” (par.1). According to Vaughnlea Leonard, using films to teach English can be an integral part of effective learning. English is much more than just spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Watching films helps develop critical

comprehension and analytical skills (par. 1). Therefore, some English courses provider especially TBI (The British Institute) provide facilities to support the students in learning English through watching film.

Many students have problem in listening to English and speaking; it is because of the lack of exposure to the language. This is one of the


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students to learn about listening and speaking (Lee 24). The goal in listening comprehension is to be able to understand people’s speech in English at a normal speed, which brings about lots of difficulties to non-native speakers. Students should also make themselves used to hearing varieties of accents in English, rather than just the teacher’s. This is one of the reasons film becomes a suitable material in teaching; besides, it can help students learn vocabularies.

I did my internship program for two (2) months as a student advisor and as a teacher assistant at TBI Paskal (The British Institute Pasir Kaliki). There was a problem during my observation as a teacher assistant.

Teaching children aged 6-8 was not as easy as I imagined, because I found difficulties to make some of them understand the film they watched. They still needed some explanations about the unfamiliar words.

Moreover, they could not retell the story of the film in English.

Therefore I will discuss in my term paper and present the best solution based on the analysis about the difficulties of teaching English to children aged 6-8 through film.

B. Identification of the Problem

I propose to analyze the difficulties of a new teacher teaching English to children aged 6-8 through film at The British Institute Pasir Kaliki. Therefore, I come up with the following research questions:


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2. What should the teacher do to make the students learn English through the film?

C. Objectives and Benefits of the Study

The objective of writing this term paper is to analyze the causes and effects of the difficulties of teaching young students aged 6-8 through film. Besides, I put an effort to find the solutions for the problem, and also the negative and the positive effects related to the solutions to find the best solution of the problem.

The benefits of writing this term paper is to enable me to understand an appropriate way to teach English by using film. I can also learn to propose the best solution to solve this problem for TBI as an English course. It is expected that the readers can learn about more interactive ways in teaching English by reading this term paper.

D. Description of the Institution


Maranatha Christian University


quickly established a reputation for providing high quality English language classes for the general public by well-qualified and experienced native speaker teachers, and supplemented by excellent materials and facilities. By having its 24-year experience in running English language schools, TBI has the experience and knowledge of running schools with quality as the place of English language training.

I was doing my internship at TBI Paskal (Pasir Kaliki), one of the TBI’s branches in Bandung. TBI Paskal offered products that centered in young learner class, teenagers class, Global English, Housewife class, Conversation for junior High School, and English for Business class. Another unique class program only at TBI Paskal is a playgroup class. This class opens for playgroup or pre-school students which gives

opportunity for kids to learn English through games, drawing, coloring, art and craft, and singing.

TBI Paskal has nine (9) classrooms. The numbers of the students in the classroom depend on the size and the capacity of the classroom. There are three (3) kinds of classroom size: big classroom, medium, and small one. The big classroom can hold about 18-20 students, for the medium can hold about 13-15 students, and the small one can accommodate about 8 students at the most.


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teachers, by the local teacher and the native speaker of English, or 100% taught by native speaker teachers. All of the options have different prices to pay per month.

YPLTBI Paskal has commitment to provide many programs for the students individually through a customer-friendly service. In other words, giving customer satisfaction is a must in business aspect at TBI Paskal.

E. Method of the Study

This term paper would analyze the difficulties of a new teacher

teaching English to children aged 6-8 through film. This final term paper is based on observation made when I was doing my internship at TBI Paskal. Other information is gained from my internship journal, library research, the Internet, and also other sources in accomplishing this term paper.

F. Limitation of the Study

I limit my analysis on the difficulties of a new teacher teaching English to children aged 6-8 through film at TBI (The British Institute) Pasir Kaliki Ruko Hypersquare. My observation is focused on the Canberra class, consisting of 20 students of 6-8 years of ages who meet once a week every Saturdays for 3 hours.

G. Organization of the Term Paper


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statement of the authenticity of the term paper, followed by


Maranatha Christian University




After analyzing the cause-effect of the possible solutions in the

previous chapter, I found that new teachers that do not have any

preparation to teach by using film can make the children get bored and not

interested in watching the film.

In this chapter I have chosen for the problem that I had when I was

teaching at The British Institute Pasir Kaliki. I come up with two best

solutions, there are; choose a suitable film and prepare all the material

before watching the film. The teacher should choose the suitable film that

is appropriate for the children aged 6-8. I choose these solutions because

the suitable film can make the lesson more useful and preparation for the

teacher can make the teacher teach the lesson better and make the

students interest with the way of the teacher expressing about the content

of the film.

Based on the analysis in chapter two, I find out that film feature gives

certain effects, for instance the children can learn better by using film as

the teaching media. The effects may help the students in English learning

especially on the listening class. There also problems happened in the

classroom during the teaching process in the classroom. They became

noisy, talking each other with the other friend, and did not want to sit on


Maranatha Christian University


I hope the solution that I have chosen will be the best solution to

overcome the difficulties of new teachers teaching English to children aged

6-8 years at The British Institute Pasir Kaliki. For the suggestions, first, the

teachers should try to find an appropriate film for the students based on

their basic needs. Second, the teacher has to know how to use the

equipment for the viewing session, like the player. She or he has to make

sure the lighting is good, the sitting arrangement is well-prepared, so the

students will not feel distracted by unprepared atmosphere. Third, the

teacher has to pay attention on the film’s length. Most film is a half hour,

an hour, and two hours in length. A film with long duration will make the

students get bored. Fourth, the teacher has to know the main concepts

developed in the film. The teacher must consult the relevant literature.

She/he has to watch the program at least once and take notes write down

the information about the events in the plot, characters, location, and

everything else that they confuse the students. I hope these suggestions


Maranatha Christian University


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Maranatha Christian University

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