Soal UKK Bahasa Inggris Kelas 2 SD Plus Jawabannya

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Teks penuh

(1) Jangan lupa klik like facebook nya ya …! I. Choose the correct answer by crossing a, b, or c!

1. Sherli orders a plate of .... a. meatball

b. fried rice c. noodle

2. Sherli orders .... to drink. a. a glass of mango juice

4.We have ... in the morning. a. lunch

b. dinner c. breakfast

5. My favorite food is .... (ayam goreng) a. fried noodle

8 .... for bringing something. a. foot

b. eyes c. hands

9. I go to school on ... because it's very near with my house.

11. The colour of Indonesian flag is... a. red and black

14. I use ... to erase the whiteboard. a. ruler

17. There is a .... hanging on the wall. (gambar) a. cupboard

b. chair c. picture

18. Moslems go to mosque on ... a. Sunday

b. Friday c. Monday

19. Today is Thursday. Yesterday was .... a. Tuesday

b. Wednesday c. Friday

20. Today is Friday. Tomorrow will be ... a. Sunday

23. The students are having lunch in the .... a. canteen

b. library c. office

(2) Jangan lupa klik like facebook nya ya …! b. am

c. are

25. There is ... drawing book on the table. a. a

b. an c. are

26. We wear ... to go to school. a. short

b. uniform c. sandals

27. I put hat on my .... a. head

b. hand c. nose

28. Mango, orange, strawberry and durian are the names of ...

a. fruits b. vegetables c. colours

29. Carrot, spinach, cucumber and potato are the names of ....

a. vegetables b. fruit c. days

30. ... likes banana. a. rabbit

b. tiger c. monkey

II. Fill the blanks bellow! 31. Lion has four ...

32. Tiger eats ....

33. .... are swimming in the pond. 34. Mother needs ... to make soup. 35. Chicken has ... legs.

36. My father's wife is my ....

37. I have father and mother. They are my .... 38. Those ... three pencils.

39. I ... fine thank you. 40. Goat eats ....


1. b 11. c 21. c 31. legs 2. a 12. a 22. a 32. meat 3. a 13. b 23. a 33. fishes 4. c 14. b 24. c 34. vegetables