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Try solving this puzzle with a useful tip. A newlywed couple moves into their new home. After a couple of months, they realize that they have many more garbage bags than they need. They have not bought any garbage bags. Where did all of the garbage bags come from?


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Article Body: The scenario:

A newlywed couple moves into their new home. After a couple of months, they realize that they have many more garbage bags than they need. However, they have not bought any garbage bags since they got married. Where did all of the garbage bags come from? Your mission:

See how fast you can arrive at the correct solution by using the following clues: 1) The garbage bags were not a wedding gift 2) The couple did not bring any garbage bags with them when they moved

3) The bags were not in the couple’s new home when they arrived 4) The fact that the two people are newlyweds is irrelevant 5) The type of home that the couple moved into is irrelevant 6) The bags were made of plastic

7) People gave the bags to the couple, but 8) The bags were not any type of gift

9) The bags are not "traditional" garbage bags 10) The bags came in many colors.

The solution:

Have you figured out the solution yet? The garbage bags are actually plastic bags from grocery and other types of stores! The couple only has small garbage cans in their home, and the plastic bags fit perfectly inside of them. Plus, the handles make them very extremely easy to tie shut when they become full. The trash cans need to be emptied more often than larger cans would, but that small inconvenience is worth the savings. Yearly garbage bag expenses: $0.00!

In addition to the monetary reasons, reusing grocery bags is a simple way to recycle and eliminate the waste created by throwing away the plastic bags inside of another garbage bag. Once you have a good supply of plastic bags, consider taking an empty canvas bag or backpack with you to the grocery store. Check the bag with a store employee when you enter so that no one thinks that you are shoplifting. Then, when you are done shopping, skip getting a new bag and load your purchases into your own reusable bag instead. A few other super-easy ways to save money and recycle:

Save scrap paper. Save any papers that have nothing on the back or large blank spaces. Advertising flyers, old work papers and school papers all work well. You can cut the pages into smaller pieces if they would be more convenient for you. Put the paper in a stack or a box with a pen nearby, and you’ll never have to scramble when you need to jot down something. Spots near the base of your house phone or beside the computer are both great locations. Save sturdy boxes from food, electronics, mailers, etc. Cover them with the Sunday comics or some previously-used wrapping paper. Label each box with a marker and use as stackable storage for recipes, comic books or just about anything else.

Save large, empty plastic soda and juice bottles. Fill them with water, and store in your freezer. Having less open space in your freezer will help it run more efficiently. And when you need more room in the freezer, simply take out one of the bottles of ice! Save torn and worn out clothing. Tear or cut them into pieces and use as rags for cleaning and dusting.

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