cambridge advanced an introduction for parents

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Cambridge Advanced

An introduction for parents

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Cambridge Assessment International Education

We prepare school students for life, helping them develop an informed curiosity and a lasting passion for learning.

Nearly a million students in over 10,000 Cambridge schools in 160 countries

We have a 150-year history of providing international exams.  We are part of the University of


Cambridge International AS & A Level –

international curriculum

Students develop deep subject

knowledge, conceptual

understanding and higher order thinking skills.

They learn the skills needed for life

and to achieve at school, university and work

Flexibility of study - students can

choose from 55 subjects.

Over 500 000 entries a year from


Cambridge International AS & A Level –

teaching and learning

We help schools encourage

learners to become:


Students develop an ability to


 Exams taken at the end of the course - students develop a deeper understanding of


 Choice of three assessment options.

 Each subject receives a

separate grade.

 Grades are from A* to E, with A* being the highest.

 Exams in November and June

with flexibility of timing.


International recognition


What are admissions officers looking for?

The top five skills and qualities university admissions officers

are looking for when they are assessing applicants are:

 Overall academic achievement

 Character traits e.g. motivation, perseverance, collaboration

 Proficiency in English

 Understanding in subject area  Extracurricular activities.


Studying Cambridge International A Levels

gave me invaluable preparation for my study

at the University of Cambridge.


Global community

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