Puffing Your Way to Infertility

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The ill-effects of smoking to the circulatory and cardiovascular systems have been known for years. Smoking is one of the contributing factors in the development of ailments like emphysema, lung cancer, and many more. Recent studies suggest that this habit may play a key role in infertility among men and women.

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The harmful health effects of smoking has been documented for many years. It has been known that smoking is responsible for a number of ailments like bronchitis, high blood pressure, pneumonia, lung cancer, emphysema, and may actually shorten one’s lifespan for up to 10 years. Smokers also increase the risk of osteoporosis, a health condition that weakens the bones, making them prone to breakage and other injuries. Recent studies show that smoking is probably one of the reasons why many couples are faced with fertility problems.


cigarettes hinder the flow of blood to and in the penis. Blood circulation is necessary for attaining and maintaining an erection. Male smokers in their 30s or 40s may increase the risk of having erectile dysfunction (ED) by almost 50 percent. Smoking damages the blood vessels and, specifically, the nicotine content of cigarettes narrows the arteries that carries blood to the penis. Reduced blood flow and pressure in in the penis may lead to erection difficulties.

In addition, high blood pressure, an ailment that can be developed through smoking, may lead to low

testosterone levels in men. Testosterone is a primary male hormone that plays a crucial role in male sexual arousal. Low testosterone levels lead to decreased arousal and sexual performance. Toxins found in cigarettes may harm the testes. Smoking may affect the semen and the sperm, reducing their mobility and quality. Men who smoke tend to have lower sperm counts and malformed sperms than their non-smoking counterparts.


pregnant. The effects of smoking on sexual health have been taken for granted all these because the effects have been focused on the cardiovascular and circulatory system.

Other health problems that can be encountered through smoking may include the following:

¯ bad breath

¯ stained teeth and gums ¯ smelly clothes

¯ difficulty keeping up with friends with sports activities

¯ high blood pressure increased risk of developing cataracts

¯ acid taste in the mouth ¯ ulcer

¯ paler skin and more wrinkles

Understanding the adverse effects of smoking on overall health may become a motivation for many to quit smoking. However, quitting smoking may be easier said than done. But because of modern technology, there are now various products and medications that are out in the market that are designed to help individuals quit smoking. These products may help a smoker cut the habit by making them more comfortable and complacent to adjust to life without cigarettes. Many quit smoking products are available over the counter, it is best to seek the approval of health professionals to clarify side effects and drug interactions that may be developed while under medication. With the right tools and attitude, quitting smoking can be easier than others think.

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