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Latihan Soal UAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9 Semester ganjil


Academic year: 2017

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Aini : Yes, mom, I’m just watching the rain drops

a. play out side b. don’t play out side c. watch the rain d. don’t watch the rain

2. Hendro : Are yout coming to Yayuk’s birthday party tonight, man? Herman : ……... she has invited me

6. Mr. Sulton: You have done a great job Juanita, you have been the first rank in the class for three years

… Okay? a. 3-1-2-7-4-8-6-5 b. 3-1-6-5-2-8-4-7 c. 3-1-2-6-5-8-7-4 d. 3-2-1-5-6-8-7-4

8. John : Where do you usually buy some medicines? Clara : Well, I usually buy them in ..

a. the shop b. The supermarket c. The florist d. The dispensery

9. Sastra : why do you like jasmine?

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a. and b. But c. Or d. When

10.Robin : If my mother makes donuts ... Rona : Thank you

a. I will give you some b. I give you some c. I would give you some d. I would have given you some

11.Ronald : Do you know that Simoncelli was killed in Malaysia race last mont? Happy : ... ? I didn’t know that

a. Really b. I see c. That’s lovely d. How marvelous

12.Teacher : attention guys, for the next holiday, we’ll have a picnic to Bali for a week what do you think?

Andreas : ... we love it

a. that’s terrific, sir b. I don’t think if is a good idea c. Don’t you like it d. I don’t like it

13.Some Torajan do not bury the dead in...instead they leave coffins hanging from cliff sides

a. cremation b. Tombs c. Funeral d. Custams

16.Susan : Please don’t speak English too last! Santi : Okay

a. know what you’re saying c. can catch what you’re talking about

b. catch what you mean d. can’t understand what you’re talking about

17.A : I’m afraid my printer doesn’t work well

B : ……...

a. I am so sorry to hear that c. it doesn’t matter

b. it’s okay d. I don’t care

18.When will the activity be held?

a. in may b. in june c. in july d. in august

There will be a holiday camp next mont, all scout must join this camp. The activity will take place at Bangunharjo camping sie and last for three days, for further information, please contact Mr. Arkan


II. answer these questions correctly!

Questions :

1. What should a student consider before taking a part time job ? 2. Mention/list some consequences of working while studying. 3. Mention/list some benefits of taking a part time job.

4. How can es school counseller help students to make dacisions ?

5. Reflect on your answers of the mini quiz.Express your stance whether a student can take a part time job or not.

Should students take part time jobs

Working and going to school is challenging, it can be a rewarding experience if you use some foresight. However, you’d better think a hundred times before you decide to take a part time job. there are lot of things that should be factored in on the decision to take a part time job.

On the negative side,working and still maimtaining a good grade at school is not an easy task. Having less time for school work becomes the main negative effect.Consequently, many students who work part time fail to perform at their best both on school work and on examinations.

Moreover ,a part-time job can really intervere with the students’ free time. It also cuts info their studies and/ or social life .

On the positive side of things, a part time job helps students to support day to day living

expenses. Working can be a voluable part of a student’s life, if taken on responsibly.students can derive a great deal from working, considerably more than just money.In most cases, they can acquire a nice dose of discipline and a whole new set of skills and experiences. Another benefit of part – time work is the opportunity to expand the resume.Ideally, a student should try to find a job that is related in some way to his/ her selected field of study. But even not, a student can still gain some work experience and develop skills.


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