US B.Inggris 1 Soal Ujian Sekolah Bahasa Inggris elas 6 SD MI Semester 2 Akhir

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1. The day after Sunday is ....

a. Thursday c. Saturday

b. Friday d. Monday

2. The Independence day of Indonesia is on ....

a. May c. July

b. June d. August

3. These are my ....

a. head c. toe b. fingers d. foot

4. Three hundred thousand two hundred twenty seven is shown by a. 323.455 c. 302.207

b. 300.227 d. 30.227

5. This is a ....

a. seagull c. shark b. pinguin d. plankton

6. I smell with my ....

a. nose c. tongue

c. mouth d. hand

7. Twenty five divided by five equals....

a. five c. seven

b. six d. eight

8. Usually – at – five – gets up – Rina. The best arrangement for the jumbled words is ....

a. Gets up at five Rina usually b. At five Rina usually gets up c. Rina usually gets up at five d. Rina at five usually gets up

9. Jasmin : Do you like ....

Rosa : Yes, I like it very much. a. apple c. orange

b. banana d. tomato

10. George likes to wear ....

a. singlet c. shirt b. skirt d. sweater

11. Batara kala is angry. The simple past form of the sentence is .... a. Batara Kala were angry c. Batara Kala do angry


b. Batara Kala was angry d. Batara Kala angries

13. It has yellow calour. It has sour and sweet taste. It is tropical fruit. Sometimes it is used for rujak. It is a ....

a. durian c. pineapple b. mangosteen d. rambutan

14. My sister usually likes to wear ... to go shopping to the mall a. kebaya c. blouse

b. skirt d. pyjamas

15. Andi ... orange juice at the canteen yesterday a. drink c. drunk

18. We like to eat this vegetables. It is very good to make our eyes so bright.

21. Some of the drink, however, ... over Batara Kala’s

a. spill c. spilling b. spilled d. was spilled


b. daughter d. aunty

34. Anton : Where is the library ?

Ajat : ... ( Jalan terus ). It is beside the canteen. Anton : Thanks

Ajat : You’re welcome

a. turn right c. turn left

b. go straight d. come down

35. Don’t ... be happy, ok !

a. sad c. worry

b. satisfied d. angry

II. FILL IN THE BLANKS WITH THE CORRECT ANSWER ! ( Isilah titik-titik di bawah ini dengan jawaban yang tepat ! )

36. Miss Anita is a ....

37. We use our eyes to ...

38. Adrian : Is it an ... ... ? Anto :Yes, it is

39. Bella : Do you like ... ...? Frida : yes, I like it very much.

40. The boy usually wears this. This is a ...

41. Vivi ...( membeli ) a new car yesterday.

42. Devon played football in the field ... ( kemarin )

43. My mom is ... Because I get five for English test.

44. The boy is ... Cat and flower

45. Mr. Andi Mrs. Diana

Feni Fena


III. ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS BELOW CORRECTLY ! (Jawablah pertanyaan-pertanyaan berikut dengan tepat ! )

46. a. What is Mr. Hanif ?


b. What is Mr. Harun ?


47. Arrange these sentences below !

a. has – at – Shinta – seven – dinner – o’clock

... watches –television – brother – morning – my – every


48. How many seasons are there in Europe ? Mention them ! ...

49. Classify the clothes below whether for man and woman ! Kabaya, jeans, longdress, blouse, shirt, blazer, cap, necktie


50. Complete the sentences with the correct word !

Dinda is so ... because her cat is dead, but now she looks very

...because her mother gives her a beautiful cat.