Cambridge Pre-U Chemistry (9791)






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Syllabus update

Cambridge International Level 3

Pre-U Certificate in Chemistry (Principal) (9791)

(for examination in 2016, 2017 and 2018)

We have updated this syllabus. The latest syllabus is version 2, published September 2015.

Changes have been made to page 13: Mark scheme for Component 4

The ‘Breakdown of skills’ column of the table has been amended to read:

C5.3.1 Interpretation of data or observations

Changes have also been made to the following pages:

Page 37: Heading C5.3.1 Interpretation of data or observations and identifying sources of error, now reads as C5.3.1 Interpretation of data or observations

Page 38: Section C5.3.3 Evaluation, letter (c) – the final word of the sentence is now ‘uncertainty’.

The paragraph beginning ‘Candidates should be used to looking …’ has been updated for clarity.

The penultimate line of the paragraph beginning ‘Candidates should be able to suggest …’ now reads as ‘candidates will be able to identify the sense in which the ‘errors’ affect the final result.’

Page 39: Section C5.3.4 Suggesting improvements, paragraph after list, 6th line, now reads ‘may relate to sources of error or uncertainty identified by the candidate or to other sources of error or uncertainty.’