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The Governor in Council shall by proclamation give notice of the date of the conclusion of the agreement. The making of this Agreement is authorized by the Parliament of the State of Queensland expressed in an Act entitled the Queensland Cement & Lime Company Limited Agreement Act 1977. Except as otherwise provided in this Agreement, the License is subject to the provisions of the Mining Act and the Mining Regulation Act.

Companies must maintain any such sluice during construction of the pipeline and for the duration of the pipeline permit. 700 in the Gladstone district, adjacent to Wilmott Lagoon, will be raised and strengthened in line with Calliope Shire Council's planning and building practice. QUEENSLAND CEMENT & LIME COMPANY LIMITED. financing the construction, ownership, use, maintenance and operation of port facilities at Gladstone Harbour;

Subject to the provisions of this Agreement, the provisions of the Harbors Act and the Queensland Marine Act shall apply. Gladstone Harbor Port Authority and the Corporations' activities, but to the extent there is any conflict between the provisions of this Agreement and these laws, the provisions of this Agreement shall prevail. The companies must, at no cost to the state or the harbor board, arrange for the performance of tugboat and lineboat services for vessels used to transport the companies' goods.

34;Council distribution points" means in the case of untreated mountain water supply. 34;Council metering points" means in the case of untreated mountain water supply. The Water Board will discuss with the companies the details of the construction of the Scheme.

Such construction is done exclusively at the expense of the companies, and for this purpose the Water Board can exercise the powers conferred on it by the law according to which it was founded and any orders issued pursuant thereto. The Water Board is not responsible for reticulation required by the companies within the boundaries of the mining leases or within the property boundary of the construction area beyond what is stipulated in section 15 herein. The companies are entitled to use the total supply of contaminated water carried by such or such pipelines from the companies, always on the condition that the Water Board supplies from there to a local authority.

The companies will provide the Water Board with full details of the route of the slurry pipeline as soon as practicable, including title details of all lands crossed by it. The companies shall accommodate as far as the Water Board requires in the area granted to them under License for Pipeline Purposes any water supply pipeline of the Board. Notwithstanding the provision by the companies of money for costs of construction of the Scheme or any part thereof, no part thereof shall vest in the companies and shall be the same and always be and remain in the ownership and under the control of the Water Board.

The Water Board and the companies during the supply period can agree on the extension of the Scheme and in this case.


"Societies") of the second part. is the lessee of several mining leases in the Gladstone district being No. of Mining Lease. b) Queensland Cement & Lime Company Limited is the registered owner of certain freehold lands in the District of Deas Thompson Parish of Targinnie being the lands described in Certificates of Title Volume C426 Folios 81 and 82 on which it is proposed to erect a factory for the production of clinker, cement and related products and materials (hereinafter referred to as "factory site"); For such purposes, among other things, it is proposed to build certain roads and to raise and strengthen other roads. e) The companies propose to enter into an Agreement with the State of Queensland for the purpose of facilitating the construction and operation of the aforementioned works; f) At the request of the State of Queensland, the Council and the Companies have decided to enter into this Agreement for the purpose of making provision for the erection, strengthening and maintenance of the undermentioned road, in order to facilitate the construction and operation of the aforesaid works . 34; "Coordinator-General" means the sole corporation established under Section 8A of the State Development Organization and Public Works Act of 1938, as subsequently amended and subsisting, and established under Section 11 of the Organization of State and Regional Planning and Development Public Works and the Environmental Control Act 1971-1974.

Subject to the terms and conditions set out in clause 4 of this Part III, the council undertakes to use its best endeavors to obtain the approval of the Treasurer of the State of Queensland to borrow funds in the form of debentures for purposes not exceeding , together with any approved grants state government, to carry out road improvements connecting the Bruce Highway to M.L. The road improvements mentioned in this Part III will consist of raising and strengthening the floodplain section of the road along Wilmott Lagoon. D QUEENSLAND CEMENT & LIME COMPANY LIMITED Sch. 3) Companies must notify the Council in writing within fourteen (14) days of signing any construction works contract at the mine site of:-. a) Name of the contractor;.

As soon as it is practicable after the commencement of the design of the road works, the Council prepares the envisaged construction program for the road works and takes into account:-. a). Information provided by companies in accordance with subsections (1), (2) and (3) of this Article 4;. Once the building program is adopted by the council, a copy is made available to the companies.

The amount of such guarantee or other security is 91.05% of the total of the installments of the interest and redemption on the loan or loans. A copy of the repayment schedule for each loan taken out for the road works will be made available to the Companies upon completion. D QUEENSLAND CEMENT & LIME COMPANY LIMITED Sch. of the loan procedures, together with a statement showing the amount of each installment to be paid by the Comparues to the Council.

If the Companies choose to make payment in bulk, they will:-. a) Within fourteen (14) days of being notified by the Council that the design of the road works has commenced, pay to the Council an amount equal to 10% of the principal amount of and. However, the Council may, at its discretion, engage contractors to carry out specific parts of the work. D QUEENSLAND CEMENT & LIME COMPANY LIMITED Sch. b) Actual costs of materials, freight, administration costs and storage of materials and equipment required for the construction of the roadworks;

For the purpose of transporting the materials specified in paragraphs and (23) of this Article 4, the Companies shall permit the access to the mine site of employees and factories of the Council, or of a Contractor engaged by the Council, during normal working hours. . D QUEENSLAND CEMENT & LIME COMPANY LIMITED Sch. i) Where by agreement between the State of Queensland and the Companies, amounts are to be paid annually by the Companies for the cost of road maintenance, the term "per annum" means the financial year running from 1st July to the following 30th. June;. ii) The determination of the capital works to be carried out with funds provided by the Companies shall rest with the Commissioner, except that the Commissioner shall, before determining such works, obtain the views of the Board; iii) The construction authority for all works to be carried out on the roads shall be subject to consultation with the Commissioner, the Council. Subject to Article 2 of this Part V, the Companies shall ensure that works carried out by them or on their behalf on Parts 32, 50 or 51 or any other contiguous land acquired by them or any of them are free and unencumbered rights. use by the public of the esplanade generally adjoining the eastern and north-eastern boundaries of such land.

Notwithstanding clause (1) of this Part V, the Council shall not object to the construction of such works on the beach as are necessary for the transfer of materials between the land of the Companies and the proposed embankment and jetty, if:-. i) all such works cross the beach at an angle not less than 60° from the boundary of the property; ii) any such works do not have a width greater than 15 meters measured at right angles to its longitudinal section; iii) All such works are constructed and maintained in accordance with all requirements of the Chief Safety Engineer of the Department of Occupational Safety and Weights and Measures of the Department of Labor Relations and Consumer Affairs;. iv). Such works do not prevent or excessively hinder pedestrian access along the promenade. v) The Companies shall indemnify the Council against any claims by the public for injury or damage caused by the existence of such works;. vi) The Companies unconditionally undertake to remove or alter such works as may be reasonably required by the Council on six (6) months' notice to do so if the Beach is constructed for vehicular use. Where facilities constructed in accordance with clause 2 of this Part V provide vehicular access above or below said facilities to the satisfaction of Council, the provisions of clause 2(vi) shall not apply.


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