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II. Read the text and answer the following questions !

My house

My house is small but it is beatiful. There three bedrooms, two lavatories, a kitchen where my mother cook, a dinningrooms, where we eat, and a living room where we watch television. I play hide and seek in the front yard with my friends. My mother plants flowers in the small garden in the backyard. My house has a fance to keep the plant well.

21. How is your house ?

22. How many bedrooms are there ? 23. How many lavatories are there ? 24. Where does your mother cook ? 25. Where do you eat ?

26. Where do you watch television ? 27. Where do you play hide and seek ? 28. Where does your mother plants flowers ? 29. Does your house have a fence ?

30. Do you like house ?


Mata Pelajaran : Bahasa Inggris Kelas / Semester : IV / I

Waktu : 90 Menit

I. Choose the correct answer and give a cross (x) on the letter a, b, c, or d ! 1. Rini : ... Adi

Adi : Good afternoon, Rini.

a. Good night c. Good afternoon

b. Good evening d. Good morning

2. How are you ? I am ... thank you.

a. good c. fine

b. well d. very

3. Mr. Ridwan is my father. Mrs. Ema is mya mother. They are my ...

a. Uncle c. Grandmother

b. Parents d. Aunt

4. Mr. Parman dan Mrs. Parman are husband and ...

a. wife c. son

b. daughter d. father

5. Wawan is your son. Riri is your daughter. They are your ...

a. parent c. children

b. grandfather d. mother

6. Sixteen, seventeen, ..., nineteen, twenty

a. fourteen c. twenty one

b. nineteen d. eightteen


8. What number is it ?

a. Fourteen minus five equals nineteen b. Four times five equals nineteen c. Fourteen plus five equals ninety d. Fourteen plus five equals nineteen

11. Didi : ... do you live ?

Dina : I live on jalan Kaum Tengah Pameungpeuk Garut

a. Where c. When

b. Who d. Why

12.There are things in the classroom : ... a. Knife, bowl, blackboard, cupboard b. Calender, fork, spoon, eraser c. Desak, plate, glass, chalk

d. Chalk, cupboard, whiteboard, eraser

13.The color of my school uniform are ... and ...

a. white and blue c. white and brown b. white and red d. white and black

14.The teacher is writing on the blackboard with ...

a. chalk c. ruler

b. pencil d. eraser

15.I usually have ... at 06.30 pm

a. dinner c. breakfast

b. supper d. lunch

16.How many days are there in a week ?

a. five days c. seven days

b. six days d. eight days

17.Melky : What is your telephone number ? Susan : 8976543

a. Eight – seven – six – four – three – nine - -five

19.Students are studying in the ...

a. Toilet c. Bathroom

b. Library c. Classroom

20.Who is teaching in your school ?

a. a Teacher c. a Pilot

b. a Doctor d. a Police




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