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Ecological and Aesthetic Design for Urban Water Management

Fundamentals, Practices and Case Studies

Daniel M. Winterbottom


The only guide to urban water management that weaves an aesthetic

approach with a scientific and technical approach.

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DANIEL M. WINTERBOTTOM leads a design practice, Winterbottom Design, and is Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture at the University of Washington-Seattle, where he developed a design/build curriculum to design and implement landscape projects for marginalized communities in the United States and Mexico. He is actively involved in developing cultural and art installations for the city of Seattle. His research interests include design/technology, urban design, community design, and cultural expression and preservation in the built environment.

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Provides a technical overview of common water related urban issues including flood control, storm water conveyance, detention, retention and filtration, stream restoration and day lighting, sewage treatment, cisterns, rainwater harvesting and conveyance

Offers twenty fully illustrated case studies that feature overviews of the design processes and the technical and aesthetic issues the designer faces, along with a critique of the design Organized in a logical, sequential manner to offer the reader a holistic and comprehensive understanding of the subject and can be read as a whole, or in individual sections as a reference. Over 200 graphics support and enhance the understanding of the written material

About the topic/technology

Over the past twenty years, a unique interdisciplinary model of professional collaboration among landscape architects, artists, civil engineers and scientists has emerged. Water is at the heart of this provocative work as cities focus on its availability, quality and conservation and designers create structures and systems to handle water. Collaborative teams of landscape architects, artists, civil engineers and scientists are working on projects that address developing issues in urban design, including new ideas for infrastructure systems, the restoration of natural systems, innovative park design and public art. New strategies in urban ecological design consider enhancement of the integrity of aquatic natural systems at every point in the water cycle.

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Ecological and Aesthetic Design for Urban Water Management

Fundamentals, Practices and Case Studies

Daniel M. Winterbottom

About the book

This book present landscape architects, urban planners, designers, engineers and artists the basic information about how water has been handled in urban design, an analysis of projects offering an ecological approach, and the technical information needed by practitioners or students to implement these solutions.

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