Soal Latihan Bahasa Inggris WH Questions

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Soal Latihan Bahasa Inggris WH Questions

1. A: ___________ do you save your money? B: I save my money in a bank

2. A: ___________ pencil is it? B: It is Daniel’s bag

3. A: ___________ will you go to Yogyakarta? B: I will go to Yogyakarta next month

4. A: ___________ gives you this Phone? B: My father gives me this Phone.

5. A: ___________ do you prefer, grape or durian? B: I prefer durian to grape

6. A: ___________ students are there in your class? B: There are 40 students

7. A: ___________ is your house from school? B: It is 3 kilometers from school

8. A: ___________ is Ariz? B: He is 150 cm

9. A: ___________ is Yuli's hobby? B: Yuli's hobby is watching TV

10. A: ___________ is G-Dragon?

B: G-Dragon is the most famous K-Pop artist.

11. A: ___________ are you come from? B: I'm from Indonesia.

12. A: ___________ car does he have? B : He has 3 cars

13. A: ___________ is Risma's job? B: Risma is a teacher.

14. A: ___________ is your favorite game? B: My favorite game is Clash of Clans.