External Influences on the Development of Children

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External Influences on the

Development of Children

(workshop on Space and Children, August 2-7,

2009, Muhammadiyah University of Surakarta)


Wiwien Dinar Pratisti Faculty of Psychology


Developmental Task of a child

Childhood is one stage oh human live which is

characterized by

• Learn physically skill for play and game

• Build a healthy self concept

• Learn to adapt with the environment

• Develop an understanding about gender

• Develop basic skill for reading, writing dan math

• Develop a knowledge which are used to

understand the daily activity

• Develop moral and values


Developmental process in human life

The maturity of an individual gain by

• The process of maturity itself. A few aspect in

human life become mature because of the time

they passed by. Means that someone become

mature because of their age.

• The process of learning. Means that to get

maturity an individu must learn from the


Factors that influence the

development of a child

• Genetic. Many aspect of child life came from their

parents. From Jensen research there are facts that IQ is one aspect of human life which is pursue with this


• Fenotype. Gagne desribed that the development and verbal skill of a child is a process of learning from his environment. Children learn about social values from their environment. If they could not get the right


Stimulation for the development of

the children

• Physically: trees and hill



• Chemis : gas and polution, soap, drugs.

• Organismic : biologically stucture for example

respiratory, cardiovasculer, neuro and muscular


• Socially : the performance, behavior and

interaction between mother, father,




• Game or play is one of right stimulation for children. Because children can learn something happilly and uncounsiouselly.

• Research by Siagawati (2008) showed that traditional game have values, for example leadership, teamwork, social awareness

• Research by Masturi (2004) showed that traditional game heightened the emphaty of children.


• Give the children enough space and right

plays and equipment for their development

that they can feel freelly, take an


• You can get the description and

knowledge from your jouney, this time.

• Enjoy your journey