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Mata Pelajaran : BAHASA INGGRIS

Jenjang : SMA/MA

Peminatan : MIPA/IPS/IBB


Hari/Tanggal : Rabu, 21 Maret 2018

Jam : 07.30 sd 09.30



Periksalah naskah soal yang anda terima sebelum mengerjakan soal yang meliputi :


Kelengkapan jumlah halaman atau urutannya.


Kelengkapan dan urutan nomor soal.


Kesesuaian nama mata uji dan progran studi/peminatan yang tertera pada kanan

atas naskah soal dengan Lembar Jawaban Ujian Sekolah Berstandar Nasional



Laporkan kepada pengawasruang ujian apabila terdapat lembar soal, nomor soal yang

tidak lengkap atau tidak urut, serta LJUSBN yang rusak atau robek untuk mendapat



Isilah pada LJUSBN Anda dengan :


Nama peserta pada kotak yang disediakan, lalu hitamkan bulatan di bawahnya

sesuai dengan huruf di atasnya.


Nomor peserta dan tanggal lahir pada kolom yang disediakan, lalu hitamkan

bulatan di bawahnya sesuai dengan huruf/angka di atasnya.


Nama sekolah, tanggal ujian, dan bubuhkan tanda tangan Anda pada kotak yang



Tersedia waktu 120 menit untuk mengerjakan naskah soal tersebut.


Jumlah soal pilihan ganda (PG) sebanyak 40 butir dan soal uraian (


) sebanyak 5



Tidak diizinkan menggunakan kalkulator, HP, tabel matematika atau alat bantu hitung



Periksalah pekerjaan Anda sebelum diserahkan kepada pengawas ruang ujian.


Lembar soal dan halaman kosong boleh dicoret-coret, sedangkan LJUSBN tidak boleh




USBN 2017/2018 ©Hak Cipta pada Dinas Pendidikan Provinsi Jawa Barat


In this section of the test, you will have the chance to show how well you understand spoken English. There are four parts to this section with special directions for each part.

PART I: Questions 1 to 2

Direction: In this part of the test you will hear some dialogues and questions spoken in English. The questions and the dialogues will be spoken twice. They will not be printed in your test book, so you must listen carefully to understand what the speakers are saying. After you listen to the dialogue and the question about it, read the five possible answers, and decide which one would be the best answer to the question you have heard.

Now listen to a sample question. You will hear: Boy : Do you use internet very often? Girl : Yes, I do. I use it for communication. Boy : How do you communicate with it?

Girl : I send and receive emails, and I speak with my friends using voice mail.

What is the main topic of the conversation? A. How do to use email

B. Internet usage C. Receiving emails D. Voice mail E. Communication

The best answer to this question is “Internet usage”, therefore you should choose answer (B) 1. A. Registering to extra lesson

B. Studying preference C. Learning with fun D. Studying with friends E. Preparing National Exam



Questions 3 to 4 Directions:

In this part of the test, you will hear some incomplete dialogues spoken in English, followed by four responses, also spoken in English. The dialogues and the responses will be spoken twice. They will not be printed in your test book, so you must listen carefully to understand what the speakers are saying. You have to choose the best response to each question. Now listen to a sample question.

3. Mark on your answer sheet 4. Mark on your answer sheet PART III

Questions: 5 to 6. Directions:

In this part of the test, you will hear some dialogues or monologues spoken in English. The dialogues or monologues will be spoken twice. They will not be printed in your test book, so you must listen carefully to understand what the speakers are saying. After you listen to the dialogue or monologue, look at the five pictures provided in your test book, and decide which would be the most suitable one for the dialogue or monologue you have heard.

5. A. D.

B. E.


USBN 2017/2018 ©Hak Cipta pada Dinas Pendidikan Provinsi Jawa Barat

6. A. D.

B. E.



Questions 7 to 10. Directions:

In this part of the test, you will hear several monologues. Each monologue will be spoken twice. They will not be printed in your test book, so you must listen carefully to understand what the speakers are saying. After you hear the monologue and the question about it, read the five possible answers and decide which one would be the best answer to the question you have heard.

7. A. Drinkable water B. Safe drinking water C. Drinking manual D. Water Bacteria E. Water filter

8. A. 99.9 % unlimited B. Multiple times C. 30 days of use D. Unlimited use E. One time a day

9. A. Preparation of history test

B. The man‟s history exam C. The man‟s exam failure


© 10. A. He had finished his history exam

B The exam was definetly easy for the man C. He stayed all night to review on the test D. He thought he had enough preparations E. He was surprised that the test was difficult



The following text is for questions number 11 to 13.

Finland University Survey –Get a chance to win a brand new iPad Air 2

Finland University are looking for student survey replies by Sunday 12.6 from Bachelor‟s students to

improve our universities services.

Please take part in the survey from the link. https//response.questback.com/marketingclinicfinlandoy/. As a thank you for participating in the survey you will get a chance to win a brand new iPad Air 2.

Note that the responses given will be strictly confidential and the results are used solely for research purposes. No identifying information is passed on to any University or third party. Research result

will be used to improve recruiting & admission processes and to better support foreign master‟s

degree students in the universities that have commissioned the survey.

(source :www.international.itb.ac.id)

11.The above announcement informs us about ….

A. The students‟ response survey for Finland University

B. The services of Finland University for the students C. The reward that will be given for foreign students D. The effort how to improve the services for the students E. The invitation for the students to response the survey

12. They will use the result of the survey for ….

A. improving better facilities in universities B. conducting more research in Universities

C. enlarging the students‟ knowledge

D. improving better recruitment and admission process E. promoting the university to foreign students

13. … the responses given will be strictly confidential ….

The underlined word means …


USBN 2017/2018 ©Hak Cipta pada Dinas Pendidikan Provinsi Jawa Barat The following text is for questions number 14 to 16.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to complain about an article in last Monday‟s newspaper, “Schools fail low-income

children”. As the Head teacher of one of the largest junior high, I feel strongly that the article does not

describe our school.

My school has children from many different economic backgrounds, but a large percentage come from lower-income families. Nevertheless, our tests show that the children do well and benefit from the excellent work our teacher do. Last year our school moved from the 24th to 5th place according to

the official assessment by the state government. This clearly not the “failure” that the article suggests.

I would strongly recommend that more careful research should be conducted in the future so that newspaper will more realistically describe the true situation in our school.

Yours sincerely, Joan Gonzales

14. What does the letter tell you about?

A. Different economic background students. B. Achievement of low-income children.

C. Complaint about the result of the unreal research. D. The percentage of the official assessment. E. The failure of low-income students in study.

15. What does the writer propose to Monday‟s newspaper?

A. To present more information. B. To carry out the study accurately C. To describe the school clearly. D. To be more careful in its report. E. To report the low-income students

This text is for question numbers 16 and 17.

To fill this semester vacation, there will be excursing program to Pulau Seribu held by The SMANSA Students Board. The program will be held on December 23, 2017. There will be interesting programs during the excursion. Please be registered before December 20, 2017. For detailed information, please contact Adinda, the program coordinator, at 08577846817.

16. The purpose of the text is .... A. to describe vacation program B. to tell about Students Board activity C. to inform about Students Board activity

D. to announce students excursion to Pulau Seribu E. to introduce new program of the Students Board

17.When is the due date of the registration? A. On December 20, 2017.


© This text is for question numbers 18 to 20.

Should People Shop in Online Shop?

Nowadays, the activity of online shopping has risen steadily around the world. It has become a new lifestyle for people in modern city since 21St century. Even though there are still many people who prefer buying their daily needs in a market to shopping online, shopping online for certain people has more advantages than its drawbacks.

There are strong arguments in favour of online shopping. For some people, particularly working people, they argue that the existence of online shop is very utilitarian in their life. That is because they do not have to go to a market which they may spend much time. Moreover, online shop has offered many types of goods that customer can buy, so they have many preferences to select the best ones.

Furthermore, nowadays, there have been many online shops which put some buyer testimonies on their websites. If customers feel worried about the quality of goods, they can see and read some testimonies concerning the quality of those goods. Therefore, with the presence of testimony, consumers can easily determine whether the quality of goods is decent or not.

In conclusion, online shopping has advantages and merits for many people. Thus, people can utilize online shopping as new lifestyle due to its benefits.

18.This passage is mainly concerned with .... A. the arguments about online shopping B. the easiness given by online shopping C. the new lifestyle among carrier woman D. the rise of online shopping around the world E. the supportive arguments on online shopping

19. Based on the text, which of the following are reason why people choose online shopping? A. the high price

B. can be done everywhere C. the limited kind the goods D. the laziness of the customer E. the practically of transaction

20. “Therefore, with the presence of testimony, consumers can easily determine whether the

quality of goods is decent or not.” (paragraph 3). The underlined word may be best replaced


USBN 2017/2018 ©Hak Cipta pada Dinas Pendidikan Provinsi Jawa Barat The following text is for questions number 21 to 23

The Legend of the Dwarf

Many hundreds of years ago, there lived an old woman, all alone in a tiny hut. She had no children, and no one to ask after her. The old woman would weep night and day for a child, but of course, with no result. One day she took an egg, wrapped it carefully in cotton cloth, and put it in a corner of her hut. Night and day the old woman looked after the egg, in the hope that maybe it would give her a child. But nothing happened, and every day the old woman grew more and more unhappy.

One morning, as she went to look at the egg, she found that it had broken – and in its shell sat the tiniest, loveliest baby boy that anyone could imagine. The baby saw the old woman and smiled and held out its tiny arms. The old woman was delighted – here at last was the child she had wanted for so long.

The old woman loved the child dearly, and looked after it so carefully and so well, that by the time it was a year old it could walk and talk as well as any grown up. But for some strange reason, no one knows what, the baby stopped growing. He remained as tiny as a one-year old for the rest of his

life. He began to be called the „Dwarf‟.

The old woman did not care. She still loved the baby devotedly. „You will be a great king one

day, my child,‟ she told him, sure that the baby was destined for great things.

One day the old woman said to the Dwarf, „Go to the king‟s palace, my son, and challenge him to test his strength against yours.‟

The Dwarf protested. „How can I challenge the king, mother?‟ he said horrified. „He is greater

and much stronger than I. ‟But the old woman insisted, and the Dwarf was forced to do as she said. The king smiled at the child‟s challenge, and asked him to lift a heavy stone. The Dwarf went

weeping to the old woman. „How can I lift that heavy stone?‟ heasked. „If the king can lift it, so can

you,‟ said the old woman, and sent him back to the palace .And sure enough, the Dwarf was able to

lift the heavy stone.

The king gave him many more tasks to do, but anything the king could do, the Dwarf could do as well.

(Source : www.longtimeago.com)

21. What did the Dwarf do to his mother when the king asked him to lift the heavy stone? A. crying

B. complaining C. shouting D. protesting E. mumbling

22. Based on the text we can conclude that ….

A. The old woman never tried to pray to get a baby B. The dwarf used super power to fight the king C. The dwarf knew his power to fight the king

D. The dwarf‟s mother realized that her son was strong enough

E. The King challenged the dwarf to do harder and harder task

23. Which Statement is not true about the text?

A.The old woman was sad because she lived alone B. The old woman took care of her child heartily C. The dwarf was very short as a one-year old D.The old woman was very persistent


© The following text is for questions number 24 to 26

Picasso was born in 1881 in Malaga, Spain, as the son of an art teacher. He studied painting from his father and several art schools. However, he never finished his college level course of study at the Academy of Art in Madrid.

From about 1895 to 1901, he painted realistic works in a traditional style. Then he entered what was called Blue period. During this time, he only used shades of blue in his paintings to show the poverty he saw in Barcelona.

After 1908, he entered into the style of cubism. Among his well-known cubist paintings are

“Three Musicians” and “Man With A guitar”. Picasso died in Mougins, France in 1973. He was really

a great artist.

Taken from Sahabat Sukses Ujian Nasional Bahasa Inngris

24. The text mainly discusses…

A.the well-known painting of Picasso B. how Picasso became a great artist C. the styles of Picasso‟s works in painting D.the role of Picasso‟s father in his works

E. social influence in Picasso‟s works on art

25. According to the text, Picasso …..

A. died in Spain in 1973 B. was born in Malaga, Italy

C. was famous for his painting styles D. had a father who worked as art teacher

E. finished his study at the Academy of Artist Madrid

26. We can conclude from the text that…

A. Picasso‟s father was not good at art

B. Picasso passed away at the age of 92 C. Picasso was so unpopular artist 1900‟s

D. Blue period shows the prosperity in Barcelona

E. For 8 years, Picasso painted realistic works in a traditional style

The following text is for questions number 27 to 29

Endless Shower Gel

A body wash, rich in lather, which leaves the skin soft and clean. Instructions:

1. Use Endless shower gel during a warm shower or bath.

2. Massage the rich lather of Endless shower gel onto your skin for 2–3 minutes, and then rinse with water.

Available in 150ml and 360ml. Ref No.: BB03020D


USBN 2017/2018 ©Hak Cipta pada Dinas Pendidikan Provinsi Jawa Barat 27.What is the text about?

A.The information of shower gel‟s benefit.

B.The composition of shower gel.

C.The instructions on how to get skin soft and clean. D.The directions on how to use shower gel.

E.The description of shower gel.

28.When should we use the product? A.After taking shower or bathing. B.Before taking shower or bathing. C.After and before swimming. D.During taking shower or bathing. E.Before eating something.

29. What should we do after massage the rich lather? A.Wait unti 2 minutes

B. Wait unti 3 minutes C. Rinse with water D.Dry it

E. Take a bath

The following text is for questions number 30

Dika Angkasaputra murwani, well-known by the name Raditya Dika is a young man from Jakarta. He was born on December 28th, 1984 in Jakarta. Radit ( familiar) is a wrter, actor, comedians, models and also a very succsssful director in Indonesia.

The first work that made him famous was the book titled “Kambing Jantan: Sebuah catatan

Harian Pelajar Bodoh in 2005.” The book talked about his life when hewas studying at the University

of Adelaide, australia.

(www.belajar bahasa inggris .com)

30. Dika Angkasaputra Murwani, well-known by the name Raditya Dika. The closest meaning to the underlined word is ...

A. brave B. popular C. dilligent D. smart E. clever

This text is for questions numbers 31 - 33.

Lately, concerns have arisen that Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, and its immediate surroundings are threatened to experience a clean water crisis by 2025. Clean water, which is produced by two private operators – PAM Lyonnaise Jaya (Palyja) and Aetra Air Jakarta – currently totals 18.7 m3 per second. However, by 2025, demand for clean water will reach 41.3 m3/second as the population of Jakarta is estimated to grow to 14.6 million people from 9.6 million currently (the unofficial figure is possibly much higher).


© supervision on the local clean water industry.

PAM Lyonnaise Jaya, which manages the clean water supply in the west side of Jakarta, is a private water operator that is partly controlled by Astra International through its subsidiary Astratel Nusantara. Palyja has been active in Jakarta for about 16 years. However, last year a law suit was filed demanding that the court will annul the agreement between city water operator PAM Jaya and Palyja and Aetra Air Jakarta (Aetra) claiming that public access to affordable clean water has been hindered.

Based on information from the World Bank, Indonesia plans to achieve universal clean water access by 2019 but almost half of the population still do not have access to clean water at present.

31. What is the text about? It‟s about ....

A. the growth of water supply B. PAM Lyonnaise Jaya C. clean water industry D. city water operators E. clean water crisis

32. What is predicted to happen in 2025?

A. Public access to affordable clean water will be hundred. B. Indonesia to achieve universal clean water access. C. There will be more water supply operators. D. The demand for clean water will decrease. E. Jakarta will experience water crisis.

33. Paragraph one discusses ... A. the demand for clean water.

B. clean water crisis in Jakarta in 2025. C. the rapid growth of Jakarta population. D. the production of clean water in Jakarta. E. two private operators producing clean water.

This text is for questions numbers 34 and 35.

Indonesian Tourism Industry Association Bali offers free accommodation

Jakarta | Tue, November 28, 2017 | 12:35 pm

Indonesian Tourism Industry Association (GIPI) Bali is offering free accommodation for stranded tourists at the Ngurah Rai International Airport Bali that has been closed since Nov. 27 due to volcanic ash from Mount Agung.

“Not a single tourist should stay overnight at the airport, GIPI Bali together with Badung

regional administration is providing free accommodation for tonight and tomorrow, if the airport remains closed,” said GIPI Bali head, Gus Agung


USBN 2017/2018 ©Hak Cipta pada Dinas Pendidikan Provinsi Jawa Barat added.

The accommodation also includes breakfast.

In the era of social media, Gus Agung mentioned, unsatisfied tourists are free to express their

frustrations. “But if they are served well with respect, they will also post their happiness amid the panicky situation,” he added.

Tourism minister Arief Yahya praised GIPI Bali for initiative, “What is being done by the

Badung regency and GIPI Bali is very good. This is what we call a long-term investment,” he said.

The two billion rupiahs is relatively small compared to Badung‟s average Locally-Generated

Income (PAD) in a year that is at seven trillion rupiahs.

34. The writers intention in writing the above text is .... A. to tell that people are panic because of the ash B. to tell the audience about some news worthy C. to describe the situation due to volcanic ash D. to tell the audience free accommodation E. to describe the panicky situation

35. From the text we may conclude that ....

A. all tourists should stay overnight at the airport B. tourists should stay overnight because of the ash C. the fund allocated for serving the tourists is reasonable D. GIPI Bali and Badung regency have served the tourists well E. unsatisfied tourists expresses their frustration in social media

The following text is for questions number 36

"Try Everything" Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

I messed up tonight, I lost another fight I still mess up but I'll just start again

I keep falling down, I keep on hitting the ground I always get up now to see what's next

Birds don't just fly, they fall down and get up Nobody learns without getting it wrong

I won't give up, no I won't give in


© 36. From the text above, we can infer that...

A. We believe our destiny

B. We should follow our traditions C. We believe ourselves

D. We should‟t give up

E. We should study

The following text is for questions number 37 to 40

Rain always comes from clouds. But where do clouds come from? How does all that water get into the sky?

Think about your bathroom. There is hot water in your bath. Steam goes up from the hot water. The steam makes small clouds in the bathroom. These warm clouds meet the cold walls and windows, and then we see small drops of water on the walls and windows.

The world is like your bathroom. The water in the oceans is warm when the sun shines on it. Some of this water goes up into the sky and makes clouds. The wind carries the clouds for hundreds of kilometres. Then the clouds meet cold air in the sky, and we see drops of water. The drops of water are rain.

The rain falls and runs into rivers. Rivers run into oceans. And the water from oceans makes clouds and more rain. So water is always moving from oceans to clouds to rain to rivers to oceans. So the rain on your head was on other heads before! The water in your garden was in other gardens in other countries.

37. What is the best title of the text above? A. Why the water that get into the sky.

B. How the water goes up into the sky and makes clouds. C. Why the rain falls into the river.

D. Where does rain come from.

E. How the water from oceans make clouds.

38. What is the result if the water from the ocean goes up to the sky? A. It makes clouds

B. It makes rain fall C. It makes thunder D.It moves to the ocean E. It falls down to the river

39. . According to the text, what is the result when warm clouds meet the cold walls in window? A. The drops of water

B. The cloud is formed

C. The water moves to the river D. The water moves to the ocean E. The rain makes a cloud

40. “The water in the oceans is warm when the sun shines on it”. The underline word in the third


USBN 2017/2018 ©Hak Cipta pada Dinas Pendidikan Provinsi Jawa Barat


Read the following text and answer question number 41.

When we had a holiday last year, my family and I went to a place at the seaside and borrowed a boat from one of our friends. We sailed and finished on the sea all day.

When the sea was rough, we sailed on a small lake near the sea instead. There were not many fish in the lake, but in the sea we caught a lot with a hook, line and small pieces of bread.

When the weather was fine, we collected pieces of dried wood and fired or grilled our fish over them on the beach.

41. What kind of experience did the writer have in the text?

Read the following text then answer the questions below!

Bandung features a good quality of higher education. Such famous universities and colleges as Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia University of Education, Padjadjaran University, Bandung Islamic University, Parahyangan Catholic University, Pasundan University, Maranatha University, Institute of Textile Technology, and many others are based here in town. Graduates of those universities work for important companies and institutions or become successful entrepreneurs.

The city is also well known as the city of fashion, culinary, and places of tourist interests for which thousands of people, both domestic and overseas, come to spend their weekends or holidays. There are over ten malls and hundreds of boutiques, factory outlets, restaurants, cafes, and hotels. Jalan Setiabudhi, jalan Cihampelas, jalan Riau, jalan Dago, jalan Merdeka.

42. What can we conclude from the text above? 43. What is the main idea of paragraph 2?

Read this text to answer question number 44!

Online jobs are selected in part-time employment for many, and some have taken more seriously. A growing number of people are willing to take a job online. Working online has its advantages if we manage effectively. Why not?

It offers flexibility and convenience than no other job can give. We can work from home with minimal investment and get a good income. The idea of adding weight to our pocket and makes life easier and comfortable is the most reassuring.

The reason behind this great opportunity is that every day there are new companies to join. Every day and every minute men are seeking information about everything under the sky of the Internet.

As we know, the Internet is the answer to every question, web sites need to update each section and also add reports on developments that have recently joined. Therefore, it is an expansive space for articles.

There are a number of jobs we can work online. Some of them which strongly recommended are writing, marketing, stock trading, and online education. However we should be very careful because scamming opportunities are always there.

(Adapted form http://annisa-saja.blogspot.co.id)


© Read this text to answer question number 45!

45. Make an application letter based on this job advertisement!