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TAHUN AJARAN 2014/2015

NAMA : ...


TANGGAL : ... WAKTU : ... I. Choose The Correct Answer by Crossing (x) a, b, c or d

1. Farhan : .... is your hobby? Rio : my hobby is fishing

a. who c. when 4. Jihan : Do you like dancing?

Hamid : No, ...

6. We have flag ceremony on ...

a. sunday c. monday b. tuesday d. friday 7. Today is wednesday, yesterday was ...

a. thursday c. sunday b. tuesday d. friday Text for number 8 - 10

Amir likes football very much. At school, he studies many kinds of sport such as badminton, tennis, volley ball, and foot ball. In the afternoon, he always play football with his friends in the football field.

8. Does Amir like sport? a. yes, he does b. no, he does not c. yes, he do d. no, he don't

9. Where does Amir play football? a. in the yard

b. in the football field c. in the afternoon d. in the school

10. Amir play football with his ...

a. students c. friends b. teachers d. brothers

11. We have breakfast at ...

a. 6 am c. 4 pm

b. 6 pm d. 4 pm

12. What time it is? It is ...

a. a quarter past eight b. a half past eight c. a half to nine d. a quarter to nine 13. It is8.30 pm

It is mean ...

a. eight thirty in the morning

b. a quarter past eight in the evening c. a half past eight in the evening d. a quarter to nine in the night 14. Mrs. Meris is cooking in the ...

a. garage c. terrace b. kitchen d. bathroom 15. Reza is ... in the bedroom, now

a. runing c. fishing b. sleeping d. cycling 16. Supri : ... ?

Woko : I am reading a story book. a. how are you

b. what are you doing c. where are you going d. who are you

For number 17 - 20

There are ....(17) days in a week. There are ....(18) weeks in a month, and there are ....(19) months in a year. Day, week, month and year are names of the ...(20). We must manage our time well.

17. a. ten c. twelve 21. There ...many things in my bedroom

a. is b. are c. am d. do

(2) | Halaman 2 22. Siti is going to school on foot

The negative sentence is ...

a. Siti is not going to school on foot b. Is siti going to school on foot? c. Siti si going to school on foot not d. Siti not is going to school on foot 23. Bekti : Let's ... marbles!

Rifky : Okay

a. catch c. eat

b. play d. read

24. It is raining. Don't forget to bring ... a. umbrella c. swim suit

b. bag d. blanket

25. Cecil likes to eat ... a. a plate of coffe b. a glass of tea c. a bowl of meatball d. a cup of fried rice

II. Fill In The Blank With Correct Answer! 1. X : What is your hobby?

Y : My hobby is ... in the swimming pool

2. X : Do you like play kite?

Y : No, ... 3. We can borrow books in the ... 4. My brother is ... a glass of milk,


5. X : ... do you send a letter? Y : In the post office

6. I don't like play badminton

The positive sentence is ... ... ... 7. The monkey is fat. It likes ...

banana 8. Let's arrange!

playing - the - Rudi - field - is - kite - in

... ... ... 9. Tea, orange juice, coffe and milk are kinds of ... 10. Translate to Indonesian!

Rian is my brother. His hobby is gardening

... ... ...





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