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Academic year: 2017

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Soal Latihan Bahasa Inggris Kelas X mengenai Leave Taking Read carefully and choose the correct answer between A, B, C, D, and E.

The text below is for questions number 3 – 4 Rina : (1)..., sir.

Teacher: Good morning, Rina. (2)... ? Rina : I’m very well, thank you.

Teacher: What are you doing here in the hospital?

Lusi : I am going to visit my neighbor. She has just delivered a baby. Teacher: I see. Are you alone?

Lusi : No, I’m with my Mom. There she comes. I’m sorry, I have to go now.(3)..., sir. Teacher: Good bye, Rina. (4)...

Rina : See you.

1. a. Good afternoon b. Good night c. Good morning d. Good bye

e. Nice to meet you.

2. a. How are you b. I am fine thank you c. Good morning d. Nice to meet you e. Good bye

3. a. Good bye. b. How are you c. Good Morning d. Nice to meet you e. See you tomorrow

4. a. Good bye b. Good morning c. Nice to meet you d. See you later at school e. Where are you going

5. Which one in the following is the expression of leave-taking? a. We have had a wonderful time.

b. How do you do? c. How are you today?

d. I am sorry, I have to leave now. e. I’m fine thanks.

6. Grace : I’m afraid, I’ll have to go now. Sinta : Yes, good night, Sinta

Grace : Good night, see you tomorrow.


a. Invite b. Leave c. Introduce d. Greet e. Hit

7. Before Widi goes to school in the morning, what she says to her parent? a. Chase my way.

b. Go away. c. Just go. d. Cheerio. e. Please leave.

8. Teacher : I think that’s all for today, any question? Students : No Miss.

Teacher : Alright, then see you tomorrow class! The underlined words expresses...

a. Congratulation. b. Apologizing. c. Leave taking. d. Greeting. e. Thanking.

9. You are sending a friend off at the airport.he is going on a holiday. Just before she boards the plane, you say to her...

a. Have a safe journey. b. Drive carefully. c. I am fine. d. Good job.

e. Do not come again.

10. Your friend will go to Jakarta for one month by bus. Just before he leave you say to him...

a. Don’t come back b. Go away

c. Have a safe flight d. See you later. e. Nice to meet you.


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