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Academic year: 2017

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Quality differences are often alleged to be the motivating factor for eliminating gray goods; however, courts in the United States have been reluctant to protect distributors

(1998) found that open-container laws, which are expected to increase the probability of being stopped and/or arrested, reduced the number of drivers in alcohol-related fatalities

m ˆ 0 type of buyer as well as the seller (agent) S without price guarantee, will be analyzed, first by solving the game, and then by analyzing the dynamics of q , the relative share

We identify two major sources of the asymmetric return cross-correlation among stock returns: (1) the difference in the sensitivity of stock returns to economic factors, and (2)

pori-porifry+ agar tidak meoyerap .uap ,air dirn dapat mengikat tinta dengan lebih baik. Karena berupa padatan, gzuam ini har-us dilarutkan ke dalam arr.

Fig. CER for all IPOs, thin-trading IPOs, and heavy-trading IPOs. Cumulative excess returns for 250 trading days surrounding lock-up expiration date for a sample of companies

Sebagai altematif dapat digunakan basa organik seperti butilamin4 C+HgNHz, yarLg berwujud gas pada temperatur nrang, Penanganan yang lebih efektif.. dilakukan dengan

Second, the distributions to the underlying index may influence the decision of the option holder regarding early exercise through a given relationship between the dividend,