Isn t It Interesting That You Are Never Bored When Your Head Is In The Refrigerator

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We all know the secret of staying slim is not to eat yourself into oblivion! But if you stay at home and do the same things everyday, you´re going go be bored to tears. Monet Robier, a dancer/choreographer said, ˆEveryday there must be something I can’t do, otherwise it’s boring.˜


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At the age of 70 I retired. Happy days were ahead. I could do what I want, when I want and if I want to do nothing that´s okay too. I watched daytime TV, did the crossword puzzles, read the newspapers, and kept in touch with friends and family through email. I played some games on the computer and checked out the internet. Of course, I ate a lot because the food was there. When I did wander out, it was the mall or the supermarket where I could buy lots of goodies to keep me happy. When you´re retired, wandering aimlessly through the stores, spending money foolishly is not what you want to do. So what do you do? I didn´t want to be one of those old people sitting around waiting to die. I could see myself falling into a depression. Would you say I needed a new challenge in life! The day of awakening came with a phone call from a friend. ˆThe Parks Department has a Community Center nearby; they have all kinds of classes; let´s go check it out.˜ Now, I thought, what could I possibly do there? What I did find there was a low impact aerobics class that would help me take off the weight I had managed to put on. I joined the class, had a good time and met some really nice people. They were all discussing the line dance class they had joined and what fun it was. When I was about 10 years old, my brother who was five years older than I, used to practice his jitterbug on me and I grew up dancing during the wonderful era of the big bands. I didn´t get to dance much later in life and forgot how much I enjoyed it,

With a bit of trepidation I joined the line dance class. It wasn´t just country music anymore. They taught Mambo, Cha-Cha, Waltz, and I was in heaven. The only problem, since I was sure I knew how to dance, was thinking this was going to be soooooo easy! It turned out that I was the only newbie in the class and I also realized there´s no partner to lead me around the floor. At first I thought I must have turned stupid in my old age, but then realized that line dancing is mostly memory and my memory was not too sharp anymore. I was going to stick with it! The dances are a number of sets that are repeated during the dance and you have to be aware of the sequence, what steps come next. Fortunately, I did not take myself too seriously. Someone once said ˆdance as if no one is looking˜ so that´s exactly what I did. I laughed a lot, persevered and promised myself I would not give up. I finally did it! It all fell into place. The moral of the story .. dance class is much less expensive than doctors and psychiatrists; it gives you a natural high! I lost weight; I lost inches; I started to eat healthier when I saw the weight loss and my memory has improved tremendously. I´m exercising my brain by learning something new with each dance. I learned so well, that at the age of 75, the Parks & Recreation Department offered me a job teaching line dancing. My students always compliment me on my youthful looks and demeanor; something I don´t mind hearing.

I just read that Socrates learned to dance when he was seventy because he felt that an essential part of himself had been neglected. Isn´t it funny that with all the aches and pains that come with age, I don´t feel a bit of pain when I dance? It must be that `natural high´.

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