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ULANGAN KENAIKAN KELAS TAHUN PELAJARAN 2011/2012 Mata Pelajaran : Bahasa Inggris

Kelas : VI (enam)

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1. Tulislah namamu di sudut kanan atas! 2. Bacalah setiap pertanyaan dengan seksama!

3. Kerjakanlah lebih dahulu soal yang kamu anggap lebih mudah!

4. Telitilah kembali jawabanmu sebelum kamu serahkan kepada Bapak/Ibu guru! ...

I. Choose the correct answer by crossing a, b, c, or d!

1. The students can borrow some books in the .... a. Pharmacy

b. Laboratory c. Museum d. Library

2. Mrs. Sunarti is an English teacher. She is writing on the .... a. wall

b. paper c. blackboard d. note book

3. The instruction that suitable for the picture is ....

a. Lets play football b. Lets basket ball c. Lets paly doll d. Lets play chess

4. My Hobby is ...

a. dancing b. singing c. fishing d. hiking 5. He work in the hospital. He help a nurse. He is a ...


c. farmer d. judge

6. Mom : The floor is dirty.

Do you know what do you have to do? Kaka : Yes, .... .

a. Yes, I am b. Yes, of course c. Yes, do I d. Yes, I do

7. Iman : May I borrow your book, please? Noto : Of course, here you are!

Iman : I will back it to you tomorrow, thank you! Noto : ...

a. You are welcome b. See you later c. Thank’s d. Of course

8. Wahid : Would you open the window please? John : ...

a. Yes, of course b. Yes, thanks you c. You are welcome d. Yes, I am

9. Student : "I am ... sir, I come late." Teacher : "That's ok, please sit down."

a. Good b. Fine c. Sorry d. Thank you

10. Shopkeper : Good morning, Rino!

Rino : ...

Shopkeper : Can I help you? Rino : I want to some pencils

a. Good evening b. Good afternon c. Good morning d. Good night

11. Dwi : May I use your ... , Toni? Wahid : Sorry. I’am using it

Dwi : It is all right a. pencil

b. pen c. ruller d. knife

12. Nina : Good Morning Mrs. Warti Mrs. Warti : Good Morning Nina!


Mrs. Wari : ... here you are a. Yes, I do

b. Yes, I have c. No, I do not d. No, I have not

13. Jono : Mom, I will go to school

Mother : ... Jono : Yes, I will a. Watch out

b. Run c. Lets go

d. Ride the bike carefully

14. Lia : “ Happy birthday, Koko? “. Here’s present for you

Koko : “ thank you. Wow!

Lia : “ I hope you like it “

Koko : “ I ... it. Red is my favorite colour “ a. Like

b. Dislike c. Don’t like d. Happy

15. Teacher : "Would you close the door, please." Students : " ...".

a. Yes, I am b. Yes, thank you c. Yes, of course d. Yes, of course not

16. If you want to save your money, you have to go to ... a. Post office

b. Hospital c. Bank d. Market

17. Koko : "Have you ever go to Sea World?" "What is the smart fish in Sea World?"

Rono : "Yes, I have. The smart fish in Sea World is ... a. Shark

b. Dolphin c. Well d. Goldfish This text for number 18 - 22

On Sunday Ani doesn't go to school. She goes to market with her mother. She wants to buy some vegetables such as cabbage, carrot and potatoes. Then she goes to the fishmonger to buy some goldfish and cuttlefish. In the market is very crowded.

18. The appropriate tittle for the text above is ... a. Going to the market


19. ... and ... go to market a. Ani and her sister b. Ani and her brother c. Ani and her mother d. Ani and her father

20. She buys some ... and ... at the fishmonger. a. Goldfish and crab

b. Goldfish and cuttlefish c. Goldfish and potatos d. Carrot and goldfish 21. Anis goes to market on ...

a. Sunday b. Monday c. Saturday d. Tuesday

22. The situation in the market is very ... a. Silently

b. Noisy c. Happily d. Crowded

23. c-s-h-o-l-o-u-g-a-r-d

The right arrangement is ... a. schoolguard

b. guardschool c. schoolgaurd d. carpenter

24. Want - see - I - to - movie - film - the - a - in. The right arrangement is ...

a. I want to see a film in the movie b. I see want a film in the movie c. I want to see movie in a film d. I want a film to see in the movie

25. are - playing - the yard - Udi and Alan - in. a. Playing the yard Udi and Alan are in b. Udi and Alan are the yard playing in c. The yard are playing Udi and Alan in d. Udi and Alan are playing in the yard

26. Waiter : "Hello, good afternoon, may I help you?"

Customer : "Good afternoon. Yes, I want to order some food." Waiter : "What do you want to order, Sir?"


Customer : "Sure."

The conversation above take place in the ... a. Hospital

b. Restaurant c. Market d. Zoo

The text for number 27 – 30

Mount Tangkuban Perahu is one of tourism object in West Java. It situated at Lembang. It is at northern part of Bandung. A lot of people from various part of world come to see it, because it has a history, it is a Sangkuriang legend.

To arrive at mount Tangkuban Perahu, we have to drive up along the road of hilly area, we can see a wide tea plantation. At the top, we can see beautiful scenery, and we can see the hills with its green slopes. It has three craters which continuously produced smoke.

There are bungalows, and tourism object can be found easily there. Such as Ciater hot water and Maribaya water fall.

27. What is the suitable of the text above? a. Ciater hot spring

b. Legend of Sangkuriang c. Maribaya water fall d. Tangkuban Prabu

28. Mount Tangkuban Prahu is situated at ... a. Bandung

b. Lembang c. Subang d. Yogyakarta

29. In the Tangkuban Perahu mountain, we can see ... a. Ciater, hill, top, and valley

b. Ciater hot spring c. Water fall d. Flower garden

30. The legend of Tangkuban Prahu is history of ... a. Lutung Kasarung

b. Sangkuriang c. Bawang putih d. Kancil

31. 1. Doctors and nurses working here

2. There are motuary, emergency room, an ambulance, and nursing room 3. An ambulance used to bring sick people to the hospital

4. This is a hospital


a. 4,1,2,3 b. 2,4,3,1 c. 1,2,3,4 d. 4,2,3,1

32. Tina : “Where does your mother work?” Mrih : “My mother work at hospital” Tina : “Is he a doctor?

Mrih : “ ….. She is a nurse a. Yes, she is

b. Yes, he is c. No, she isn’t d. No, she is

33. Mother : “Iman, look at your bedroom”. Can you clean it? Iman : “Sorry mom, It is Holiday. I will sleep for a day” According this dialogue, Iman is very ….

a. Diligent b. Poor c. Lazy d. Naughty

Text for number 34 & 35

To the Beach

Last Sunday, Mr. Surip and his students went to the beach. They went to Pangandaran beach, in Ciamis Regency. They went to Pangandaran by bus. On the way they were happy. They sang together.

In Pangandaran the sun was shinning brightly. The wind was blowing gently. The waves were running. They always broke in the sand. Some students were swimming in the shallow water. Some children were playing football in the sand. Others were sitting on the mat under the trees shadow. Mr. Surip was sitting under the coconut tree. He was watching his students. They enjoyed the beauty of the beach. At the afternoon, they went home. The students looked tired, but they were happy.

34. X :"When Mr. Surip and his students go to Pangandaran?" Y : "They go to Pangandaran ...".

a. Last Sunday b. Last Monday c. Last Tuesday d. Last Wednesday 35. X : Where is Pangandaran in?"

Y : "Pangandaran is in ..." a. Tasikmalaya regency b. Bogor regency c. Banjar regency d. Ciamis regency


37. Tina : Do you always come home at one o’clock? Wati : Yes ....

38. Mr. Ratiman read the newspaper in the living room, but Mrs. Surtinah cook rice in the ....

39. After school Koko and Noto play .... in the yard.

40. The student is cleaning the blackboard. He is cleaning it by .... 41. Close the .... , please!

42. Mr. Rinoto is my father. His job make a chair and table. He is a .... 43. Mrs. Mrih goes to Kebumen by ....

44. Mr. Handoko is an English Teacher. He work in SDN

Pelita Jaya. He goes to school everyday by ....

45. Mrs. Atun: This room is dirty .... this

room please!

Koko : Sorry, I can’t. I have to go to school.

III. Answer these questions below! 46. Mention this a picture!

a. b. c.

... ... ...

47. Mention this hobby is!

a. b. c.


48. Mr. Handoko goes to School by !

a. b. c.

... ... ...

49. Arrange to become good sentence!

a. by plane – to – Italy – goes – My Father. 50. Translate to Indonesia!

a. Nina goes to school by bus.

b. Mr. Ratiman is a headmaster in SDN Pelita Jaya. c. My mother rice cooking in the kitchen.

Answer :

a. ... b. ... c. ...


Mata Pelajaran : Bahasa Inggris



36. school 37. Yes, I do 38. kitchen 39. football 40. an eraser 41. door 42. carpenter 43. motorcycle 44. car

45. sweep

46. a. toy car b. toy gun c. marble 47. a. football

b. badminton c. pingpong 48. a. motorcycle

b. car c. by cycle

49. a. My Father goes to Italy by plane. b. I wear Kebaya for Kartini day.

c. Mr. Akhmad reading a newspaper in the living room.

50. a. Nina pergi ke sekolah menggunakan bus.

b. Pak Ratiman adalah Kepala Sekolah di SDN Pelita Jaya.

c. Ibuku memasak nasi di dapur.

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