The 3 Vital Steps To Online Success Part 1 of 4 An Overview

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Building a successful online business can be broken down into three vital steps: getting your website up and running, choosing the products or services you wish to provide and, vitally, attracting traffic to your site and converting that traffic to sales.


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Since its inception the Internet has brought fame and fortune to many individuals. For example, news broke not so long ago, of a couple from the UK who, in double-quick time, grew an online dating agency from zero to an income of hundreds of thousands. The value of their business is reckoned to be in the multi-million dollar range.

Since then, I heard of one gal who has struck gold selling bras and underwear and a guy who is making a nice living with his website on fly-fishing. Fly-fishing for heavens sake! Who would have thought there was any money in that? But there most certainly is. It´s a niche site offering a niche product. The perfect ingredients for online success!

More often than not the product or service is so simple, we ask ourselves: why didn‘t I think of that? I‘ll bet many of you can recall similar success stories. Indeed, anyone with a spark of life inside them will think: I can do that. That is when the dream starts; to emulate these successful entrepreneurs; to make a good living and be truly independent. This, of course, is the sheer beauty of the Internet. The small guy can succeed. If you do it right you do not have to compete with the big guys, in fact if you try you will surely fail. But before I get ahead of myself, let me ask you a couple of questions:

Firstly, why should you start an online business?

Without doubt the Internet provides a wonderful opportunity to set up your very own business at a minimal cost, capable of reaching a potential audience of countless millions. Compare this with the cost and time in setting up a traditional business: the costs of premises, purchasing and stocking inventory, employing staff, overheads... the list goes on.

The potential reach of your customers is also very limited with an off-line business by comparison with the Internet. The world really is your oyster. I think we can safely conclude there is no comparison. Secondly, is it easy?

No, it most emphatically is not! But I tell you, it is a darn sight easier than starting a regular business! And it requires far less capital. But it still necessitates work, lots of work. And be in no illusion about one daunting statistic, namely that 95% of all new online ventures fail! You read that right, the odds are stacked against you! There, what do you think of that for a bit of honesty? But now that you have been warned I can promise you one thing: with application, diligence, determination and a lot of perspiration you CAN succeed. And, it is to be hoped, beyond your wildest dreams. You can build a business for the future. And remember this, once you have built your site, it can go on creating income for you for years to come! Many have, why not you?

So, how do you go about getting online in the first place and then building your very own successful online business and, furthermore, with no Internet experience? This is where you are going to need help. Did you know there are three vital steps you must take to succeed with an Online Business? Well, that‘s where this series of articles really begins. Over the next three articles I shall elaborate on precisely these three steps. So, watch out for Part 2, which deals with the options open to you for getting your very own website up and running.

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