Soal UKK Bahasa Inggris SD Kelas 2 Tahun Ajaran 2018

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Soal UKK Bahasa Inggris SD Kelas 2 Tahun Ajaran 2017/2018

Mata Pelajaran : BAHASA INGGRIS Sat. Pendidikan : SD__________________ Kelas : II (Dua)

Nama Guru :______________________


1. Tulis nomor dan nama Anda pada lembar jawaban yang disediakan 2. Periksa dan bacalah soal dengan teliti sebelum Anda bekerja 3. Kerjakanlah soal anda pada lembar jawaban

4. Gunakan waktu dengan efektif dan efisien

5. Periksalah pekerjaan anda sebelum diserahkan kepada Pengawas

Choose the correct answer between a, b, or c

The text below is for question number 1 – 4

Ruby and his uncle have dinner in a restaurant. Ruby would like meatball soup and mango juice. His uncle would like some satay and milkshake. It is a delicious dinner.

1. Who are they in the text above? a. Ruby and his mother b. Ruby and his father c. Ruby and his uncle

2. Where do they go? a. mall

b. coffee shop c. restaurant

3. What would Ruby like for dinner? a. meatball soup and mango juice b. satay and milkshake

c. satay and mango juice

4. What would his uncle like to drink? a. mango juice

b. milkshake c. coffee

5. Mr. Bucory ... driving his car a. am


6. A: ... Dika singing Pelangi-pelangi? B: Yes, he is

a. am b. is c. are

7. A :"...?" B :"I'm fine, thank you." a. How old are you? b. How are you today? c. Where do you live?

8. A :"...?" B :"My name is Dias." a. Where are you? b. How are you? c. What is your name?

9. I have two .... (mata) a. eyes

b. ears c. nose

10. I have ten .... (jari tangan) a. fingers

b. toes c. cheeks

11. Ear is for ... a. seeing b. hearing c. walking

12. There are ... days in a week. a. five

b. six c. seven

13. Before Tuesday is ... a. Wednesday

b. Thursday c. Monday


b. Tuesday c. Friday

15. We have holiday on .... a. Monday

b. Sunday c. Wednesday

16. Mega : "Is your father a doctor?" Denis : "No, ... My father is a pilot"

a. he does b. he is not c. he is

17. What is color of Indonesian flag? It is ...

a. black and white b. blue and red c. red and white

18. ‘Dede has a purple bag’, in Indonesian ... a. Dede mempunyai sebuah buku biru b. Dede mempunyai sebuah tas ungu c. Dede mempunyai sebuah tas biru

19. Yopi : ".... do you go to school?" Siti : "I go to school on foot"

a. how b. what c. why

20. Students study in the ... a. classroom

b. living room c. bedroom

21. A .... eats banana. a. rabbit

b. dog c. monkey

22. Mr.Jack :"Are you a student?" Doni "..."


23. Moslem people pray at .... a. school

b. market c. mosque

24. The students study at .... a. school

b. hospital c. bank

25. I go to Surabaya by .... (pesawat) a. plane

b. bus c. car

26. Nurdin lunch in the,,... a. morning

b. evening c. afternoon

27. The elephant is big but bird is... a. short

b. small c. long

28. He is...and he wants noodle. a. thirsty

b. cheer c. hungry

29. The elephant is big but ant is... a. big

b. tall c. small

30. ‘Ada lima jeruk di atas meja’. Bahasa inggrisnya adalah... a. There are three orange on the table

b. There are five orange on the table c. There is four orange on the table

Kunci Jawaban (Key Answer) 1. C