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Academic year: 2017


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BIG MGMP BWI TEAM Page 1 This text is for questions no 1-5


Bali is situated between the island of Java to the west and the island of Lombok to the east. This island is widely regarded by visitors as the ultimate island.

Bali is k i lo g a d k i ide. Whe people o e to Bali’s apital ity, De pasa , it is well worth to visit Bali National Museum. Most of exhibits now have labels in English explaining their history, origin and sig ifi a e. Visiti g Pasa Badu g is also e o e ded. It is k o as the to ’s largesth market, housed in a three-storey building. Visitor can buy unique handicarfts in reasobale prices.

Bali is also known for its beaches. Bali’s ost popula ea hes are Kuta, Legian, and Jimbaran Beach. Kuta and Legian Beaches are paradise for surfers and famous for their funky nightlife zone. Jimbaran Beach ,on the other hand, is quiet and tranquil. Many visitors are always excited to see sunset in these stunning beaches.

1. Where is Bali located?

a. Between west Java and Lombok

b. Between the island of Java and Lombok c. Between Denpasar and Bali National Museum d. Between Bali National Museum and Pasar Badung 2. How long is Bali?

a. 50 km b. 80 km c. 90 km d. 145 km

3. What is the capital of Bali? a. Lombok b. Denpasar c. Jimbaran d. Pasar Badung

4. What is the main idea of paragraph 2? a. The stunning beach in Bali b. Bali ese’s useu

c. Places to visit in Denpasar d. Pasar Badung

5. Ji a a Bea h ,o the othe ha d, is uiet a d tranquil . last paragraph). The synomym of the underlined word is?

a. Full of people b. Ful of activities c. Busy and crowded d. Calm and peacefull This text is for questions no 6 – 9

6. What was the name od the event? a. Special event

b. Performance Day c. Clay work

d. Experiment day

It as “atu day, August d. Ou s hool as holdi g a spe ial e e t. It as alled the Pe fo a e day .

At 9 a.m., the event started. Every student was taking part in the event. Some students were joining a chess competition and some others were taking part in face painting. I myself was working with my team. We were doing an experiment with some clay.

The Pe fo a e day fi ished at 2 p.m. We were still happy. We had a good time.








7. How long did the event last? a. Nine hours b. Seven hours c. Five hours d. Two hours 8. What was the writer doing?

a. He was playing chess b. He was painting his face c. He was working alone d. He was doing an experiment 9. How did the writer feel?

a. Tired b. Bored c. Fatigue d. Delighted

This text is for questions no 10 - 14

10. Why did ’t the ite ha e pla s to spe d his f ee ti e? a. Because he was very busy

b. Because his parents were busy

c. Be ause he did ’t k o the holiday had o e d. Beacuse he wanted to spend the holiday at home

11. Ho did the ite fell he he k e )aky did ’t have any plans either? a. Sad

b. Sorry c. Happy d. Guilty

12. Which statement is true according the text?

a. The writer went around the city by bicycle b. Zaky learned volleyball from the writer

c. The writer and Zaky visited three museums during the holiday d. The things displayed at the museum were boring

13. How long did the holiday last? a. Four days

b. Five days c. Six days d. Seven days

14. How many day did Zaky spend to practice serving? a. Five days

b. Four days c. Three days d. Two days

The holiday had come. At first, I had no idea how to spend my free time. I had no plan because I knew my parents were very busy. My father was finishing his project, while my mother had to take care of my little sister. She was just five months.

Lu kily, o e of y f ie ds, )aky, did ’t have any plan either. So, he came to my house nearly every day during the holiday. We did a lot of things.

On the first day, we went around the city by motorcycle. We stopped by at some malls in the city and enjoyed window shopping.

The next day, I taught Zaky how to play volleyball. It took three days for hi to be able to do the service well.

We spend the last two days by visiting museums in our city; Ronggowarsito and Mandala Bhakti Museums. Wa learned a lot from the things displayed in the museums.


This text is for questions no 15 - 18

15. Which area will the candidate be place? a. Jakarta

b. Semarang

c. Semarang and Jakarta d. Jakarta and Central Java

16. Which of the following does not belong to the requirement of a candidate? a. Unmarried

b. Able to work in a team c. Abble to speak English d. Good looking

17. What code should a candidate write on the top left of the envelope? a. CV

b. REP c. HRD d. S1

18. When should the candidate sent the application letter? a. Before April 18th, 2009

b. After April 18th, 2009

c. The day after April 18th, 2009 d. Two days after April 18th, 2009 This text is for questions no 19 - 23

19. How was the wave in Parangtritis Beach? a. Large

b. Very large c. Dangerous d. Small

Suara Merdeka Daily Newspaper needs:

REPORTER (REP) Qualification:

 Male/Female, age not more than 25 years  Single

 Bachelor Degree (S1)  Active English

 Interested and has experience in journalism  Good persanality

 Able to work in team

 Willing to be posted in Central Java andJakarta

Please send application, CV, and recent photograph to: HRD Suara Merdeka

Jl. Pandanaran 30 Semarang, not more than April 18th, 2009. Please quote the above code on the top left of the envelope.

Dear Maria,

Yesterday Uncle Tumijo took me

and my cousin to the beach. It’s called Parangtritis

Beach and we had the most thrilling view. Its large wave was really owesome.

Unfortunatelly, we could not swim in this beach. There were so many deep hollows along the

beach.People can easily be drowned. We played beach volleyball in the afteroon. Then we

took a traditional cart called andong and enjoyed the sunset.

It was fun ! Wish you here.



20. Why ould ’t the ite go swimming to Parangtritis beach? Because ... a. The beach was dark

b. It was very dangerous

c. There were some people drowned at that time d. She was very tired playing the beach volleyball 21. ... a d e had the ost th illi g ie .

The o d e efe s to ... a. Uncle Tumijo and Maria b. Maria and Annette

c. U le Tu ijo a d A ette’s ousi d. Annette and cousin

22. Which of the following activities was not done by the writer? a. Taking andong

b. Enjoying sunset

c. Swimming at the beach d. Playing beach volleyball 23. Who wrote the postcard?

a. Maria b. Annette c. Uncle Tumijo d. A ette’s ousi

This dialogue for questions no 24 - 30

24. a. How are you? . It’s e Ma ti c. Do you know me? d. Do you know I call you? 25. a. Are you with me?

b. Are you listening to me? c. Are you sleeping tonight?

d. Are you doing something this night? 26. a. Are you happy to go with me?

b. Let’s go a d fi d so e pa ties.

c. How about inviting people for a party? d. Would you like to come to a party with me 27. a. Mi a da’s

b. A oy’s c. A di’s d. “a i’s

28. a. At Wisma Garuda b. Tonigh

c. Alone d. Just for two

Temon : Hallo? Te o ’s speaking. Martin : Hi, Temon. ... (24)... Temon : Hi, Ma ti . What’s up? Martin : Listen. ...(25) .... Temon : Nothing planned. Why? Martin : ...(26) ...

Temon : Sure, I love to. Whose party? Martin : It’s ... ... i thday pa ty Temon : Oh yeah. I know him. Where is it? Martin : ....(28) ...

Temon : Where do you want to meet? Martin : ...(29)...

Temon : Ok, at my house at seven. Martin : ...(30) ... See you soon. Bye.


29. a. What if you pick me up? b. Let’s eet at the plaza. c. I know the way to go there. d. Let’s eet at you pla e. 30. a. Great

b. Never mind c. You’ e el o e d. Nice to meet you

31. Cindy : Excuse e, you’ e sitti g o y seat Taufiq : ....

a. I’ so y. I did ’t ealiza it. b. I’ll o e it

c. No, thanks. d. I know.

32. Ibeng : Do you mind if I close the window? Joni : ... and close it.

a. Not at all, go right a head b. I have no idea

c. Yes, of course d. I know

This text is for questions no 33 - 35

The Lamb and the Wolf

One day the wolf slaking his thirst at a stream when he change to see a lamb, also drinking, at some distance down the stream.

Out age, he g o led, You a e uddyi g y d i ki g ate , I k o I shall eat you.

The la p ostested, But, si , ho a I uddyi g your drinking water? I am rather dwon st ea tha you a e. The ate is flo i g f o you pa t of the st ea to he e I a ,

Upste a of d o ste a , you d i ki g is uddyi g y ate , a d I shall aet you. “o sayi g, the wolf leaped upon the lamb and devoured him.

33. Where did the story take place? a. On the river

b. In the forest c. In the jungle d. At the zoo

34. The following facts made the wolf get angry with the lamb, except.... a. The lamb muddied the water

b. The wolf wanted to eat the lamb c. The lamb drank at the same stream d. The lamb prostested him

35. We can learn from the story that ... a. Never drink the river water

b. Never clean our body on the stream c. The bad will always beat the good d. The strong will always rule the week

36. 1. Jati : I’d lo e to, ut hat ill you ele ate? 2. Sofi : Not at all. I just have to study harder.

3. Sofi : Jati, I am going to have party tonight. Would you like to come? 4. Sofi : I won the Math Competition last week.

5. Jati : Really? Congratulation! Wow you are very clever. a. 4 – 5 – 2 – 1 – 3


37. Wanda : Do you mind if I use your motorcycle? Diah : ... You do ’t ha e the li e se yet.

a. Of course b. I do ’t thi k so c. I think you can d. I agree with you This text is for questions no 38 - 41

38. What kind of party is it?

a. A wedding anniversary b. A surprise birthday party c. A Ne Nea ’s E e Pa ty d. A wedding party 39. When will the party be held?

a. Twenty seventh of June b. Twenty sixth of June c. Sixteenth of June d. Tenth of June 40. Where will the party be held?

a. At Deering Bay Estates Club House b. At De ielle “te e s’ house

c. On Deering Bay Street d. At Pa ke ’s house

41. R“VP sta d fo espo dez “’il Vous Plait , hi h ea s .... a. Make sure you come

b. I want you to come c. Please reply d. Do ’t fo get

42. This animal cannot run, but it can hope very fast. What animal is it? a. frog

b. horse c. kangaroo d. grasshoper

43. It is an animal. It likes to eat banana. It can climb a tree. What animal is it? a. tiger

b. monkey c. bird d. wolf

44. It is a wild animal. It can live on the land and water. It has sharp teeth. It has a long tail. a. lion

b. buffalo c. crocodile d. girrafe

Virginia Parker is turning to 80, Though it may seem absurb !

We’ e ha i g pa ty, ut do ’t eathe a o d! Please join us for a Surprise Birthday Party

Sunday, June 16th. 2:00 p.m.

Deering Bay Estates Club House 13600 Old Cutler Road


45. Anik : Your shoes are e , a e ’t they? ... a e they? Intan : They are Rp. 100.000,00.

a. How old b. How much c. How many d. How tall

This text is for questions no 46 – 48


Once upon time, there lived a happy family in a village. A man and his wife lived happily on a little farm, tending their flock of geese and selling their egss at the market. They were not rich, but they were happy with their life together.

Then one day a new goose flew among their flock. The couple was surprise to find a shiny golden egg in her nest. Each and every day after that, the goose laid another egg of solid gold.

The couple was soon rich than they had ever dreamed of, but they were not happy. They grew in patient with only golden egg a day. The farmer said to his ife, Ou goose ust e full of gold. Why should e ait to ha e o e eggs?

If e ut he ope , his ife ag eed. We a get all the eggs at o e. “o they killed the goose. They were very surprise to find that it was just like any other goose inside. Even worse, there woild never be any more golden eggs.

46. How many golden eggs did the couple get each a day? a. 1

b. 2 c. 3 d. 4

47. How did the couple relieve their patience? a. by killing the goose

b. by selling the new goose c. by tending their flock of geese d. by selling the eggs at the market

48. What moral value can we learn from the story? a. We should know our limitation

b. We must be honest to get success c. We sould stand on our own feet

d. We must be patien, not be greedy to get richer

49. Riki : What do you thi k of A d ea Hi ata’s o el? Vega : .... I have read them four times.

a. I a ’t tell b. I have no idea c. I do ’t thi k I like the d. I think they are great novels

50. Once upon a time there ... two couples that lived in the mount of Bromo. a. is

b. was c. were d. are


Dokumen terkait

Pengaruh Pemberian Cacing Rambut (Tubifex sp.) dan Daging Ikan Nila (Oreochromis niloticus) dengan Tingkat Perbandingan yang Berbeda terhadap Pertumbuhan Benih Ikan Sidat

merupakan suatu kegiatan untuk menggerakkan atau mengarahkan orang lain agar bisa dapat bekerja dengan baik dalam upaya mencapai tujuan yang di inginkan....  Tujuannya agar

Kemacetan ditinjau dari tingkat pelayanan jalan, pada saat LOS= C < LOS= D < LOS=E , kondisi arus lalu-lintas mulai tidak stabil, kecepatan operasi menurun relatif cepat,

Menilik kembali apa yang dikatakan Heryanto di atas, di mana fokus hubungan Indonesia dan Amerika Serikat pada saat itu adalah penyebaran produk industri budaya pop Amerika (yang

Poverty and impoverishment in the world currently continue to increase as a result of distributive justice systems and its principles that became the basis of contemporary economics

Konselor sekolah atau guru bimbingan dan konseling sebagai pelaksana utama dan langsung seringkali menginginkan jalan pintas dan praktis atau instan untuk bisa berubah


kelWy''_'' Allah rnenefllnglWn cara ITMIfl<Ial>;'Itkannya dengan beke<)8 do.n IMltnldlJ3iln yang hodn) Karen.a. h;)f~' merupattan S8<ann konyamanan hldup aal1;i

untuk mendapat senang, kita harus sakit dahulu c.. untuk mencapai tujuan, kita harus


Penelitian ini dilatarbelakangi dari keresahan penulis terhadap kurangnya aktivitas belajar siswa dalam proses pembelajaran sejarah, hal ini jelas bertentangan

S-1 (Strata-Satu)/ D-4 (Diploma-Empat) bidang Ekonomi/Sosial/ Administrasi Negara/ Pemerintahan/ Kebijakan Publik atau bidang lain yang relevan dengan tugas jabatan4.

Hasil penelitian yang telah dilakukan oleh berbagai peneliti terdahulu menemukan bahwa induk udang lokal di Sulawesi Selatan telah terinfeksi oleh virus dan seringkali terjadi



Kelompok Kerja Unit Layanan Pengadaan : 472 - 2015 Pemerintah Kabupaten Sidoarjo akan melaksanakan Pemilihan Langsung dengan Pascakualifikasi untuk paket


Kalimantan Tengah http://www.lpse.kalteng.go.id., Panitia Pengadaan Barang/Jasa dilingkungan Sekretariat Dinas Pekerjaan Umum Provinsi Kalimantan Tengah yang ditetapkan dengan

Andaikan para pendidik di sekolah mampu menggali dan mengembangkan serta mengarahkan anak didik mereka sesuai dengan kecerdasan-kecerdasan yang dimilikinya maka

Perusahaan dengan pertumbuhan yang positif memberikan suatu tanda bahwa ukuran perusahaan tersebut semakin berkembang dan mengurangi kecenderungan ke arah

Harapan saya agar kontribusi HIMPSI melalui buku ini dapat membantu berbagai pihak seperti pemerintah, para pendidik, para orang tua, dan semuanya untuk (1) melakukan