Weddings You are Not Who I Married Yesterday

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Find the time to start loving again, you will love yourself for it and so will your husband/wife.


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Holy matrimony the wedding, a special day in two peoples lives where they get to exchange vows pledging their undying love for one another. Infinity together forever.

Love honour and obey through sickness and in health are just a few promises that you verbally sign a contract to with the words I will and I do. But do you?

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, so get it right. Divorce rates are quite high where grounds for parting of the ways are due to infidelity, and following strongly behind we have high up on the list for ending a marriage, is the day in question itself where you were prompted by a man of the cloth at the altar to take this man or woman to be your lawful wedded husband/wife. How could this be cited in a divorce court you may well ask? The reason being is your partner does not see you today as the person he/she married yesterday.

At the time of courtship when all the wooing was done, everyone one of us would take care in our appearance. How we would dress to impress, hair styled to perfection, and you would never find a hole in the sock or stockings of your girlfriend/boyfriend. But then the inevitable happens when the gold band is placed on the finger, we incline to let our image and appearance go, it is now that the partner sees you as an intruder/impostor in his/her life. He/she feels let down as this is not the person they pledged to stay with for the rest of their lives therefore a great excuse for divorce proceedings. There will be times when we can not be dressed up to the nines due to work commitments, like holding down a busy job or being a full time mum and dad. But you owe it to yourself and that of your partner to keep the marriage alive and if that means being flavour of the month, then so be it.

You need to dedicate a little spare time to yourself so you can make an effort to go back to the days of your courtship, try to do this at least once a month.

Watch the reaction from your husband/wife when you enter the room as your old self. You will find your partner will have no problem living with this stranger for another month as long as he/she can look forward to this regular rendezvous

Spice up the occasion with some flattering underwear like in the days gone by, not with your Wee Willie Winkie favourite nightgown. Add a little sparkle to the evening with a glass of champagne or sip it from a slipper, what ever takes your fancy. Remember this is your night where memories will come flooding back, and rest assured the memories will be all good. Should there have been any bad then there would have been no ceremony. Find the time to start loving again, you will love yourself for it and so will your husband/wife.

Wishing all a true mega life and health on your wedding day.

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