Internet Pharmacies Are They For Real

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This article is about the benefits and risks of using online drugstores. On the plus side, web-based pharmacies are convenient to use, more cost-efficient, and they let people buy prescription drugs online without a prescription. On the negative side, opportunistic individuals may steal the consumer´s identity through the information from the medical questionnaire.


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Over the past couple of years, prices of basic necessities like food, shelter, and clothing have gone up. The cost of health care services was not spared. Its prices started to follow the lead of the other commodities and went up. But even with assurances of high quality services and the latest in modern technology, to the regular Joe, it still meant that keeping healthy now costs more than what it used to be. Because of the increase in medicine prices imposed by pharmaceutical companies and their retailers, health insurance providers have started adjusting their own terms and have cut out medication costs from the health care plan´s coverage. This did not bode well for senior citizens who were relying on their health care insurances.

And then came online drugstores. They came like a godsend from heaven, answering the consumer´s prayers for an alternative solution to highly priced prescription drugs that are becoming more and more difficult to obtain. Are web-based pharmacies for real?

People can´t believe the advantages they can get from using Internet-based drugstores. Below are some of the benefits featured by online pharmacies:

· It is very convenient to use. There´s no need to leave the house to buy prescriptions any longer. All you need is a good computer, an Internet connection, and a credit card and you´re all set. With just a few click of the mouse buttons, you´re order is archived for processing. It also saves consumers the hassle of traveling to and from the drugstore to get the medicine. · It is cost-efficient. Most online drugstores are discount pharmacies that offer prescription drugs at almost half its regular price. Aside from saving on medication costs, it also helps save money on traveling fare as there is no longer a need to leave the house to go to the pharmacy and back.

· It lets consumers order prescription drugs online without a prescription. Although this feature is much debated, people who are unable to afford or physically seek consult from a licensed physician benefit most from this feature. The other side of the coin

Using Internet pharmacies comes with potential risks. Especially since the transactions are made over the Internet and there running after hoax companies may be more difficult. Here are some of the possible dangers of buying medications online:

· You expose yourself to possible identity theft and credit card fraud. The information you entered through the online drugstore´s medical questionnaire can be used by anomalous individuals to assume your identity and use your information to make purchases or close transactions without your permission. · You may receive counterfeit medications. Copy-cat drugs are dangerous to use because they might contain hidden ingredients that may trigger a fatal drug interaction or a severe allergic reaction.

Now that you know the good and the bad side of using Internet pharmacies, the decision to buy from them is entirely up to you. Make sure you check the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy website to see a complete list of accredited online drugstores that are currently in operation.

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