Importance of Driver Training Courses

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Importance of Driver Training Courses

It is extremely important to undertake a driving course for those who want to learn driving. One can always learn it privately but undertaking a course has a lot of benefits as it compiles a various rules and regulations and tips on how to handle the vehicle amongst other things. Undertaking a Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) is extremely important for Heavy Good Vehicle (HGV) and Public Service Vehicle (PSV) drivers. CPC is a driver qualification for drivers in the UK. It has been introduced in the UK for improving the standards of road safety.

The course has to be done in every 5 years so that drivers are up to date with all the new rules and regulations. For this course one should always refer to agencies who have relevant courses available as it is extremely important to be updated with rules and regulations. Agencies with experience should also be preferred for this course as a lot of nitty gritties can only be learnt from years of experience. OLMC is one of the finest agencies with multiple years of experience and experts. They provide the most relevant driver CPC training courses.


OLMC has an eye opening 7 -hour driver CPC training Course that brings, drivers up to speed with graduated fixed penalties and provides awareness of the type of things that should be checked, what constitutes a defect on the vehicle and how to ensure that you don’t receive graduated fixed

penalties to ultimately avoid getting points on the licence.

The course has been designed to provide drivers the understanding of how to conduct effective vehicle roadworthiness, inspections for legal compliance. It also teaches them on how to inspect the vehicle prior to use and report any defects.

Some other component of the course include knowledge about driver hours regulation. It includes the legal responsibilities of the drivers with regard to both EU driver’s hours legislation, GB Rules, as well as the Working Time Directive applicable to both PCV and HGV Regulations.

The course also includes knowledge about operator’s licenses. The operator license might belong to Transport Managers, Company Directors and business owners; however, drivers are the people behind the wheel, using the vehicles on the road. This Driver focused course provides a good awareness of how operator licensing affects a business and why they need to follow the procedures and processes their employers have in place.

Benefits you have from the CPC course:


The course provides a clear understanding of various details that are taught keeping in mind both:

the road safety and the regulations of EU.

Some of them being:

 The classification of defects.

 Implications of fixed penalties and Graduated Fixed penalties for driving a defective vehicle.

 Working Time Directive; to provide an overview of the working time regulations and ensure compliance with legal requirements.

 Potential Implications of committing an offence.

 Drivers Hours, legislation and worked examples providing drivers with a full understanding of how to comply with the law.

Driving a Heavy Goods Vehicle and Public Service Vehicle involve a lot of responsibility. Its extremely risky driving an HGV as it has tonnes of heavy weight goods. Any kind of mishap and it not only causes risk for the driver but for others on the road as well.

In any kind of PSV service, it involves being responsible for the lives of people availing those services.

If not taken care properly any mishap can do more harm than help.

Get in touch with OLMC for knowing in detail about the driver CPC training course and how in can also help you to stay ahead of your competitors and be the best in the business.

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