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Is Technology Isolating Us From Friends and Family


Academic year: 2017

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Psychologists have done studies on the effects of internet chats on people. The number of cases going to doctors are increasing day by day.


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Psychologists have done studies on the effects of internet chats on people. The number of cases going to doctors are increasing day by day. People who are shy and reticent in the real world, log on chats to vent out their frustration. They assume pseudo identities and assume a new life, sitting hours at a stretch. These cases have been causes of many marital problems and divorces. Rejection by cyber friends has also been a big reason of depression cases. It only serves to increase loneliness which has been proved. Even internet surfing, to some has become an addiction. Hours and hours are spent online with no care of the real world. Similarly with online games. People suddenly become recluse. They ignore their home and family. Hanging out is no longer for them. This phenomenon is real in many places. Loneliness creates frustration with the outside world. A gregarious attitude is lost. Everything is a product of new and latest innovations of technology companies. And they are only researching and testing for more of these gadgets. Gone is the time of 70’s and 80’s when saturday nights were nights with friends, hanging out. Nowadays you also hear about online meetings with friends using instant messengers. SMS has reduced the need of speaking on the phone. People are no longer as outgoing and socialable as they were before. Even movies and concerts can be downloaded home on demand preventing the need to go out. In fact, you can even work from home and not even go to office. Everything you need to shop, can be ordered online or on the telephone. Talking of education, even graduate degrees can be obtained sitting at home. There is no need to attend lectures and classes in universities. There’s no need to stay in a college dormitory with new friends. Our old favourite TV started the couch potato idea. Studies showed people all over US were becoming obese and lethargic. Children instead of playing football outdoors were watching inane programs for long hours. All this only promotes loneliness.

Some years back, there was this man who named himself dotcomguy. He stayed inside a room for an entire month with just a computer and a net connection. Everything he needed or wanted to do could be done or bought with the help of the net. Publicity and encouragement were given to him as if he were doing a great job. Maybe he demonstrated the power of the computer- nothing more.

Man is a social animal-a cliche and a truth. He always needed company of others for happiness. Marriage is a symbol of the same- the need for a companion. Current technological progress is only undermining the same. Its creating hermits everywhere. There may be a day, when no one needs to come out of home. Now, even marriages are webcast, so that relatives can bless the couple online without needing to come over. What more can they think of?

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