Teks penuh


Petunjuk :

1. Berdoalah terlebih dahulu sebelum mengerjakan soal.

2. Tulis : nama, kelas, tanggal dan mata pelajaran pada kolom lembar jawaban yang telah disediakan 3. Periksa dan bacalah dengan teliti soal ujian sebelum menjawabnya

4. Laporkan kepada pengawas bila terdapat tulisan yang rusak/kurang jelas

5. Dahulukan menjawab pertanyaan yang paling mudah dan periksa kembali jawaban sebelum diserahkan

I. Choose the best answer A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet!

Qais : Assala u alaiku , Tha i . Good o i g Tha i : Wa alaiku ussala , good o i g.

Qais : Yesterday, I found a book under the table. Is it yours?

Tha i : No, it s ot. It is Ju di s ook, ?

Qais : Yes, you e ight. I a ead the a e f o its

cover, ?

Tha i : Yeah. Let s gi e it to hi .

1. a. is it

. is t it

c. is he

d. is t he

2. a. can I

. a t I

c. can it

d. a t it

3. My siste s … Mathe ati i the li i g oom at the moment.

a. is studying b. is t studyi g c. are studying d. are study

4. Your uncle and aunt are chatting in the dining

oo hile you fathe … i the li i g oo .

a. is reading b. are reading c. is cooking d. are cooking

5. Last ight, I … so e apples fo eakfast. a. buy

b. buys c. buying d. bought

6. Palesti ia s … agai st Is ael fo days attle. A d they won the war.

a. fought b. fight c. flight d. flew

7. Abe : What will do in this weekend, Ace?

A e : I do t k o yet. Ho a out go fishi g? A e : I hate fishi g, ut I lo e … .

Ace : Oh, I see. a. swimming b. swim c. swam d. swum

Laptop = Rp. 3.500.000,- Mobile = Rp. 2.500.000,- Watch = Rp. 3.500.000,- Jewelry = Rp. 4.000.000,-

8. Laptop is … as at h. a. as expensive b. more expensive c. cheap

d. cheaper

9. Mo ile is … of all the thi gs. a. as cheap as

b. more expensive than c. the most expensive d. the cheapest

10. Je el y is … tha o ile. a. cheaper

b. the cheapest c. more expensive d. as cheap as

Rudy : Hi, Ruby. Will you come to my house to see my new pets.

‘u y : O, yeah. I d lo e to. What ki d of pets a e


‘udy : Theyre some little birds.

‘u y : ‘udy, they a e so eautiful, a e t they? you give me the red one, please?

Rudy : Okay, no problem.

Ruby : Thank you very much, Rudy.

Rudy : Never mind. But, I come to your house? I want to borrow your book?

Ruby : Okay, let s go the .

Mata Pelajaran

: Bahasa Inggris

Kelas, Tahun Ajaran

: VIII (Delapan)




: 120 menit



11. a. Can bought for me. I looked very charming at that time. My father told me that I was beautiful. But on the way to the arty, it was rain. All of us wore . So we

15. How many items are there in the shopping list above?

18. Where do you think the buyer will go to buy the items?

20. A man or a woman who usually entertain the spectators by making some tricks is a/an

a. magician mother does too.

a. and b. but c. although d. since

To answer number 23 and 24. Pay attention to the data below! 6. Getting knowledge

23. The ad thi gs o TV a e u e s … .

Indonesia RCTI

2. 09.00 p.m. –


8. 08.00 a.m. –


25. What is the longest program according to the table above?

a. Kung Fu Panda b. K-POP

c. SCTV Awards d. Seputar Indonesia

26. How many news can you watch from the table? a. 2

b. 3 c. 4 d. 5

27. The statements below are TRUE, EXCEPT… . a. There are 8 TV stations in the table. b. There are 4 programs in the morning. c. We can watch some singers sing songs in


d. Before we go to school we can watch Lensa Olahraga

(Senang Stores) Now in your city New opening discount up to 20% for the items:

Sweater, dress, scarf, vest, coat, tie. 10% disc, for:

Jeans, trousers, T-shirt, underwear. Come before May 25

28. What is the advertisement about? a. Food

b. Clothes c. Appliances d. Cooking

29. Which statement is NOT TRUE according to advertisement above?

a. We ll get 20% off f o s eate a d est b. The promotion is end on May 25th c. The a e of the shop is Happy Sto e

d. If you o e afte May 25 you o t get discount.

Co o a 2.0 AT 5 Sil e Met, CD Cha ge ,

Excellent condition, Rp 69 M (nego). Call (021)71034640)

30. What will be sold in the advertisement above ? a. a CD charger c. a car

b. a mobile phone d. a motorcycle

31. What is the color of product above? a. silver c. Corona

b. nego d. (021) 71034630

The text for no. 32-35

We often read books to get knowledge. But books can give us pleasure too. When we are tired we read books to help us relax. Some books can also take us to other parts of the world. By reading a book about Irian Jaya we may feel we are sitting in a jungle not at home in our rooms.

Books can be very expensive. Therefore a lot of people go to libraries to borrow the books they want. Many famous people have got their knowledge from

ooks. A lot of the did t go to s hool, ut ead

books instead.

32. Why do we often read ? a. to get books

b. to borrow books

c. in order to get knowledge d. in order to get library

33. “A lot of the did t … “ pa . 2 , the o d the

efe s to …

a. books

b. libraries

c. all people d. famous people

34. The suita le title fo the passage a o e is …

a. What is a book ?

b. What about the books ?

c. What are books for ? d. Where are the books ?

35. … is the main idea of paragraph one. a. different kinds of books

b. The usefulness of books c. The jungles of Irian Jaya d. Prices of books we read


A. Arrange these words into good sentences!

1. the – Islam – Palestine – is – of – land

2. gives – money – Qais - brother – some – his – to

B. Complete these sentences with correct tag!

1. You do t k o a ythi g, … ?

2. She does t ha e a y o ey, … ?

3. You a d I get so e t ou les to get he e, … ?

4. My pa e ts a d y siste do t ha e so e

t ips to Medi a, … ?

5. My pa e ts a e ot ha i g eakfast o , … ?


Table for no. 25 to 27

Table for

no. 25 to 27 p.2