Reading Material - English for Basic Mathematics

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Unit 11

3 – dimensional figures

The following are 3-dimensional :

1) This is a sphare. Objects 2). This is ellipsoid. Objects Snaped like a spere are with this shape are ellipsoid. Spherlcal.

3) This is a cube. Objects shaped like a cube are cubic.

4) These shapes are prism.


a) b)

5)These shapes are pyramids.

a) is right square pyramid

b) is an oblique triangular pyramid.

Objects shaped like pyramids are pyramidal.

6) This shape is a right cone. 7) This is cylinder Objects

Objects shaped like a cone shaped like a cylinder are

Are conical cylindrical.

8) This is a helix. 9) These figures show cross

Objects shaped like helix Sections of a cylinder.

Are helical. a) is a transverse section

( circular )


Practice 1

Identify the following shapes and their sections :

1) 2) 3)

4) 5) 6)

7) 8)


Practice 2

Draw the following sections :

1) a oblique section ofcone.

2) A Longitudinal section of a right pyramid

3) A transverse section of a square pyramid

4) A longitudinal section of a cylinder.

5) A tranverse section of an ellipsoid.

6) A tranverse section of a right hexagonal prism.

7) A longitudinal section of a right cone.

8) A longitudinal section of a right triangular pyramid.

9) A tranverse section of a right triangular pyramid.