Scent or No Scent That is the Question about Good Skin Care Products

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The article summarizes how fragrances could be a hazrd to a person’s skin, and sometimes even their health. Almost any household products, cleaning products, and personal skin care products have fragrances, so people must choose what product to use wisely.


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With all the skin beauty products available in the market today, one tends to wonder which products really work and which ones do not make good on their promises, as advertised. Another major concern, especially among women, is the possible presence of harmful ingredients in these products. Most women really want to know which items can be considered as good skin care products. They also need to identify which ones should be avoided in order to minimize if not prevent skin damage due to harsh chemicals. Most skin care products contain these ingredients: propylene glycol, mineral oil, and petroleum. But most users of these products don’t really bother to look at what’s inside the bottle or container. The decision to buy the product is often made after one is exposed to advertisements or if one finds a particular product to delightful in terms of its fragrance.

The smell of the skin care product is an important factor to consider not only for the sake of one’s nose. The fragrance of the product can actually harm one’s skin especially if the user of the skin care item has an allergy to certain chemicals used in making perfume.

A research study was done some years ago on a certain brand name of a perfume and has found this brand to contain 41 different ingredients that are known to be carcinogenic. The said fragrance was also found to cause respiratory tract infections and other ailments. Researchers say that even if the product label says that it is merely a ˆfragrance˜, the product could still have been made from various chemicals, of which only 20% could have been tested for safety by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. If a person has sensitive skin, then ˆfragrance˜ of any kind should definitely be avoided. Skin care products with harmful chemicals could potentially cause more harm than good if one has sensitive skin. Other products that are used daily should also be reviewed carefully to determine their potential as skin irritants. Perfume or fragrance is found in shampoo, conditioners, hairspray, make-up, shaving cream, deodorants, soap, baby care products, and just about every household cleaning or laundry product found in supermarket shelves. Just to be safe, always choose products that are marked as ˆfragrance-free˜ or ˆwithout perfume.˜ Do not choose a product that is labeled as ˆunscented˜ since that usually means that another chemical was added to mask the scent of other ingredients and chemicals.

In case one is not willing or able to totally give up fragrances, there is one good skin care product that is a must-have --- a shielding lotion. A good shielding lotion bonds with the outer layer of the skin to form a protective layer that keeps out chemicals. It can help prevent the absorption of the fragrances and prevent uncomfortable skin allergic reactions.

Indeed, beauty should be more than skin-deep. In the same manner, women should also be more discerning or choosy about the products they buy and use. Being 100% convinced by television advertisements or getting the urge the buy a product due to its packaging or scent may cause unexpected harm. The best advice would be to know if one has a skin allergy and identify which products are safe for everyday use.

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