Dealing With 3 Old-Year Shy and Quiet Child in Creative Learning.


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Tugas akhir saya ini membahas tentang kesulitan dalam menangani seorang anak bernama Reva yang pemalu dan pendiam. Saya menghadapi masalah ini ketika saya magang di Creative Learning. Saya membahas penyebab, dampak, dan beberapa solusi yang saya dapatkan dari pengalaman magang saya.

Masalah kesulitan dalam menangani anak yang pemalu dan pendiam disebabkan oleh banyak hal. Penyebabnya adalah saya tidak dapat membuat Reva berbicara didepan kelas; saya tidak mengetahui keinginan Reva; dan saya tidak memiliki pengalaman dan tidak dapat memahami mengenai

karakteristik yang dimiliki oleh Reva. Masalah ini juga menimbulkan beberapa akibat. Akibat pertama adalah saya tidak dapat membuat Reva berinteraksi dengan baik. Akibat kedua adalah Reva tidak dapat mengembangkan kemampuan dirinya khususnya dalam berbicara dengan yang lain. Akibat ketiga adalah Reva tidak mendapatkan nilai bagus dalam akademisnya. Untuk menangani masalah ini, ada beberapa solusi yang saya tawarkan. Solusinya adalah saya bermain dengan Reva secara individual sebelum kelas dimulai, berbincang-bincang dengan Reva untuk memahami

perasaannya sebelum kelas dimulai, dan memberikan Reva penghargaan ketika dia menunjukkan peningkatan.


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A. Background of the Study B. Identification of the Problem

C. Objectives and Benefits of the Study D. Description of the Institution

E. Method of the Study F. Limitation of the Study

G. Organization of the Term Paper





Dealing with shy and quiet student

Cause 1: The new teachers cannot make Reva speaks in front of class

Cause 2: The new teachers cannot know what Reva wants

Effect 1: Reva cannot interact well with her friends and new teachers

Effect 2: Reva cannot develop her skills in conversation.

Effect 3: Reva cannot get a good mark

Potential Solution 3:

The new teachers give Reva positive words and stamps

Potential Negative Effect 1: Reva can be hesitant in speaking with the teachers Potential Negative Effect 2: The new teachers have to spend a lot of time to talk with Potential Positive Effect 1:

Reva can be more confidence

Potential Negative Effect 1: Reva can depend on the

teachers’ reward.

Potential Negative Effect 2: The other student might be jealous.

Potential Positive Effect 1: Reva knows that the new teachers care about her

Potential Positive Effect 2: She can be more respect and trust the new teachers

Potential Solution 2:

the new teachers should have the small talk with Reva before the

class started regularly. Potential Solution I:

The new teachers play games with Reva individually before the

class starts

Potential Negative Effect 1: The activity may be quiet and do not go well

Potential Negative Effect 2: The process of teaching can be disturbed.

Potential Positive Effect 1: She can interact well with her friends

Chosen Solution :

The combination of the three solution above which are the new teachers should have a small talk regularly, the new teachers play games individually


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A. Background of the Study

In this modern era, Crystal says “English has already been known as a global language” (par 1). Many people communicate in English language although English is not their first language. It suggests that one has to be expert in this language because it has already been used in many sectors such as in education and business sectors.

In addition, to fulfill people’s need of English competence, many education institutes offer English education. Many parents send and oblige their children to learn English although their children are still young. Some parents send their children to international schools because they want their children to learn and communicate in English.


2 Maranatha Christian University Most of the students who study in CL are still kindergarteners and elementary pupils. When teaching in CL, I teach English to young learners and I have pupils who are still very young and I realize that they have various characteristics. One of my pupils, named Reva is very quiet and shy. As a result, it is difficult for new teachers to handle her. I am

interested in finding solution to overcome this problem. Therefore , in this term paper I would like to analyze this problem in detail and try to find the best solution.

B. Identification of the Problem

Based on my experience during my internship program as a teacher at Creative Learning I propose to analyze:

1. How should the new teachers handle Reva so that she can interact and participate in the class activities well?

2. How is the best solution to handle Reva who is shy and quiet?

C. Objectives and Benefits of the Study

The study has three objectives. The first one is to analyze the problem of pupil at Creative Learning who is shy and very quiet. Then, it is to find out some possible solutions to help her communicate and interact with her friends. The last one is to find the best solution to this problem.


3 Maranatha Christian University to deal with the pupils who are shy and very quiet. Therefore, they will not face any difficulties in dealing with them. Moreover, it is expected that this term paper can make the readers know how to deal with the children who are shy and very quiet.

Furthermore, I can share my experience to the readers and in the future if I work as a teacher I will be able to apply the best solution and know how to deal and communicate with the students who are shy and very quiet.

D. Description of the Institution

Creative Learning is an English course. The location is on Jl. Setrasari Plaza A/2. They accept the students who are 2.5 years old until 18 years old. This institution is a program which is licensed by Kids 2 Success, America. The teachers help students to communicate and learn English grammar. Beside studying, the students can also play and interact with other students. The teachers help the students to develop their

self-esteem, creativity, focus, and concentration. This institute has a supported study environment such as, it has a computer in class, a whiteboard, a table and chairs and a small class with maximum five to six students in one class. Beside studying in class, the students also have to participate in the activity directly. ( For example: When the students are studying about vegetables and fruits, the teachers ask their students to go to Hero


4 Maranatha Christian University English well. It also aims at giving the students a lot of experiences. Their motto is experiences a new fun way of learning English.

E. Method of the Study

For my term paper, I collected the data during my internship. The

subjects of my study are two new teachers, named Wan Chen and Kurnianingsih and 3-year-old kindergartener; there is one pupil in total. I wrote all the data in my internship journal and read some books which I found in Maranatha Christian University library. All my data were used to support my analysis when discussing the problem that found during my internship. In addition, I also browsed the Internet to get more data.

F. Limitation of the Study


5 Maranatha Christian University

G. Organization of the Term Paper

This term paper starts with the Abstract, a summary of the whole paper in Indonesian. Then, it is followed by the Acknowledgements, which

contains the people who have supported me in writing this thesis. After that, there is a Table of Contents which is followed by four chapters. Chapter I is the Introduction, which contains Background of the Study, Identification of the Problem, Objectives and Benefits of the Study,


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When teaching in Creative Learning, I get difficulty in dealing with shy and quiet pupil. This problem is caused by many things; namely, the new teachers cannot make Reva speak in front of class; the new teachers do not know what Reva wants. In addition, the problem has some effects. The first one is that Reva cannot interact well with her friends. The second is Reva cannot develop her skill especially in conversation. The third is that Reva cannot get a good mark in her academic. To handle this problem there are some solutions that I can offer. The solutions are the new teachers play games with Reva individually before the class started, having a small talk to understand her feelings before the class started, giving her reward when she can show some improvements.

Based on the analysis of the potential solutions that I have discussed in the third chapter, I decide to choose the combination of all the three


15 Maranatha Christian University feelings by having a small talk. Moreover, the new teachers will ask Reva some questions about her daily activities before the class started. For example, what she likes or how she spends her day. Therefore, Reva might feel comfortable because she knows that the new teachers care about her. If Reva keeps shy and quiet the new teachers will ask her to play games that she likes. As a result, Reva might feel better and she will be ready to interact with her friends. To support the two solutions the new teachers will also use the third solution which is giving positive words and stamps to Reva. As a result, Reva will be happy and she can be more confident. However, there are negative effects that might happen if the new teachers always give reward to Reva. Reva will depend on their reward and the other students might be jealous. Thus, new teachers will only give Reva reward if she can show them some improvements. For example, Reva finishes her assignment well and gets seventy-five for her assignment. Therefore, she will get five stamps. She will get five more stamps tomorrow if she can get a better grade.

In addition, the combination of those three solutions will be useful to help Reva become confidence and talkative, because these three


16 Maranatha Christian University new teachers use varieties of games. It will help Reva to keep in a good mood and be ready for class activities. I am sure that the combination of these three solutions is effective to help Reva become not shy and quiet again.


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