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Linda Cahyaningrum is a young girl. She is seventeen years old. She is a shop manager. She works at a big shop in south Jakarta. She lives at Jl. Sudirman no 67 South Jakarta, about two hundred meters from her work place. She goes to work on foot.

Linda is tall and rather fat, but her face is beautiful. She has a flat nose but her lips are so cute that they make her look beautiful. Moreover, she has very bright skin and a small mole on her left cheek. Her hair is long and curly. She always binds it with a hair accessory to make her appearance neater and attractive.

Linda is very clever. Therefore, she was chosen as a manager in the shop. She is very diligent and patient, too. She always finishes her tasks on time and quickly. She is also kind and friendly to everybody. There, nobody hates her. Otherwise, her friends like to help and love her very much.

1. What does the text tell us about?

a. How Linda Cahyaningrum works in the shop step by step b. The description of Linda Cahyaningrum in particular c. The work of Linda Cahyaningrum

d. The shop of Linda Cahyaningrum

2. What is Linda? a. A shop assistant b. A seller

c. A shop keeper d. A shop manager

3. What is on Linda’s left cheek? a. An accessory

b. A big acne c. A mole d. A small spot

4. Why do Linda’s friends like her very much? a. Because she is so cute and beautiful

b. Because she is a shop manager c. Because she is very attractive d. Because she is kind and friendly

5. “..that they make her look beautiful” (second paragraph) What does the word “they” in the sentence refer to?

a. A face and a nose b. Lips

c. Curly and long hair d. Linda’s friend

6. “….to make her appearance neater and attractive.” The underlined word has the same meaning with..


Read the text below to answer the question from no. 7 to 11

Every Sunday, Sari and her mother go to the market. It is the traditional market. It is not big but complete enough. There are many kinds of goods they can buy. There are many kinds of vegetables, some kind of fruit and other daily needs.

The market is not far for their house. They go there by motorcycle. They like to buy some things there, because the price is cheap. They can also bargain the price. Usually they buy some vegetables and fruit.

7. When do Sari and her mother go to the market? a. Every day

b. Every Sunday c. Every Monday d. Every week

8. How is the market like? a. Very big

b. Not small c. Not big d. modern

9. Which is the antonym of “near”? a. complete

b. far c. big d. cheap

10. Why do they like to buy something at the traditional market? Because… a. they don’t need the bargain

b. the price is expensive c. the price is cheap

d. all the thing are fixed price

11. “There are many kinds of goods...” the underlined word has the same meaning with… a. Things

b. Price c. Markets d. sellers

Read the text below to answer the question from no. 12 to 14

Ingredients : sugar, a tea bag, hot water Direction :

Firstly, prepare a clean cup and saver. Then, place a teaspoonful of sugar into the cup. Next, pour the hot water into the cup. After that, put a tea bag and jingle it. Then, stir well using a teaspoon till dissolve. Lastly, your sweet tea is ready to serve.

12. What is the purpose of the text above?

a. To describe about a cup of sweet tea in particular b. To describe about a cup of iced tea

c. To tell about how to make a cup of sweet tea step by step d. To show how to use a tea bag step by step


a. Sugar, a tea bag and hot water b. A tea spoon, a cup, and a saver c. A tea bag, a tea spoon and a glass

d. A cup, a saver, a spoon sugar, a tea bag, and hot water

14. How many ways do you do to make a cup of tea based on the text? a. Fourt

b. Five c. Six d. Seven

Read the text below to answer the question from no. 15 to 17


To : all students of eight grade

There will be a cooking competition. It begins on Saturday , January 1. The event will last from 8.00-10.00 am. More information contact Riska 081327953555.

15. What a kind of text is it? a. An advertisement b. An announcement c. A short message d. A letter

16. How long will the event run? a. 8 hours

b. 10 hours c. 3 hours d. 2 hours

17. Whom is the text for? a. Riska

b. Eight grade students c. All students

d. Teachers

Read the text below to answer the question from no. 18 to 19

Dear Dakem,

Please, pick your sister up after school. Your lunch is on the table. I go to a stationary.


18. Whom is the message sent? a. Mom

b. Writer’s husband c. Dakem

d. Dakem’s sister

19. From the text we know that the writer wants to buy…. a. shoes


d. a spinach

20. Dany and Sandra (go) to the market to shop everything they need every week. The good change of the word in the bracket is…..

a. Going b. Go c. Goes d. are going

21.Andi : can I borrow your pencil?

Sani : Sure here it is

Andi : Thank you

Sani : …..

a. I’m sorry b. Thank you

C. Don’t mention it D. That’s Ok

22. Mother : Marisa, did you break the plate? Marisa : Yes I did, I’m sorry Mom…

Mother :…… a. I’m sorry too b. You are welcome c. That’s all right d. don’t mention it

23. Teacher : Hadi, open the door please ! Hadi : ….

a. Don’t mention it b. Ok Sir, thank you

c.Yes, Sir d. I’m sorry Sir

24. A : Do you like to play sport? B : ……

A : What sport do you like?

B : I’m very fond of playing football a. No, I don’t

b. Yes, I’m fine C. Yes, I like it a lot d. I can’t stand it

25. A : What do you think about my new dress? B : …….It’s looks good.

a. I know b. I think c. It’s good




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