The nutrient and steroid content of some deep sea fish species from west sumatera ocean


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Sugeng and

Department of Product and


dun I Fisheries. Research Ministry Marine Affairs Fisheries showed about 529

kinds of deep sea fish. Some of those are presumed to be containing

aphrodisiac matter. Based this the current work to analyze

the content of bio substance of some fish collected from of west





Fish used in this work of 1 1 species of fish,

as pauciradiatus, splendens,

Haplosthethus Hoplothethus sp, The work is



the color of liquid changes to

cup of of was cold put to the filter cup, than it was diluted with 200 water, contain nitrogen, added sotne boiled

and 100 in order rha t solution became base. filter cup was

% Protein Nitrogen conversion factor

Where A = titration = acid

= titration (ml) =



The cold fat cup was in desiccators constant

Fat =

phase. The completing

a. Acid hydrolysis

After that, by vacuum pressure 50


dun Perikonon I

l'he condition of occurred is:

1 . Color :

Steroid extraction was done based a reported by Touchtone and Kasparov (1 970) referred by Riris of deep sea at 20 grams.

was done by Liebennan Test-Addition


dan I

- 17-18 Juli 2007


1 . Test

of pmxitnate analysis of deep sea shows that there are of each sea fish. It depends on at species, age the at area 1969 by Septarina ! 999).

Table The of analysis


: A h

A 7

A 3 : ,

A 4 : crassipinus 10 :

A 5 I :

Protein level

shows that o f deep sea fish's protein varies from

to 24.8 Based Olcott cited by 1998, deep fish's

is in high level at protein and low it comparing with pelagic fish, the

of sea fish's is higher at pelagic fish,

shows in Table 2 that crassipinus contain the highest at

protein of 27.4% with other researched sea fish.


don I

- 17-18 2007

of fat was shown in figure

The of Fat Deep Sea

I Fat content


A 4 A5 A6 A7 A9 A11 Deep Sea


Figure 2. of percentage of sea fish's fat level Water level

sea has high salinity with 31.2 The high rate of inorganic salt To the condition of is

deep solution body for adapting. The

condition causes water of fish is less of fresh


I . . of . . C o n t e n t of . Deep


Konferensi Sains I

acids. Both Dietinoides pauciradiatus and the

greatest quantity of atni acid and and

splanden have the amino acids Mean

sp, Myctophidae the

highest of amino acid Ophidiidac

Ostracoberyu have highest in


don I

having as aprodisiach was in great quantity deep

sea moreover it has potential as of strong medicine

with (NO) having role in width of

of ophidiidae were dominated by

acid. gives flavors and delicious smelt, the as

cod, but it was sweater acid is a amino acid, change to glucose

and glycogen by called glucogenic 1994).

Other ainino acid asparagin, acid,

glutamin, Prolin dominated in pauciradiatus and

They are glocogenic ainino acid.

The kinds of acids which are of ketogenic and

stcrol such as which will give positive (Dence,

THP 3 3

Test Result


don I

- I 17- Juli

The result the shows deep sea fishes has

content. It was seen in Liebennan Test, extract of isolation using

gave result, changing extract's color to green. and ergosterol.

The of Fish great effect was shown pauciradiatus,

The changing extract color

to shows the of sterol-stigma organic indicate the existence

of two more double of carbon. While extract by using ethyl acetate did not show the changing of color.

Steroid is white crystal. Steroid has shapes such little needle,

leaf, plate depends on kind of solution in crystallization, skill

and luck of Since steroid has or carbon atoms,

this component to undeleted in water & Ethyl

acetate water has possibility the steroid which is not restricted, caused the polarity of ethyl acetate is higher than chlorofonn,

The color of which does not change is predicted by the

saturated steroid It is caused the saturated chonestanol

shows negative toward test 1980).

positive result toward

test. All of the are expected showing nearness the of steroid.

fish proximate, protein

w a s higher pelagic The highest content is in Hoplothethus sp, at 27.4%. In acid deep sea fish had 17 acids, 9


which essential acid and the others were non essential acid.

in the quantity some deep sea fish. Meanwhile steroid test



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Konferensi Sains Kelautan dan Perikanan Indonesia I Kampus FPIK – IPB Dramaga, 17 – 18 Juli 2007



Sugeng Heri Suseno1) Ali Sunian2)Wudianto2) and Arin Damayanti1)


Department of Fisheries Product Technology, Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science; 2)

Institution of Marine and Fishery, Department o f Marine and Fishery



Table 1. The resutt of proximale analysis

Table 1.

The resutt of proximale analysis . View in document p.6
Table 2,
Table 2 . View in document p.7
Figure 2. Histogntn of percentage of dcep sea fish's fat level

Figure 2.

Histogntn of percentage of dcep sea fish s fat level . View in document p.8
Figure 3. Histograin of percentage of deep sea fish's water level

Figure 3.

Histograin of percentage of deep sea fish s water level . View in document p.8
Table 3. Amino acid contcnt (YO) of deep Sea Fish

Table 3.

Amino acid contcnt YO of deep Sea Fish . View in document p.9