SMP Soal-UKK-Bahasa-Inggris KLS VIII

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(1) Contoh Soal UKK Bahasa Inggris Kelas VIII Tahun 2015 Halaman 1/3 Contoh Soal UKK Bahasa Inggris Kelas VIII Tahun 2015

Contoh Soal UKK

Bahasa Inggris Kelas

VIII Tahun 2015

Soal Ulangan Kenaikan Kelas (UKK) Mata Pelajaran Bahasa Inggris Kelas VII Tahun 2015, berikut contohnya :

The following text is for questions 1 – 3.

Two days ago, Jenny and Eric had dinner at an Italian restaurant. Both of them ordered one medium pizza. Jenny had a bowl of soup as the appetizer and Eric had a bowl of fruit salad. They ordered soft drink for Eric and orange juice for Jenny.

They enjoyed their meal until Jenny found a piece of button in her soup. They made a complaint to the restaurant manager. They asked for a replacement. The manager was very sorry about it and gave them the replacement of the soup.

1. Based on the text above we know that ....

A. There is a piece of button in Jenny's soup. C. Eric and Jenny drank orange juice

B. The first meal that Jenny had was pizza. D. The manager of the restaurant didn't feel sorry.

2. "Both of them ordered .... ." (paragraph one). The underlined word refers to ... A. days C. restaurants

B. Jenny and Eric D. managers

3. "They asked for a replacement." (paragraph 2). The word 'replacement' can be changed by ...

A. food C. meal B. substitution

The following text is for questions 4 – 7

On the last weekend Mr. Rony and his family went to Carita beach. First, they took a minibus to the bus station. They had to wait fifty minutes for the Carita bus. It was very crowded because it was a holiday. Their journey took two hours and twenty minutes. Finally they arrived at the beach.

Mr. Rony's children, Hesti and Anton ran quickly to the sea and jumped in. They swam near the beach because Mr. Rony told them to be careful. Mr. and Mrs. Rony sat on the beach. Mr. Rony read a newspaper. Mrs. Rony was so happy that she sang a number of popular songs.

It was a great day and the Rony family enjoyed their holiday at the beach. At two o'clock they went home.

4. When did Mr. Rony and his family go to Carita beach? A. Last Saturday C. Last Monday

(2) Contoh Soal UKK Bahasa Inggris Kelas VIII Tahun 2015 Halaman 2/3 Contoh Soal UKK Bahasa Inggris Kelas VIII Tahun 2015

5. How long did it take to the Carita beach from the bus station? A. Fifty minutes C. Two hours and twenty minutes B. Two hours and fifty minutes D. Twenty minutes 6. What did Hesti and Anto do near the beach?

A. Ran to the beach C. Sat on the beach B. Jumped in the sea D. Swam in the sea

7. "Their journey took two hours and twenty minutes." (paragraph one) What does the underlined word mean?

A. Scenery C. Trip B. Holiday D. Weekend 8. Anita : ....

Sita : What can I do for you?

Anita : I want to enroll myself to join the speech contest next week. Sita : O.K. Please, sit down!

Anita : Alright, thanks.

A. What's the matter with you? C. Can I give you a hand? B. Do you need a help, please? D. Can you help me?

9. Fira : This coffee is too bitter. Could you pass me some sugar, please? Resty : Sure. ....

Fira : Thanks a lot.

A. Here it is. C. Take it by yourself. B. This is sugar. D. I could take the sugar. 10. Billa : The rain last night was very hard, wasn't it? Fifi : .... What were you doing when it started to rain? Billa : I was studying English and you?

Fifi : I was watching TV.

A. No, it wasn't. C. Yes, it was. B. Of course not. D. Absolutely not. 11 Yuni : What do you think of my dress today? July : ... It really suits you.

A. I think it isn't good C. I think so B. I have no opinion D. I think it's very nice 12. Arif : Well, .... ? I made it by myself.

Basir : Not bad. You really have a talent to be a good writer. A. you don't think of this story C. this story is for you B. tell me what you think of this story D. here is the story 13. Aji : In my opinion, we must do our tests by ourselves. ....

Tejo : I think so.

A. Do you know about it? C. Do you think of something? B. Do you agree with me? D. Do you need it?

14. Andy : I think a student needs lots of practice at home. So don't mind having homework. Don't you think so?

(3) Contoh Soal UKK Bahasa Inggris Kelas VIII Tahun 2015 Halaman 3/3 Contoh Soal UKK Bahasa Inggris Kelas VIII Tahun 2015

15. Luvi : To get a good result in the test we should prepare ourselves well by studying hard.

Sekar : ...

A. Don't say it again C. You are right B. Guess what D. Are you

16. Bunga : I got ten in English test last week. Novi : ....

Nurse : Yes, it's true.

A. Are you? C. Do you? B. Did you? D. Were you?

17. Ratna : Hello, ....

Father : Oh sorry, Aditiya is going out now. Who is speaking, please? Ratna : This is Ratna, his classmate.

Father : What should I tell him?

Ratna : Would you tell him to call me as soon as possible? Father : Is that all?

Ratna : Yes, sir. Thanks a lot. Father : You are welcome.

A. May I speak to Aditiya, please? C. Can I help you, Aditiya? B. Who is speaking, please? D. Would you speak to me, please? The following text is for questions 18 – 21.

I have got a funny experience last Sunday. It happened when I went to the mall with my younger brother.

That day, my brother and I went to the mall near our house. I wanted to buy a T-shirt while my brother wanted to buy socks. We left home after lunch. It was very crowded at the mall because it was Sunday. Many teenagers hang out there. We entered to one of the fashion stores. I went to the T-shirt counter and selected T-shirt that I wanted to buy. Suddenly my brother saw one of his friends and he said he wanted to talk him. I let him go and asked him not to go too far. After paying the T-shirt that I bought, I looked for my brother. I got little bit angry because I couldn't find him easily. I went out of the store and looked for him everywhere. Finally I saw the back of a boy with a T-shirt like my brother wore. I came to the boy and pulled his T-shirt from behind. The boy cried. And went he turned around, I was so ashamed that the boy was not my brother.

18. The writer's brother left her because he wanted to ... A. hang out in the mall C. buy a T-shirt B. talk to his friend D. enter to the fashion store 19. What does the last paragraph tell us about?

A. The writer paid for her T-shirt. C. The writer pulled the T-shirt of the wrong boy. B. The writer's brother left her alone. D. The writer found her brother in the mall.

20. The word 'it' in the first paragraph refers to .... . A. last Sunday C. a T-shirt

B. the mall D. a funny experience 21. What does the text tell us about?