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Teks penuh


Ulangan Akhir Semester 1,




Mata Pelajaran

: Bahasa Inggris

Kelas, Tahun Ajaran

: VII (Tujuh)

. . . .

Hari, Tanggal

: . . . ..


: 120 menit

Petunjuk :

1. Berdoalah terlebih dahulu sebelum mengerjakan soal.

2. Tulis : nama, kelas, tanggal dan mata pelajaran pada kolom lembar jawaban yang telah disediakan 3. Periksa dan bacalah dengan teliti soal ujian sebelum menjawabnya

4. Laporkan kepada pengawas bila terdapat tulisan yang rusak/kurang jelas

5. Dahulukan menjawab pertanyaan yang paling mudah dan periksa kembali jawaban sebelum diserahkan

A. Pilihan Ganda

Text For No.1-5

Take a shine To the special privileges of the Regency Terrace Jl. Dr. Sucipto No. 36 Yogjakarta. Phone (0275)53890877

Life only takes a certain glow when you choose the ‘ege Te a e of the pa o a a. Be ause e e created a special milieu that discerning guests will appreciate.

The guest rooms, as you would expect, are spacious and airy. The appointments are sumptuous. It s the details that add ou spe ial tou h. You ll ha e your own bathrobe.

And a cozy, comfortable alcove from which to watch the soothing water-fall cascading past your window. No less than 3 phones to call on.

You can work out in our first rate Business Center or our superbly equipped fitness center. And for those who wish to gild the lily, there is the exclusive Regency Clu , he e ou ll fi d a le el of ti e se ice that is truly royal.

1. What is the name of the hotel?

a.Privileges c. the terrace hotel b.Yogjakarta hotel d. the Regency Terrace

2. What can be glow if we choose the Regency Terrace hotel?

a.The guestroom c. a special milieu b.The fitness center d. our life

3. Whom does the ‘ege Clu fo ? It is fo …. a.The owner c. the guest b.The employee d. the guard

4. Is there a Club Regency in Regency Terrace? a.Yes, it does c. yes, it is

b.No, it does t d. o, it is t

5. You can work out in our first rate ... ( paragraph 4 ). The o d ou efe s to ....

a.The reader c. the hotel

b.The guest d. the writer and reader

Text For No. 6 – 7

Attention Please !

Due to some technical problems, the show will be delayed for about one hour. We apologize for the inconvenience

6. Where can you find such an announcement? a. In a railway station c. in a concert b. At school d. in a restaurant

7. What kind of text is it?

a. Advertisement c. procedure text b. Announcement d. descriptive text

Text For No. 8-10


Ingredients : Coffee, Sugar, Milk

Produced by: PT. ABADI JAYA Klaten – Central Java

Expired Date: 28-02-2010

8. The a e of the p odu t is ……… a.Ingredient c. Adiba Jaya

b.Milco d. Milk

9. What are the ingredients of the product? a.Coffee and milk c. sugar and milk

b.Milk and coffee d. coffee, milk and sugar

10. Who will probably buy the product?

a.Writer c. readers


Ulangan Akhir Semester 1,


Text For No. 11-13

How to make Coffee Mix


Add one sachet of Instant Coffee to hot water (150 ml), stir and serve instantly.

11. What does the text tell about? a.How to make a glass of hot water b.The ingredients of delicious coffee c. How to make a cup of coffee d.The recipe of making a good coffee

12. Based on the text above, what do we need to make a coffee?

a.A sachet of instant coffee b.A sachet of instant sugar

c. A sachet of instant coffee and hot water d.A sachet of instant coffee, hot water and sugar

13. When should we serve the coffee? a.While the coffee is black b.Before it gets cold

c.after it gets hot d.while it is still hot.

Text For No. 14-15

It was my birth day yesterday. I got a special ... (14) from my mother. It was an electric guitar. The body of the guitar is red, while the handle is light brown. The guita is a it hea , ut that s oka . The guita ...(15) wood.

14. a. reward c. present b. presentation d. word

15. a. made of c. fond of

b. looked d. the same as

16. Azhar : What do you think about the football match last night?

Firman : I think the Arsenal played bad The u de li ed se te e e p esses ………

a. Asking opinion c. agreement b. Giving opinion d. disagreement

17. Mom : Do you think that our last vacation was pleasant?

Son : I ………… that it as so pleasa t. The pla e was beautiful.

a. Think c. thought

b. Am thinking d. have thought

18. Ahmad : What are you doing , ahmad? Hafis : Oh , I………. ho e o k.

The est a s e is ……….

a. Was doing c. were doing b. Have doing d. am doing

19. buying - did t– clothes – money – much – we – 1 2 3 4 5 6 spend - for

7 8

The good arrangement for the sentence is .... a.6-2-7-5-4-8-1-3 c. 6-2-7-5-3-1-4-8 b.3-2-1-6-7-5-2-8-4 d. 3-2-5-1-6-7-4-8

. o e of the poli e e ……….. the st eet o . a. arrange c. is arranging

b. arranges d. are arranging 21. Siti – when – at – I – reading- am – arrived –Qu a 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 – my – home.

9 10

The est a a ge e t is ………

a.3-2-6-8-7-10-4-5-9-1 c. 4-6-5-8-2-1-7-3-9-10 b.2-1-5-8-4-6-7-3-9-10 d. 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1

22. Nissa : What do you think of traffic in big cities? A a : I thi k it is e ……….. I feel heada he.

a. Comfortable c. nice b. Noisy d. interesting

23. Fatimah : Can you tell me who your English teacher is? Di da : ……… a e is Ms.I da. …………. is ki d

and cute. 

The right answers for the dialogue a e ………. a.His ; his c. her ; her

b.Her ; she d. she ; her

24. handsome, talk active, beauty, humble 1 2 3 4

Those are the kinds of the Adjectives , except ....

a.1 c. 3

b.2 d. 4

. Musa : ……….. Farel : At 10 pm

What is the correct question for Musa ? a.What do you usually do before sleeping? b.What time do you usually go to bed? c. When do you usually have breakfast? d.What do you usually do at night?

26. offers – the – for – the- Every – school - extracurricular 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 - students – activities

8 9

The best arrangement is ....

a.3-2-5-7-8-4-1-9-6 c. 5-6-1-2-7-9-3-4-8 b.5-3-7-9-6-1-2-8-4 d. 2-9-6-1-3-4-7-8-5

27. Farah : What do you think of the Participants of the Speech Contest?

Safa : I think they are good at English. The underlined words express ....

a.Asking for opinion c. asking for help b.Giving opinion d. giving help

28. Hafiz : What s ou opi io a out the fi al test? Hasan : ...

The est a s e fo hafis s uestio is .... a.I think so c. no comment


Ulangan Akhir Semester 1,


29. The money has been sent there for her from the

1 2 3

a.Is practicing c. practices b.Are practicing d. practice

31. All the students are doing the exercise right now. The underlined sentence uses ... form.

a.Simple Present Tense you my favorite animal. I like animals. One of animals that I really like is elephant. I like to see that kind animal in the zoo. Elephant is the largest animal that lives in the land. Among animals, only some kinds of whales are larger.

The elephant is also the second tallest member of the animal kingdom. Only a giraffe is taller. Elephants use their trunks to pull leaves and twig from tree branches and also to suck up water, which they then squirt into their mouths.

That s all e pla atio a out fa o ite a i al. What about your favorite?

Your friend,


32. How many animals mentioned in the text? They are ....

a.2 c. 3

b.4 d. 4

33. According to the letter above, we know that sarah .... a. Tells “i ta a out si ta s fa o ite a i al

b. Tells readers about her favorite animal c. Asks Sinta about her favorite animal d. Tells Sinta about her favorite animal.

34. Elephants use their trunks to pull ... (paragraph 2). The o d thei efe s to ....

a.Elephant c. readers

b.Giraffe d. elephants and giraffe

35. What is the kind of text above?

a.Advertisement c. announcement

b.Letter d. notice


1. Change the sentence into Negative Sentence in

Present Continuous Tense !

a.All the students are studying English together at the moment.

b.My friends and I are making some toys from wood now.

c.He is singing nasyid songs beautifully right now.

2. Change the sentence into Interrogative in Simple

Present Tense!

a.He washes his car everyday

b.One of the children draws a beautiful drawing . c.All the students wear uniform everyday.

3. Fill in the blanks by using Object Pronoun in the

box !

A young lady was on holiday in Brighston. She went into a bank to collect some money. The

o e had ee se t the e fo ……… a f o the town she lived.

The clerk in the Brighton bank did not k o …………. , so he said, What p oof ha e ou got that you are really the lady who should collect this o e ?

The young lady looked worried for a few o e ts a d said. I do t thi k I e ought a p oof ith ……… , ut the “he sudde l looked happy again. She opened her bag , took a photog aph of he self out of ………. d a d sho ………. f to the le k. He e is

so ethi g fo ………. e .

You it her

It me her

4. Change the word in italic using the correct Object

Pronoun in the box!

a.He makes an appointment letter for his relatives.

b.He teaches My friends and I every Monday and Thursday.

c.I always speak with Aisyah in English. d.Mother gives Ahmad a beautiful poster. e.He wants to talk with my friends now. rupiahs if it can be sing beautifully.

It ………… ot diffi ult to get i ds. We ………. hoose hate e i ds a t: pigeons, canaries, parrots, etc. We can also buy bird cages in the bird shop.