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Find out about billiard accessories here. How many different kinds of billiards supplies are there? Where are the best places to find them? Read killer review about pool and billiard products.


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Billiard accessories is a pretty broad category. If you are in to playing pool and billiards then you have probably purchased some type of accessory in the past.

Some of the pool and billiard items which you could be looking for are billiards tables (pool tables), table covers, pool cues, billiard chalk, hand chalk, chalk holders, cue tips, table brushes, rack (racking balls), trays (carrying billiard balls), glue and clamps for repairing tips, sand paper, tip scuffers, tip tappers, tip shapers, billiard ball cleaner, training books, training videos, etc. Above is a list of twenty different kinds of billiard accessories. We didn´t even cover the wide variety of mechanical bridges available or the aim trainers and other teaching products. Let´s not forget the table brushes and products for cleaning the chalk off of your felt.

How about pool cue cases and those clamps that hook to a dining table in the tavern or pool hall that holds the cues in an upright standing position?

There is a whole other grouping of billiard accessories where table repair is concerned. There is billiard cloth, adhesive for covering your table, staples, rails and rubber, and pocket inserts. I did a search on Google for billiard accessories and came up with 834,000 results. Yes that is eight hundred and thirty four thousand. With all of these choices, how do we decide where to get them? I make sure that I know what I am looking for. I read up on name brands and try to find some reviews. I then shop for price and a merchant that I can trust.

I prefer to buy most of my billiard accessories on line. I have been known to make several purchases from vendors at tournaments and billiards trade shows however.

I like to purchase on line, because it is laid back and I get the item delivered to my door. I almost never find myself in the billiard supplies store and I am always doing something on line. Buying on line is down right convenient. I hope you enjoyed this article and I would love to hear your comments questions and stories. Subscribe to the RSS feed on the upper right corner of this blog and get articles like this delivered to your desk top.

To Your Run Out Success, Ted

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