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Academic year: 2018



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UKK_Ulangan Kenaikan Kelas Bhs.Ingg 2014/2015_manpc.



Jl. K.H.Ahmad Dahlan No.1 Puruk Cahu, Kode Pos 73911 Telp. (0528) 3033084, E-mail: manpcahu11@yahoo.co.id,


Satuan Pendidikan

: MAN Puruk Cahu

Mata pelajaran

: Bahasa Inggris


: XI (Program IPA&IPS)/genap


: 90 Menit (07.00 – 08.30 WIB)


: Sabtu, Mei 2015

Guru Pengampu

: Najamudin,S.Pd.I

Text for number 1 - 2

When you are looking

for a new job, you must talk to many people as you can who work in your field or in related fields. This is called networking. Networking allows you to learn about new areas to pursue and to find out which companies may need someone with your skills. Networking is a fun and easy way o find about new opportunities. And when your new job comes along, you will already know some of your colleagues.

1. What is networking?

a. learning your job well

c. studying lots of companies

b. Meeting people in related fields

d. getting along with your colleagues

2. What is NOT mentioned as something you can learn from networking?

a. New career areas

c. Which companies may need you

b. Your colleagues and what they do

d. What the companies pay

Text number 3 - 7

Tangkuban Perahu

Dayang Sumbi was exiled in the jungle, because she was unmarried but pregnant. She gave a birth to a baby boy and named him Sang Kuriang. And he became a young and hard working boy. He was a good hunter too.

One day he went hunting with his dog, Si Tumang. In thebush he saw a pig, Wayungyang. He wanted to shoot Wayungyang but Si Tumang hindered him. He was angry at it and killed it, and then took its heart home. He cooked it and ate it with his mother. When he told that it was Si Tumang's heart, she was very angry and hit Sang Kuriang’s head with a spoon. And he ran away and left his mother to the east. He did not know himself and forgot his name. He was about 16 years of age.

After a long time Sang Kuriang came back to the jungle where his mother lived. She looked younger than her age, so Sang Kuriang fell in love with her. "Will you marry me?" one day he asked her. But Dayang Sumbi refused because she recognized that he was her son. He insisted to marry her and Dayang Sumbi asked him two marriagesettlements. One, he had to dammed Citarum river, and two, had to make a boat in one night.

Sang Kuriang almost finished his work but Dayang Sumbi cheated him. He was angry and kicked the boat. The boat fell upsidedown on the peak of mountain. It was known as mount Tangkuban Perahu, at the northern of Bandung, West Java.

3. Lani : Where did the legend come from? Ani : it came from ….

A. East Java C. West Java E. DI Yogyakarta B. Central Java D. DKI Jakarta

4. Bagus : Who is the main character of the legend? Binawan : I think ….

A. Dayang Sumbi C. Si Tumang E. Wayungyang B. Sang Kuriang D. good hunter.



UKK_Ulangan Kenaikan Kelas Bhs.Ingg 2014/2015_manpc.

A. Hand C. Head E. elbow

B. Heart D. hip

6. Lani : Which word in the text that has the similar meaning with “requirements”? Dani : it is...

A. Refused C. marriage E. peak

B. insisted D. settlements

7. Dani : …. and then took its heart home.(prg 2) . The underlined word refers to…. Lina : … .

a. Wayungyang C. bush E. Tumang

b. Pig D. hindered

Text number 8 - 9



8. According to the advertisement, how long do you need to be able to speak English?

a. a month

d. four months

b. two months

e. five months

c. three months

9. Why is it mentioned “Do not believe in this brochure?”

a. To tell the readers not to easily trust an information.

b. To persuade the readers to prove the offer

c. To inform the truth about the offer

d. To describe the brochure to the reader

e. To report the brochure to the reader

Text number 10 – 13

New Services at EAS International test (TOEFL, GMAT or GRE) registration is Now available at EAS. You don’t have to worry for your Test registration.

Change of Hours of Operation at EAS:

In order to provide more service to students please note

that our hours of operation will change as follows beginning April 1, 2004. Monday – Friday : 8:00 - 16:30

Saturday : 9:30 - 13:00 Pre-Admission Orientation (PAO):

Every Thursday from 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.

This program highlights information on the educational system in the USA, selecting the appropriate institution, general requirements for applying to a collage and among other topics.

Institutional TOEFL Test:

The test will be held in each of our centers: Medan, Jakarta, Surabaya, and Malang. This test is

for individual who intend to familiarize themselves with the TOEFL test formal. It is also good indicator of how an individual will score on the International (CBT) test.

Seats are limited and filled on a first-come-first-serve basis. The test will be held every Tuesday with the minimum 10 participants.

Do you have problems in English?

Do you want to speak English fluently but you don’t have much time?

Just go to:

Integrated Language Course (ILC)

And enjoy our unique system of learning

You will be able to speak

Just after three months learning

Do not believe in this brochure.

Go and prove it by yourself



UKK_Ulangan Kenaikan Kelas Bhs.Ingg 2014/2015_manpc.

Please contact 3452024 for details. 10. The purpose of the text is to … about services at EAS.

a. criticize b. persuade c. describe d. announce e. entertain 11. The text is about …. Conducted by EAS.

a. tests b. school exams c. services d. Employee’s activities e. products 12. To … one should attend Pre-Admission orientation.

a. apply for the a job d. select a university b. get a TOEFL Score e. be familiar with a test c. change of hours of operation

13. International test (TOEFL, GMAT or GRE) registration is now available at EAS. (Paragraph 1).The word “available “means …

Smooth the company finance with good salary and good working condition for good applicant.

Apply with the curriculum vitae to: Mrs. Barton

Office Equipment World & Efficiency Works PO Box 36 Whistle Woods UK

14. In which section would you likely read the ad? a. Company for sale d. Entertainment Guide b. Office equipment e. Stationary and Office c. Job vacancy

15. What position is offered in the advertisement? a. Salesman d. Office staff

b. Wholesaler e. Director and office c. Accountant

16. Apply with curriculum vitae to Mrs. Barton.

What information should the applicant include in it?

a. Experience in managing a company d. A statement of salary wanted b. A prove of knowing about stationary e. A statement of responsibility c. A statement of education and work experience

This text is for question 17 to 19

The Jakarta Post, a leading English-language daily Newspaper requires a qualified reporter.

The following qualifications are required: 1. Indonesian citizen.

2. University degree.

3. Good understanding of English, TOEFL score of at least 550. 4. Able to operate a computer

5. Not more than 26 years old.

6. pleasing personally, highly motivated and dynamic 7. Willing to take a series of test.

Please send and application letter in English, a copy of current curriculum vitae, a photograph of

Application should reach us before May 31, 2015



UKK_Ulangan Kenaikan Kelas Bhs.Ingg 2014/2015_manpc.

b. Education e. Travel agency c. Furniture

18. The Jakarta Post is looking for a person who is qualified in … a. teaching English d. writing news reports b. making a series of test e. leading a daily newspaper c. being a human resource manager

19. The Jakarta Post, a leading English-language daily newspaper, requires a qualified reporter. The underlined word means …

a. hires d. looks b. finds e. employs c. needs

Text number 20 - 22

A growing fast company offers some professionals to fulfill The position at the main office in Medan

The positions are: a. Secretary b. Programmer

c. Marketing executives

With the background qualifications: a. Graduating from S-1 degree b. Able to operate the computer well c. Good communication in English

d. Having experience with related position at least 2 years.

Send the application to “Waspada Daily Newspaper “at least 1 week after now.

20. The positions are open to anybody who is expected in the following, EXCEPT …. a. marketing d. Computer programming

b. managerial task e. designing a computer c. secretarial work program

21. Supposing the ad was on the newspaper on Wednesday, 2nd of August, when should be the deadline

of the application?

a. Tuesday, 8th of August d.Tuesday, 9th of August

b. Thursday, 10th of August e.Wednesday, 8th August

c. Wednesday, 9th of August

22. “A growing fast company offers some professionals to ...…in Medan. (Line 1). The underlined word refers to …. .

a. Immature and uneducated persons. d. Innocent and unqualified persons b. competent and experienced person e. unskilled and undeveloped persons c. amateur and inexperience person

Text number 23 – 24 Candidates who meet the qualifications below are encouraged to e-mail their CVs to: admin@mti-indonesia.org.


 Develop an action plan for community health project.

 Help recruit, hire and mentor local community health staff.

 Develop a network of community health activities in the targeted area.

Desired Minimum Qualifications:

 University degree, with a community health background

 At least four years experience in project work and management.

 Proficient in English, Indonesia and preferably Bahasa Aceh or Nias.


Good salary housing allowance (if relocated) and Health insurance.

23. The advertisement above is mainly about ….

a. traveling tour to NAD. d. management of Medical Teams.

b. Medical Teams International Project. e. a program of health activities in Pulau Nias. c. a vacancy in Medical Teams International INC.

24. An applicant should have …EXCEPT



UKK_Ulangan Kenaikan Kelas Bhs.Ingg 2014/2015_manpc.

b. three years experience. e.a network in the targeted area. c. a local community health staff

Text number 25 - 27

Dear Nan,

We are having a wonderful holiday in Gold Coast. Yesterday was great as we went to Movie World.

When we got up in the morning, it looked like rain. After a while the clouds disappeared and it became a sunny day. We then decided to go to Movie World.

First I went to Lethal Weapon. Next I saw the Police Academy Show. After that I had lunch as I was really hungry. Meanwhile, Mom and Kelly queued for the Batman ride. It rained about lunchtime but soon it was fine again. We really enjoyed our holiday.

Bye bye.



25. The text mainly tells us about …

a. A sunny day b. Sam’s letter c. Gold Coast d. Sam’s holiday e. Batman ride 26. Which of the following was not visited by Sam?

a. Batman Ride d. Lethal Weapon b. Gold Coast e. Police Academy Show c. Movie World

27. Which of the following is NOT TRUE about Sam?

a. He went for the holiday with his Mom and Kelly d. He had an unpleasant holiday. b. He went to the Gold Coast e. He enjoyed his holiday

c. He is Nan’s friend.

Read the following text to answer question 28 - 30

28 Which of the following is NOT TRUE according to the text?

a. Cinderella lived with her stepsister.

b. Cinderella felt happy with her husband.

c. Cinderella felt annoyed with her stepsister

d. Cinderella was helped by a fairy godmother to get to the ball.

e. Cinderella was helped by her stepsister to do all the housework.

29 The communicative purpose of this text is to……

a. entertain the readers with the story.

b. describe how Cinderella went to the ball

c. persuade the readers to read the story.

d. inform the readers about Cinderella’s marriage.

e. explain to the readers why Cinderella’s stepsister hated her so much.

30 “They were very bossy “(paragraph 1). The word” bossy” means…..

a. furious

c. sensitive

e. domineering

b. arrogant

d. offensive


One upon a time there was a beautiful girl called Cinderella. She lived with her

stepsister and stepmother. They were very bossy. She had to do all the housework.

One day an invitation to the ball came to the family. Her stepsister did not let her

go, so Cinderella was very sad. The stepsisters went to the ball without her.

Fortunately, the fairy God mother came and helped her to get to the ball. At the

ball, Cinderella danced with the princes. The prince fell in love with her then he married

her. They lived happily ever after.



UKK_Ulangan Kenaikan Kelas Bhs.Ingg 2014/2015_manpc.

Text number 31 - 32


Health and life care product professional for national sales manager position


age 30 – 35 years old and active in English and Mandarin


graduated s1 minimal GPA:3.0 from reputable university


min.3 years experiences involving the same field


lead and train the sales team


promote product awareness


develop new market, generate sales and active sales target


willing to travel within Indonesia

Candidate interested in challenging position

Please send your application letter, CV, and recent photograph (4x6)

Contact telephone number, within two weeks after this advertisement to:

Graha Ajidarma

Jl. Sunter selatan block O/V

Kav.25-26 Sunter Agung Podomoro

Jakarta utara 14360


31. The followings are requirements to apply for position above, except…


can speak English


graduate from S1 reputable university


at least have three years experiences involving the same field


age 30 – 35 years old


can read English and mandarin

32. Which is true according to the text?


the company needs production manager


the company sells health and life care product


the applicant must be able to speak mandarin only


a young man whose under age 25 years old can apply for the position


after one week of advertising, the applicant cannot send the application letter

Text number 33 – 36

33. The letter tells Tina about?

a. Jean’s congratulation

d. the description of Jean

Jl.Jenderal Sudirman

Puruk Cahu, May 30, 2015

Dear Tina,

Sorry, I haven’t written to you for too long. I moved to a new office last month

and I’ve been really busy getting settled.

It’s nice office, much bigger than the old one. It has three floors. I am on the first

one. It has ten rooms; my room is in the corner. The color of wall is blue. So, it always

looks fresh.

The office is in a strategic place with a shopping center just down the street. On

the same street, there are supermarkets, some quite good restaurants and stores.

I really enjoy working here, come over and have a look sometime.



UKK_Ulangan Kenaikan Kelas Bhs.Ingg 2014/2015_manpc.

b. the office is very nice

e. the description of Jean’s new office

c. Jean moved into new office

34. The purpose of the text is ………

a. to describe a particular place

d. to tell the readers about past events

b. to inform the way something is done e. to persuade reader to move into new house

c. to describe a particular person

35. What part of the letter is “Dear Tina?”

a. heading

b. salutation c. introduction

d. closing

e. personal goal

36. The last paragraph of the letter tells us about………….

a. Jean’s anxiety

d. Jean’s invitation

b. Jean’s congratulation

e. Jean’s apology

c. Jean’s introduction

37. A :

Did she tell her name to you?

B : Yes, she ……….me her name after I ……….her twice.

a. tells, asked c. told, had asked e. tells, was asking b. told, asked d. tell, was asked

38. Tommy has been studying…………nine o’clock.




c. as

d. within

e. as long as

39. When will you come back, Din?

Dina : I will go back here …… I finished my business in Singapore

a. when c. before e. while

b. after d. as soon as

40. What is it?

Beni : It is “tape”. A traditional Kalimantan snack. It ……….of cassava a. Made b. is made c. has been made d. makes e. was made


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