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Creating sacred space and providing a place of sanctuary in the home, workplace, and garden is the focus of this article. Questions to consider and ideas and options to create a `garden for the soul´ are outlined.


sanctuary, sacred space, spirituality, personal power, biological need, peace of mind

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The World Health Organization (WHO) describes health as ˆthe condition of perfect bodily, spiritual, and social well-being and not solely the absence of illness and injury.˜ As described by the WHO, how many of us feel emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually healthy on a daily basis? We work in structures called `sick-buildings;´ we go home to care for families so tired we are almost unable to function; and we increasingly lose our connection with any sense of our place in the universe. How do we reclaim our life and start to think that our life matters and that we are important in the overall scheme of things? One way of doing this is to create our own sanctuary/sacred space.

Creating our own sacred space restores our peace of mind and enables us to stand back from the turmoil in our lives in order to provide a place where we can reconnect with our sense of self and reclaim our power. Exploration of sanctuary is to create a link to the Divine as our soul asks us to love, accept, and provide hospitality to ourselves when we are spiritually hungry. Spirituality is more than a psychological and emotional need: it is an inherent biological need as our energy, our spirit, and our personal power is all one and the same force. We need daily sanctuary as our heart and soul depends on it. When we give ourselves the gift of sacred time in a special place, we are feeding our spirit. Theodore Roszak writes, ˆWe can now recognise that the fate of the soul is the fate of the social order; that if the spirit within us withers, so too will all the world we build about us.˜ Creating Sacred Space in your Home, Workplace, and Garden

The first consideration in creating a sacred space in your home, workplace, or garden is defining the purpose in doing so. Some of the questions for consideration include: 1. What is it that you want your sacred space to provide for you?

Ideas and Options for Creating Sacred Space in your Home, Workplace, and Garden In your place of sanctuary, some of the items you could include are:

· Candles ˘ you can use candles to provide colour and when burning provide a point of focus for meditation. Scented candles can add a touch of fragrance to your environment.

· Plants ˘ your plants will require care, and not only will make the air more healthy, but will encourage you to attend your place of sanctuary. Plants can also be used to enhance particular colours and fragrances you wish to add to your well-being. · Water ˘ adding desktop water fountains to your place of sacredness will not only provide the soothing sounds of water, but will also block out other noises in your environment.

· Music ˘ music as my Dad used to say, ˆfeeds the soul.˜ Use music you like, such as, sounds of nature or instrumental music, to provide a place of soothing for your soul. · Aquariums ˘ live fish and the sounds of water provide healing energy for your sacred space. In the Chinese culture, live fish are thought to be `good energy.´

· Rocks and stones ˘ are considered in many cultures to be sacred. Use in your place of sanctuary and, when you are tired or stressed-out, re-arrange your `rock garden.´ · Walls ˘ walls can be used to act as, or hang notice boards on, where you can post favourite pictures, quotes, and ideas.

· Spend at least 10 minutes a day (20 is better) in refreshing and renewing your spiritual self.


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