Zahler Closing Plenary

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Closing Plenary:

Planning for Power!

Tara Zahler

MA, TESOL/Applied Linguistics PhD Candidate, Second Language Studies Indiana University, Bloomington, IN, USA

Today’s Talk

Power of Planning

  Semester Planning

  Weekly Planning

  Scheduled Daily Writing


Cycle of “Workrastination” and Binge Writing

 Full professional life

 Day to day – always working, no time for writing

 Deadline – intense weeks and late nights of writing



National Center for Faculty Development and

Diversity (Kerry Ann Rockquemore, 2015, 2016)

 Workshops for faculty

 Strategies for professional success (research/writing)

 Curriculum based on: Boice (1990)

  Boyd (Inkwell Academic Writing Retreats)


If you don’t use

a calendar,

start now!

Strategic Semester


Strategic Semester Planning


 Determine time frame (e.g., 15-week semester)

 Write professional and personal GOALS

 Create a list of specific TASKS for each goal

 MAP tasks to a calendar

Goal – Send my conference proposal to the

International Conference on Language

Teacher Education by 11/15/16

Tasks and Times:

Analyze pre-test data

Week 1

Write abstract

Week 3

Get feedback from Sarah on abstract. Write introduction. Week 4

Revise abstract and introduction. Write bio.

Week 5

Submit materials on conference site.

Week 6 Analyze

post-test data



Planning Meeting

Weekly Planning Meeting

  30 minutes on Sunday

  Purpose: connect your tasks to your time


 5 min – Block out your commitments for the week,

including at least 30 minutes for writing each day

 10 min – List all to-do items and strategic tasks

 15 min – Give each task a specific block of time

(Rockquemore, 2015, 2016)

Scheduled Daily Writing


The Importance of Daily Writing

(Rockquemore, 2015)

Scheduled Daily Writing


  30 minutes (or more) every day, Monday through Friday

  Timed – set a timer!

  Scheduled (as early in the day as possible)

  Expect resistance

  Create Community

  Motivation and accountability

  Track Progress


  SIEC – hard work, community

  Keep the momentum with planning  Longer-term strategic semester planning  Weekly task planning

 Scheduled daily writing

  Don’t wait around for success…

Take the power of planning

into your own hands!

Thank you!

Much happiness and

success to you!





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