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soal UAS Bahasa Inggris kelas 7 SMPMTS semester 1


Academic year: 2017

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Mata Pelajaran : B.Inggris Nama :

Kelas : VII (Tujuh) Skor / Nilai Paraf

Hari/Tanggal : Guru Orang Tua

Waktu : 90 Menit

I. Jawablah pertanyaan dibawah ini dengan cara member tanda silang (X) pada a,b,c

atau d untuk jawaban yang benar!

Text For No.1-5

Take a shine

To the special privileges of the Regency Terrace Jl. Dr. Sucipto No. 36 Yogjakarta. Phone


Life only takes a certain glow when you choose the Regency Terrace of the panorama. Because

we’ve created a special milieu that discerning guests will appreciate.

The guest rooms, as you would expect, are spacious and airy. The appointments are sumptuous.

It’s the details that add our special touch. You’ll have your own bathrobe.

And a cozy, comfortable alcove from which to watch the soothing water-fall cascading past

Your window. No less than 3 phones to call on.

You can work out in our first rate Business Center or our superbly equipped fitness center. And

for those who wish to gild the lily, there is the exclusive Regency Club, where you’ll find a level of tire service that is truly royal.

1. What is the name of the hotel?

a.Privileges c. the terrace hotel

b.Yogjakarta hotel d. the Regency Terrace

2. What can be glow if we choose the Regency Terrace hotel?

a.The guestroom c. a special milieu

b.The fitness center d. our life

3. Whom does the Regency Club for? It is for ….

a.The owner c. the guest

b.The employee d. the guard

4. Is there a Club Regency in Regency Terrace?

a.Yes, it does c. yes, it is


b.No, it doesn’t d. no, it isn’t

5. You can work out in our first rate ... ( paragraph 4 ). The word ‘you’ refers to ....

a.The reader c. the hotel

b.The guest d. the writer and reader

Text For No. 6 – 7

Attention Please !

Due to some technical problems, the show will be delayed for about one hour. We apologize

for the inconvenience

6. Where can you find such an announcement?

a. In a railway station c. in a concert

b. At school d. in a restaurant

7. What kind of text is it?

a. Advertisement c. procedure text

b. Announcement d. descriptive text

Text For No. 8-9

It was my birth day yesterday. I got a special ... (14) from my mother. It was an electric guitar. The body of the guitar is red, while the handle is light brown. The guitar is a bit heavy, but that’s okay. The guitar ...(15) wood.

8. a. reward c. present

b. presentation d. word

9. a. made of c. fond of

b. looked d. the same as

10. Azhar : What do you think about the football match last night?

Firman : I think the Arsenal played bad

The underlined sentence expresses ………

a. Asking opinion c. agreement

b. Giving opinion d. disagreement


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