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soal bahasa inggris kelas sekolah


Academic year: 2023

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1. Look at the picture! What is this? …

a. that is a table b. that is a window c. that is a door d. that is a wall

2. Look at the picture! what is this? …

a. that is a book b. that is a pencil c. that is a ruler d. that is a blackboard

3. Using "an" … for the following word!

a. window b. table c. apple d. bag

4. Is this a pencil?

a. No, this is a pencil b. No, that is not a pencil c. yes, that is not a pencil d. No, that are a pencils 5. 21-5 = …

a. Nineteen b. Eighteen c. Seventeen d. Teen

Nama : _______________________________

No. Absen : _______________________________


6. (26 ) It is number … a. Twenty four b. Twenty six c. Twenty seven d. Twenty nine

7. White in Indonesian is … a. Merah

b. Putih c. Hitam d. Hijau

8. This is a spinach. Please translate into Indonesian … a. Ini adalah bayam

b. Ini adalah wortel c. Ini adalah kubis d. Ini adalah kacang 9. Is that a bag ? …

a. Yes, that is a bag b. Yes, this a bag c. Yes, that is not a bag d. No, that is a bag 10. Bird in Indonesian is …

a. burung b. kelinci c. monyet d. kerja

11. Wednesday, ... , Friday a. Thursday

b. Wednesday c. Tuesday d. Saturday

12. There are … days in a week a. seven

b. six c. ten d. twelve

13. The day before Wednesday is … a. Thursday

b. Wednesday


c. Tuesday d. Saturday

14. The month before May is … a. March

b. August c. April d. December

15. The month after August is … a. October

b. September c. November d. July

16. Mother goes to …, she buys vegetable and fruit a. post office

b. mosque c. library d. market

17. My mother is a doctor. She works in … a. hospital

b. library c. mosque d. school

18. Mrs. Henny is a teacher, she teachs many student, she works in … a. hospital

b. library c. mosque d. school

19. I am Akbar. I am a student, I need ...

a. car, uniform, handphone, money b. book, pen, pencil, bag

c. house, car, sofa, bed d. ring, bicycle, shoes, food 20. She is my sister, she is a …









a. Teacher b. Doctor c. Nurse d. Dancer 21. He is ... a white cap.

a. wearing b. wears c. wore d. wear

22. I ... wearing a red dress.

a. am b. are c. is d. be

23. she . . . eleven years . . . a. is, nine

b. are, old c. is, old d. is, young 24. what time . . . it ?

a. is b. am c. are d. now

25. It's ( jam 08.00) . . . a. nine p.m

b. six a.m c. eight a.m d. eight p.m

26. It's ( jam 21.00 ) … a. nine p.m

b. ten a.m c. nine a.m d. seven p.m


27. It's after January … a. March

b. February c. December d. November 28. I breath with my …

a. Nose b. mouth c. hand d. teeth

29. I have … hands a. Two

b. one c. three d. four

30. I wash my … twice a week.

a. Ears b. tongo c. hair d. feet

31. I see the moon in the sky with my … a. Hand

b. forehead c. eyes d. ears

32. My Aunt carries a bag with her … a. Head

b. hand c. forehead d. face

33. In a week, there are … days a. Five

b. six c. seven d. eight

34. The second day is … a. Sunday

b. Monday


c. Tuesday d. Wednesday

35. Wednesday is the … day a. Third

b. second c. fifth d. fourth

36. Saturday is the … day a. Sevent

b sixth c. fifth d. first

37. Bag – my – blue – is (the correct sentence is …) a. My bag is

b. My blue is c. bag is my blue d. do homework

38. The students … on Monday a. Borrow books

b. Play football c. go to school d. do homework 39. I study in the …

a. Class room b. Canter c. field d. garden

40. 39. There is a … in the class room (papan tulis) a. Table

b. cupboard c. chair d. blackboard

41. 40. This is my… (buku) a. Pencil

b. book c. ruller d. pencil case


42. 41. This is my … (tas) a. Ruler

b. book c. bag

d. pencil case

43. This animals lives in the forest. It is a … (harimau) a. Giraffe

b. monkey c. camel d. tiger

44. My favorite pat animal is…..(ikan) a. Fish

b. bird c. duck d. cat

45. This animal is dangerous. It is a … (buaya) a. Tiger

b. ant c. chicken d. duck

46. My father has … (ayam jantan) a. Peacock

b. bird c. duck d. Roaster 47. What is is ?

It is a … (jambu) a. Guava

b. watermelon c. strawberry d. avocado

48. He is … He wants fried rice.

a. Hungry b. Thirsty c. Happy d. Sad 49. I … banana

a. am


b. is c. like d. has

50. This animal lives in Africa. It has a long neck a. camel

b. elephant c giraffe d. eagle


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