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1. Man : Have you submit the assignments?

Woman : Not yet, I haven’t finished hem. How about you?

Man : I haven’t either. But I’ll try to finish them before the deadline.

Narrator: What can we conclude about the man?

2. Woman : Excuse me, Sir. Is this seat empty? Man : Yes, sit down please.

Woman : Thank you. By the way, where are you going, Sir. Man : I’ll go to Jogja.

Narrator : What does the dialog probably take place?

3. Woman : You look so tired. Why don’t you take a rest?

Man : I wish I could but my boss ask me to finish these jobs this afternoon.

Woman : I hope you will be able to manage your health well. Man : Thanks.

Narrator : Why does the man not want to take a rest?

Part II

4. Woman : What are you doing? Man : Gardening.

Woman : What kind of plants do you plant in the garden. Man : Plants like flowers, vegetables, and fruits.

Narrator : Which pictures goes with the dialogue?

5. Woman : Have you heard about Rudi’s mother? Man : Not yet. What’s wrong with her?

Woman : She had a heart attack and has been hospitalized for two days.

Man : I’m sorry to hear that. Let’s see her now. Woman : OK, let’s go.


6. My brother has just bought new sport shoes. They are beautiful leather shoes with ropes. Their color is black and the style looks trendy. It seems that he likes them very much.

Narrator : Which picture goes with the monologue?

Part III

7. Woman : What about the food in RAMA restaurant? Man : It’s really delicious. What do you think? Woman : …

A. I’m also very satisfied with it. B. I never eat at that restaurant. C. The cook is professional.

D. We will eat in another restaurant next time. E. The restaurant look very beautiful.

8. Man : Have you found the book you want? Woman : Not yet.

Man : What do you think about this book.

Woman : …

A. You are wrong. B. I’m not really certain. C. It’s the newest one. D. Yeah, it’s really good. E. I will buy it.

9. Woman : The meeting will be held at 8 o’clock but the manager hasn’t come yet.

Man : Don’t worry, he will be here before the meeting starts. Woman : …

A. I can’t believe it. B. I do hope so. C. Please call him. D. It’s impossible E. I don’t think he is.

10.Woman : We has been working for hours and I feel very tired. We had better take a rest.

Man : …... A. Don’t be lazy.

B. I don’t agree with you. C. Well, good idea.

D. I hope you should work harder. E. You must take a rest.


11.Man : It seems our son, Tomy is waiting for his birthday. Woman : What makes him so happy for it.

Man : …

A. He will be invited by his friends.

B. He needs a lot of money to have a party. C. The birthday party is very enjoyable.

D. His uncle promises him to buy a new bicycle. E. We must congratulate him.


This text is for questions number 12 to 13

The most dangerous animals in the sea are sharks. There are about 350 different kinds of shark. One of them is whale Shark. It is the largest shark. It grows to thirteen meters long. The skeleton of shark is made of cartilage, not bone. The Cartilage is more flexible than bone. Sharks must keep swimming in order to breathe and float. They rarely attack on humans but about 100 people have been killed by sharks in Australia.

12.Question number twelve: What is the largest shark?

13.Question number thirteen: Why must sharks keep swimming?

This is the text for questions number 13 to 15

A storm is a disturbance of the ordinary conditions of the atmosphere accompanied by wind, rain, snow, sleet, hail, or thunder and lightning. Types of storms include the extra tropical cyclone, the common, large-scale storm of temperate latitudes; the tropical cyclone, or hurricane, which is somewhat smaller in area than the former and accompanied by high winds and heavy

rains; the tornado, or “twister”, a small but intense storm with very high winds,

usually of limited duration; and thunderstorm, local in nature and accompanied by brief but heavy showers and often by hail. The term storm is also applied to blizzards, sandstorms, and dust storms, in which high wind is the dominant meteorological element.

14.Question number fourteen: What is the text about?

15.Question number fourteen: What is small storm with high winds happening in a short time called?





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