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TAHUN AJARAN 2014/2015


TANGGAL : ... WAKTU : ...

I. Choose The Correct Answer by Crossing (x) a, b or c 1. Empy : "Good morning, Tio?"

Tio : "...., Empy" a. good evening b. good afternoon c. good morning 2. Sidim : "...?"

Dimas : "My name is Dimas" a. how are you

b. what is your name c. what are you doing

3. Sheep, cat, cow and fish are kinds of ... a. vegetable

b. transportation c. animal

4. This animal has long hands. It likes banana. It is a ....

a. donkey c. monkey b. snake

5. Ferdi : How many fingers do you have? Aris : " ..."

a. one b. ten c. two

6. We can read and borrow books in the ... a. kitchen c. library

b. office

7. five plus ten is ...

a. fifty c. twenty b. fifteen

8. 7 x 5 = ...

a. seventy five c. twelve b. thirty five

9. We have holiday on ... a. friday c. sunday b. monday

10. It is a land transportations. It has three wheels. It is a ...

a. car c. motorcycle b. pedicab

11. Mr. Andri .... a farmer. He works in the ricefield

a. is b. am c. are

12. I ... nine years old, now

a. is b. am c. are

13. They ... playing kite in the yard

a. is b. am c. are

14. I have .... apple

a. a b. the c. an

15. Bobby : "Do you like mango?" Maya : "Yes, ..."

a. I do c. I do not b. I does

16. Mega : "Is your father a doctor?" Denis : "No, ....

My father is a pilot" a. he does c. he is b. he is not

17. What is color of Indonesian flag? It is ...

a. black and white b. blue and red c. red and white

18. Dede has a purple bag, in Indonesian ... a. Dede mempunyai sebuah buku biru b. Dede mempunyai sebuah tas ungu c. Dede mempunyai sebuah tas biru 19. Yopi : ".... do you go to school?"

Siti : "I go to school on foot"

a. how c. why

b. what

20. Students study in the ... a. classroom c. bedroom b. living room


1. It is an air transportation. Its can fly and landing at the airport. It is a ... 2. It is an animal. It has long ears. It likes to

eat carrot. It is a ... 3. The kinds of water transportation, such

as ... 4. After sunday is ... 5. Let's arrange!

has - Rian - pencil case - green - a

... 6. Rudi goes to school ... bicycle 7. What is color of your teeth?

... 8. Mentions 3 kinds of vegetable!

... 9. My mother is a teacher. ... works in

the school

10. I want to ... a glass of milk