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Problem Theory2 with solution


Academic year: 2018

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1. Check the number of pages in this Theoretical Examination I. There are 20 pages

including the cover.

2. The total number of problems is 30.

3. Make sure you write your name and country on every page.

4. There are several type of problems: multiple choices, short answer, and explanation


No 1. Multiple choice (Score: 1)

Plants use water for …….

(1) cell growth ; (2) photosynthesis; (3) germination

A. (1) and (2)

Animals in the house may indicate a potential disease that may be spread in the family. If you

have a cat in the house, choose the following disease that may be spread by the cat to human:

A. Dengue

Why does the seed of the coffee have a very tough seed coat? The seed can ……….

A. be dispersed by propulsion

B. extend the distance of its dispersal by traveling breezes

C. adhere to passing animals

D. survive the mechanical forces and conditions of the animal’s gut


No 4. Multiple choice (Score: 1)

Which of the following statements about an animal’s size and shape is not true? A. larger animals require more food than smaller animals

B. larger animals produce more waste than smaller animals

C. larger animals are more vulnerable to cold than smaller animals

D. larger animals require more oxygen than smaller animals

E. larger animals require larger area than smaller animals

No 5. Essay

(a) If you are driving 72 km/h and you look outside through the window for 2 seconds, how

far do you travel during this 2 seconds period? (Score: 1)

Answer: 40 m

(b) If there is a bicyclist 35 m in front of your car and moving at the speed of 18 km/h, will

your car hit the bicyclist? Give your reason? (Score: 1)

Answer: No (0.5 point), my car will not hit the bicyclist. There is space between car and bicyclist = (35+10)-(40)= 5 m (0.5 point event not showing calculation)


No 6. Essay

The following data is taken from a moving car over a period of time.


clock 12:00 12:30 13:00 13:30 14:00 14:30 15:00 15:30 16:00 16:30 17:00


(km) 0 15 25 35 40 45 50 55 75 85 100

a) Draw a graph to show the relationship between time and distance. (score 2) 1 point for axis correct labeling, graph 1 mark, bar graph acceptable

Distance (km)


b) Which range of time does the car move at the greatest speed? (score 1)


15.30-16.00…3.30 – 4.00 pm.

No 7. Multiple choice (score 1)

The diagrams A & B illustrate two stages of an experiment performed using a spring balance,

compression balance, a vessel of water and a stone.

In stage A

The reading of the spring balance was 0.5 N

The reading of the compression balance was 5.0 N

In stage B


What would be the reading on the compression balance in stage B?

A. 4.9 N

B. 5.0 N

C. 5.1 N

D. 5.2 N

E. 5.5 N

(Score: 1)

No 8. Essay (score: 2)


(a) On the Figure above, draw two straight lines to show what happens to the ray of light as it passes through the block and out into the air. 1, one line 0.5 mark



No 9. Multiple choice (score: 1)

If you want to make your plant increase in height, which part of the plant you have to cut?

A. Terminal bud

B. Flower

C. Axillary bud

D. Stem

E. Internode

No 10. Multiple choice (score : 1)

Choose the correct picture showing the path of light entering a normal eye?


Eye B.



Eye D.

Eye E.


No 11. Multiple choice (score: 1)

Which of the following substances can be recycled in an ecosystem?

(1) carbohydrate; (2) water; (3) nitrate

A. (1) and (2)

B. (1) and (3)

C. (2) and (3)

D. (1), (2) and (3)


No 12. Essay (score: 4)

In order to increase speed and agility, an animal uses different kinds of strategy. Complete the

table by writing the body part used by the animal.


Frog Mucous skin Web finger, web feet

No 13. Essay (score: 3)

Water vaporizes at 1000C

Water freezes at 00C

Using the above facts, describe the procedure of scaling a thermometer?

You are provided

a beaker a burner


Step 1 : ………

3. divide the 0-100 scale

No 14. Multiple choice (score: 2)

Which of the following type of reproduction produces offspring with identical genotypes?

(1) buds from the same potato tuber ; (2) seeds from the same tomato ; (3) spores from

the same fungus.

A. (1) and (2)

B. (1) and (3)

C. (2) and (3)


No 15. Essay (score: 1.5)

List three energy forms that result from gasoline burned in a car.


Fuel energy of gasoline → Cooling water energy in radiator + Engine energy +

Exhaust losses

Engine energy → Energy used in acceleration + Rolling friction in tires + Energy for accessories + Power transmission losses + Air resistance


No 16. Multiple choice (score: 1)

If an animal is subjected to repeat stimulation, it may gradually cease to respond. This is an

example of:

A. selection B. habituation

C. sign of stimulus

D. irritability


No 17. Essay (score: 3)

The following picture shows two ways of heating a cup of water using a candle. Which one do

you select to heat the water faster? Explain your answer.

Answer: 1 selection , 2 explanation

A, because in A the convection current is better than in B.

hot water rises up and cold water sinks down

No 18. Essay (total score: 3)

Fossil fuel is an important energy resource. It provides energy for transportation, heating and

electricity generation.

(a) The energy stored in fossil fuel came from the Sun. 2

Describe how energy from the Sun became stored in fossil fuel.

Ans: Plants stored energy when they make food trapping the Sun’s light energy. Over millions of years, the remains of plants and animals build up under the Earth’s surface forming fossil fuel, oil.


No 19. Essay (score: 2)

Look at the following picture. Mention the similarity and difference of levitation force on two

types of balloon.

a) The similarity: ……… both densities are lesser than the density of air …….

b) The difference: …… left: using gas with lower density in nature…………right: by heating

the air balloon to produce lower density, put hot air less dense than outer air

No 20. Short answers (score: 4)

The following picture is a diagrammatic figure of various kinds of systems in animal. 0.5 for each





Circulatory system D Circulate gas and nutrition, transport,


A Food digest and Absorb nutrition, breakdown food

No 21. Matching the answers (score: 2) 0.5 each

The following is a list of substances which can be found in blood. Match the substances with

the correct description on the left box by putting only one letter in the blank box:

Antibodies &

Antitoxins D

A. Materials needed for production of energy

B. Signal molecules which regulate body processes

C. Waste products from cells

D. Molecules needed for body protection

E. Molecules which responsible to digest other molecule

F. Substance that carries oxygen and contains Oxygens and nutrients a

Urea, Carbondioxide c


No 22A. Multiple choice (score 1)

The following picture should be used to answer the next two questions :

What are the conditions of the heart valves when the ventricles are all relaxed?

A. Valves 1 and 2 are closed; valves 3 and 4 are open.

B. Valves 1 and 3 are closed; valves 2 and 4 are open.

C. Valves 1 and 3 are open; valves 2 and 4 are closed.

D. Valves 1 and 2 are open; valves 3 and 4 are closed.

E. All of the valves are open

No 22B. Multiple choice (score: 1)

Some people may have a hole in the septum that separates chambers X and Y. What problem

will they have?

a. They may develop anemia.

b. They may have a lower blood pressure.

c. Their blood may not be able to clot normally.


No 23. Essay (score: 2)

State two advantages of Earth’s magnetic field for the living things?


1) … The charged particles from outer space are hazardous to the organism and

human beings on the earth. They are deflected by the earth’s magnetic field.

Some of them are trapped in outer of earth’s magnetic field and make up Van

Allen radiation belts. Therefore they cannot reach the surface of earth...

2) …… Indicating direction………..

No 24. Short answers (score: 2.5)

Give (√) sign for sentences that suitable for term weather and climate

Weather Climate

The condition of the atmosphere over a short

period of time √

Average weather conditions of a place over a

long period of time √

Refers to the day to day temperature, air

pressure, winds, clouds, and humidity √

Affected by the ocean current that carry

warmth around the world √

Affected by distance from the sea and its


No 25. Short answers (score: 3)

An ecologist studied the number of organisms in grassland area over a three year period:

Year Grasshoppers Mice Insectivorous bird Grassland area

1 220 15 1 10 Hectares

2 140 16 0 7 Hectares

3 80 14 5 3 Hectares

Pick from the following choices to answer question (a), (b), and (c):

A. Mice population is increasing

B. Mice population does not depend on the area of grassland

C. Insectivorous birds is migrating into the area

D. The grassland area is decreasing

E. Insectivorous bird depends on population of grasshopper

F. The grassland area affects the population of bird

(a) What is the best explanation for the decrease in the population of grasshoppers

from year 1 to year 3? …D..


No 26. Matching the answers (score: 4)

Fill in the blanks using the words listed below.

vitamin D

a) Ultraviolet light from the Sun has … antiseptic …..properties and can be used to

sterilize tools.

b) Ultraviolet light has other medical effects such as the production of … vitamin D

c) Ultraviolet light is strongly reduced by Earth's ……… atmosphere ……...

d) The variation of ultraviolet light with latitude is responsible for many biological

adaptations, including variation in human ……… skin color ……….

No 27. Short answer (score: 2)

Constellation is a group of vicinity stars forming a certain shape like animal, people, and

others when seen from the Earth. In fact, the stars forming a constellation are not close as we

see. They might separate billions light of year.

a) Explain why they look closer when observed from the Earth?


…… because they are projected on the same distance from the earth, like a

picture/photo., optical illusion…….



No 29. Explanation (score: 3)

a) Arrange the layers of atmosphere below in sequence, start from the layer near the Earth

surface to the outer ones: thermosphere, ionosphere, stratosphere, and troposphere.


1 mark………... ……… Troposphere, stratosphere, thermosphere, ionosphere...


b) While you are listening to the radio at night, you might pick up a station broadcasting

farther than you are listening at daytime. Explain briefly why the phenomena occur.

Answer: 2 points

……The ionosphere is the region within atmosphere containing ionized molecules.

This ionosphere can reflect the radio signals from the great distance around the Earth.

At daytime the radio signals are absorbed by the molecules of lower region within

atmosphere before reaching the ionosphere..

No 30. Essay (score: 3)

The following picture is an example of solar cell panel and how it works. It contains large

number of cells to work as converter of light to electric current.

a) Explain the process of conversion of light into electricity.


1……… ……… The light generates the flow of electron ………


b) In which countries (tropical or sub-tropical) the capacity of converting sunlight into electricity is higher? Explain your answer.

1 for country and 1 for explanation


table by writing the body part used by the animal.


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