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Persiapan SNMPTN 2013 Bahasa Inggris


Academic year: 2017

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Doc. Name: XPING9907 Doc. Version : 2012-08 |

Kapita Selekta Set 07

halaman 1

01. 01. Adi and Roy are brothers, but they look very ....

(A) Differs (B) differential (C) difference (D) differently (E) different

03. My uncle .... advised me to take English lessons.

(A) strength (B) strong

(C) strengthening (D) strongly (E) strengthened

05. This area is not suitable for farming because the soil is not ....

(A) fertility (B) fertilize (C) fertile (D) fertilezer (E) fertilization

07. The manager thinks Ita is a very .... secretary because she always does her work well.

(A) reliable (B) reliance (C) reliability (D) rely (E) reliably

08. The result of the test were .... to the teacher as week as to the students (A) dissappoint

(B) being disappointed (C) disappointing (D) disappointed (E) to be disappointed

09. Indonesian Batik is .... recognized (A) international

(B) internationalised (C) internationalization (D) internationally (E) intetnationalizing

10. “Tuti came home very late last night.” “Where did Budiman take her to?” .... (A) She took him to the movies last night

(B) He took her last night to the movies (C) Last night, she took him to the movies

(D) He took her to the movies last night (E) To the movies he took her last night

11. The doctor gained immediate .... for his great discovery

(A) recognition (B) recognize (C) recognizing (D) recognizable (E) recognized

12. Because of his knowledge and experience, Dr. Hartawan is recognized as an .... in the field of economis. (A) authorize

(B) author (C) authorized (D) authoritarian (E) authority

13. Nowadays people prefer using small cars than big ones because they‟re more .... (A) economically

(B) economic (C) economise (D) economical (E) economy

19. Dody has very .... mind; he will make a good scientist.


21. Special vacation rates for airplane tickets make travel more .... for tourist.

(A) attraction (B) atttract (C) attractively (D) attractive (E) attracted

01. The girls a Balinese. I was introduced to her. The above sentences can be joined as follows: The girl .... I was introduced is a Balinese

(A) to whom (B) whom (C) which (D) whose (E) that

02. The secretary asked me .... with Mr. Sigit (A) did I have an appointment

(B) how was my appointment (C) whether I had an appointment (D) when is your appointment (E) that I had an appointment

03. The article .... we got the data for our essay is written by a well-known sociologist.

(A) that (B) whom (C) whose (D) from which (E) which

04. The victims of the flood .... we have collected money and clothes are now housed in barracks outside the town. (A) which

(B) whose (C) whom (D) of which (E) for whom

05. The book .... is only available in the li brary.

(A) from which these two chapters are taken

(B) these two chapters are taken from them

(C) where these two chapters are taken (D) it was from them the two shapters are taken

(E) the two chapters are taken

07. „What did the cashier of the bookstore tell you? “ .... “ with a credit card.‟ (A) Not playing

(B) Not pay (C) Let‟s not pay (D) Not to pay (E) Did not pay

11. This is the place .... the Dutch imprisoned Pangeran Diponegoro. (A) on which

(B) where (C) there (D) that (E) which

12. The girl begged the robber .... (A) don‟t take my money (B) not talking her money (C) not to take her money (D) he didn.t take her money (E) he‟d better not take her money

13. “Where did the fire start?” “In the warehouse .... my brother worked last year.”

(A) where (B) there (C) that (D) which (E) in there

14. The tourist asked me .... (A) where the nearest bank is (B) the nearest bank


15. This is Mr. Flash ....

17. The lady .... this letter is addressed has moved to another city. million. is Australia‟s largest city

(A) whom the population (B) that the population (C) whether the population (D) the population of it (E) the population of which

21. My parent advise my sister .... too much money on clothes. illnesses and respiratory disorders; ...., it may harm nonsmokers

03. „Mom, why do you insist on my wearing a jacket?‟ „ .... I‟m sure it‟s going to be

05. Wedding ceremonies differ from one etnhic group to another. Each of our 27 provinces .... own characteristic. (A) has its

(B) they have (C) have one‟s (D) it has (E) have their


08. .... Andy seldom attends classes, he is always one of the best students in class. (A) Whenever

(B) Since (C) Because (D) Although (E) If

09. „How do I get to Bogor from Jakarta?‟ “Well, you can take either ....‟

(A) the bus and the train (B) the bus or the train

(C) the bus as well as the train (D) the bus and the train too (E) the bus and also the train

10. .... The Department of Religious Affairs has extended the registration date for the hajj pilgrimage, the number of pilgrims is smaller than that of last year.

(A) Although (B) Since (C) Because (D) As (E) When

11. Vera has recently been promoted to a top position in her company, although (A) she has a master‟s degree in business (B) she is relatively new in the company (C) she has proved herslelf to be a good manager

(D) she has many years of experience (E) she seem to have much self confidence

13. At the begining of the semester, each of the students .... given a new timetable. (A) he is

(B) they are (C) are (D) is (E) be

14. One of the problems faced by foreign businessmen .... the frequent changing of regulations.

(A) are (B) is being (C) be (D) is

15. In the next poetry-reading contest, each of the contestants .... expected to be more critical and more accurate in pronunciation.

(A) is (B) are (C) they are (D) to be (E) being

19. Doctors agree .... patient should try to reduce taking medicine for slight head aches.

(A) Whether (B) Which (C) That (D) How (E) What

20. .... she likes him very much, she always pretends to ignore him.

(A) Since (B) Because (C) Whereas (D) Even though (E) However

21. The murder suspect wanted to tell police truth. ...., they were afraid (A) so

(B) nevertheless (C) otherwise (D) moreover (E) therefore

22. The flowers were judged for their unusual colour, pleasant fragrance and (A) attractivelly shaped

(B) attractive shapes (C) shapely and attractive (D) shaped attractively (E) attractive shapely


23. She has not slept the night before ; nevertheless. ....

(A) she could not lead the marching band

(B) she was too tired to lead the marching band

(C) she had trouble leading the marching band

(D) she led the marching band energetically

(E) she did not want to lead the marching band

24. The workers are demanding not only a raise in salary, but also ....

(A) a they want a longer leave (B) to have a longer annual leave (C) a longer annual leave they asked (D) in getting a longer annual leave (E) a longer annual leave

25. He does not earn much, however, he .... (A) works very hard for it


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