WFS FES: Advertise support for sorting in WFS capabilities

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Name: *Stefan Apfel

Organization: *Bentley Systems Inc.

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*OpenGIS Web Feature Service 2.0 Interface Standard (also ISO 19142) / 2.0

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Title: *Advertise support for sorting in WFS capabilities

Source: *Bentley Systems Inc.

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Category: * B (Addition of feature)

Reason for change:


Some servers don't support sorting but can't tell a client it doesn't. As most other functionalities are advertised it seem consequential to me to do so for the sorting support.

Summary of change:


I think the filter capabilities sectopn should be enhanced.


Consequences if not approved:

Clauses affected: * 8.3.3

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Status: Assigned

Assigned To: WFS/FES SWG

Disposition: Referred and Posted