Soal UAS Semester Ganjil SMK kelas XI

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Soal UAS Semester Ganjil SMK kelas XI Author: Blogging SMK

Posted: Tuesday, January 05, 2016

I. Reading Comphrehension

Question 1-20 are base on the selectionof reading materials. You have to choose the correct answer a, b, c, d or e to each question.

The reading text is for question number 1-2

As you know this is the first time the City Drama Award will be hosted at the theater. Although you’re our experienced staff member, I arrange today’s training because the seating procedures will be different from what we usually do here. Most guests will have tickets, but you’ll be seating the nominations at the table in the front. I am passing out a chart the shows how the tables will be arranged and where the nominees will sit. Please familiarize yourself with it before the ceremony.

1. What is the text about?

A. The procedure of managing a training B. Training for nominees

C. Member of training D. City Drama Award E. A preparation for event


2. “Please familiarize yourself with it...” The close meaning with familiarize is... A. acquaint

B. summarize C. celebrate D. criticize E. unfamous


The reading text is for question number 3-6

Jesica’s Daily Activities.

My name is Jesica. I am student. Every day I get up early in the morning. I get up at 4.30 a.m, then take a bath and get dressed. After that I have breakfast at 5.30 a.m, and on Saturday

I go home school at 11.30 a.m. When I arrive at home, I rest for a while and have lunch. I usually read a newspaper in the afternoon. In the evening I always do my homework and sometimes watch television before I go to bed

3. Is Jesica a student? A. No, she is not

A. No, she doesn’t get up late. B. Yes, she doesn’t get up late. C. Yes, she doesn’t get up late. D. No, she gets up late.

E. No, she don’t get up late. Literal

5. Does she have breakfast before going to school? A. No, she doesn’t

B. Yes, she doesn’t C. No, she does. D. Yes, she does. E. Yes, she do.


6. What does she do in the afternoon? A. She reads a letter in the afternoon. B. She reads a newspaper in the afternoon C. She listens to the radio in the afternoon D. She does her homework

E. She have lunch Literal

The reading text is for question 7-11


“Barrater”. Barter was important when the needs were mostly for clothing, food and shelter but the system had its problem. For example, a weaver who wanted to change this cloth and farmer with too much corn might not be able to find the hunter with too many deer. When labor and services became more specialized, barter no longer could function od “payment”. A new system had to be found.

7. People bartered because ... A. They like a simple system B. They realized the problem

C. They has a surplus and needed something else D. They dislike of money

E. They had money to fulfill their need. Literal

8. What did barter have its problem?

A. People couldn’t exchange their surplus to the one who needed the surpus B. People had their surplus

C. People has had less the surplus D. People had their own needs

E. People earned something more than they could use. Literal

9. Why did people in early societis barter? A. Money couldn’t be use as a payment B. Barter was the multi function payment C. They had complicated system of exchange D. They were poor

E. They hadn’t known money yet Literal

10. ... “money was unknown and man...

The underlined word has the close meaning with...

A. Famous D. Up to date

B. Out of date E. Well-known

C. Unfamiliar Inference

11. “... symple system of exchange” “Exchange” means ...

A. Replace

B. Give and receive something in return C. Make something greater

D. Spend alot of money E. Loans


The reading is for question number 12-13


time. Some researches show that about eighty percent of people are related to deat and forty percent of cancers are related diet as well, especially cancer of colon.

12. The correct word is ...

A. Their D. Our

B. His E. Her

C. My Inference

13. the correct word is ...

A. making D. Were making

B. to be made E. Make

C. being made Inference

The reading text is for question number 14-17 Hello Tessa

Saskia and I are going to go to the cinema ...(39) Diamond Square to ... (40) the new sequel of Hunger Game Movie. Will you join us? If you do, I will buy you a ticket. By the way, we are going to have lunch first in the food court before ...(41) to the cinema. Call me soon if you are ... (42), will you?

Adi P

14. The correct word is ...

A. On D. at

B. Of E. off

C. In Inference

15. The correct word is ...

A. See D. Had seen

B. Seing E. Have seen

C. Saw Inference

16. The correct word is ...

A. Going D. Went

B. Go E. Is going

C. Goes Inference

17. The correct word is ...


B. Interest E. Interested C. Interests


the conversation is for question number 18-20

Adi : What ... (43) you do in the spare time?

Ian : I usually spend ... (44) time feeding my fish at the pond Adi : So, what is your hobby?

Ian : Actually, my hobby is collecting rare and unique fish 18. The correct word is ...

A. Did D. Doing

B. Does E. Done

C. Do Inference

19. The correct word is ...

A. My D. Mine

B. Your E. Myself

C. His Inference

20. The correct word is ...

A. Collects D. Collected

B. Collect E. Being collected