soal UAS Bahasa Inggris kelas 6 semester 1

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Alamat : Jl. Cilauteureun Desa Mancagahar Kecamatan Pameungpeuk

Ulangan Akhir Semester (UAS) I Tahun Pelajaran 2015 – 2016

Mata Pelajaran : Bahasa Inggris Kelas/ Semester : VI (Enam)/ 1 (Satu) Hari/ Tanggal : ...

Waktu : ………..


1. tulis Terlebih dahulu nomor, nama dan nama SD pada kolom yang tersedia

2. Perhatikan dan ikuti petunnjuk pengisian soal,lalu periksa dan bacalah soal soal sebelum kamu menjawabnya.

3. Laporkan kepada pengawas kalau terdapat tulisan kurang jelas, rusak, atau tidak lengkap pada lembar soal.

4. Dahulukan menjawab soal soal yang kamu anggap mudah.

5. Berilan tanda =untuk jawaban yang di ubah, contoh:pilihan semula Antara a b c d dibetulkan a b c d

6. Periksa kembali pekerjaanmu sebelum diserahkan kepada pengawas. Selamat bekerja

A. Read the the dialogue carefully and answer these question below!!

Text for number 1 of 5

My name is nuri,I live on jl ,Jakarta .My house is near the post office.Today my mother

asks me to accompany, her to the supermarket . The supermarket is on Jl siliwangi.There

are many public place along this street.

The park is in the corner , near the library. There is abank across from the police

station.there is also acinema.It is beside a bakery. At last , the supermarket it self.It is

between the drugstore and the bus station.

Answer the question !!!

1. Where does Nuri live ?...

2. Where does her mother want to go ?...

3. Where is the bank ?...

4. Where is the supermarket ?...


5. Where is the cinema ?...

B. Choose the correct answer by crossing (X) a,s,c,or d.

It is holiday.yogi, sandi, ad joko go to swimig to pameungpeuk beach .the beach is near

yogi’s house, so they went there on bicycle. They arrive in the beach at eight o’clock in

the morning . then they change their clothes to swimsuit. Yogi is swimming on the

beach .sandi is laying on the sand, and joko playing on the sand.they go home at


6. How do yogi and his friend go to the beach on…

a. bicycle b. Foot c. truck d. swimming

7. They are swimming , playing, and laying on the sand .sandi is…on the sand a. swimming

b. laying c. playing

d. swimming, playing, and laying 8. They go home at….

a. Eight o’clock c. afternoon

b. holiday d. morning

9. Mr.Montu is delivery a letter or packet. He work at a post office.He is a…….. a. army

b. security c. postman d. police man

10. It is raining now. Do you have…..

a. umbrella c. an umbrella

b. a umrella d. an umbrellas

11. Indonesia has two seasons, they are dry and.season c. wet

b.cold d. rainy

12. The sign says……

a.T- junction c. five juntion

b. Crossroad d. six juntion

13. In holiday we always go to ……. Galunggung

a. mount c. beach

b. lake d. river

14. This is a……….It can swim fast.

a.shark c. tuna


15. My mother is a .plants many flower . a. Farmer

b. Waitress c. haedmistress d. gardener

16 .Moldy’s house is …. Of the post office

a. between c. beside

b. behind d. across

17. My frend and I some times go to dayeuh manggung to….every Sunday.

a. swimming c. running

b.hiking d.camping

18. The student of mukti elementary school went to darajat hills for…they build a tent

a. swimming c. camping

b. picnic d. hiking

19. My friend and go to ..papandayan for camping .

a. pool c. beach

b. lake d. mountain

20. It mean the road is…

a. turn a round c. winding

b. turn left d. slippery

21. Mr. Roma goes to bandung by………….

a. Taxi c. bus

b. motorcycle d. Truk

22. Wich direction luki go every morning ?

a. North-west c. North-east b. South- west d. South east 23. Where is the location of luki’s home from football field ? a. North-west c. Northh -east b. South-west d. South –east 24. What direction does luki go home ?

a. North –west c. North east

b. South –west d. South east


Bill is cultivate the farm using a……. a. dyke


c. fertilizer d. hut

26. My Grandma is sick.She cure at…………..she is apatient a. doctor c. ambulance d. nurse

27 What is season is today ?

It is …season.

a. rainy c. dry

b.windy d. cloudy

28. I am on the ……….I am playing on a sand a. sea

b. sand c. reef d. beach

29. Mount….is famous tourism object in west java province.It is situated in bogor. a. Salak b. Ciremey c. Galunggung d. cikuray 30.Mr.Audy want to save his money.So,he come to a…….

a. Post office b. school c. bank d. police station C.ANSWER THE QUESTION!!

31. Mr.Tono is a …..driver he always carring a passengers.

32. Mr . Arman is a dentist.He works in the… Read the conversation below,to answer no.33 ! Writer : “Helo ,good afternoon,may Ihelp you?””

Customer : “Good afternoon.yes,I want to order some food.” Writer : ‘What do you want to order,sir ?”

Customer : “I want a plate of fried rice and fried chicken.” Customer : “sure.”