How To Increase Your Mind Power

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There are more than a hundred ways to increase your mind power. Here are five that you can try right now.


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You can increase your mind power starting today. There are conditions that are conducive to better thinking, and plants that increase blood flow to the brain. There are little "tricks" that can give you an immediate brainpower boost, and habits you can develop for a more permanent improvement in brain function. Here are six things you can try right now or over the coming days to prove to yourself that improved mind power is possible. <b>Exercise Helps The Brain</b>

Long term exercise can boost brainpower, which isn’t surprising. Anything that affects physical health in a positive way probably helps the brain too. Recent research, though, shows that cognitive function is improved immediately after just ten minutes of aerobic exercise. If you need a brain recharge, walk up and down the stairs a few times. <b>Temperature And Mind Power</b>

Many people have noted that they think better at certain temperatures. In general, it seems that being slightly cool, but not uncomfortable, is most conducive to good thinking. Try experimenting on yourself to see what temperature works best for you. <b>Become A Problem Solver</b>

Just use a problem solving technique for several weeks and it will become a habit. Redesign everything you see for a while, and that will become a habit. Choose any of the many problem solving techniques and train yourself to use it, and you’ll have a more powerful mind. Many good thinking habits take some effort to develop, but then you will be more resourceful effortlessly from that point on. Use the power of habit to improve your mind power. <b>Develop Your Intuition</b>

Einstein relied heavily on intuitive hunches. Because of his intuitive grasp of the game, Gary Kasparov can beat the best chess computer even though the computer can calculate positions many moves further ahead. Experience allows him to combine analysis with a "sense" of which move is best.

Your skill, knowledge and experience determine the potential effectiveness of your intuition. A weak chess player will never intuitively beat that computer. When enough good information is in your mind, it will go to work for you with or without your conscious participation, so feed it well. Also, watch for intuition to encourage it. <b>Sniff Roses or Rose Oil</b>

This is relaxing for some people. The idea here is that sometimes you are too "wound up" for effective thinking. Relaxing can bring you back to a state where you can start again on a mental challenge, this time with more clarity. Again, I haven’t seen any studies done on this, but it seems safe enough to try. <b>Adjust Your Mind Power Beliefs</b>

Believe you are smarter, and you’ll become smarter. For this, affirmations may work, but even better is seeing evidence. Make a note of your successes. Tell yourself, "Hey, that was really creative," when you do something creative. When you have a good idea, make a note of it. Gather the evidence for your own mind power and you’ll start to experience more of it.

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